Beautiful lonely woman on the street

She left her daughter for a lover. A few years later, she wanted to take the child to the capital…

The expression “single father” seems unusual to our ears. After all, everyone in society is used to the exact opposite. For example, no one is confused by the life story that a man suddenly leaves the family and the upbringing of a child falls entirely on the shoulders of a woman. But it turns out that there are completely opposite situations.

Sergey and Irina have known each other for many years, since high school. Youth came, and with it came love. When Sergei came from the army, the young couple decided to get married. A year later, they had a daughter, who was named Nastya.

Sergey recalls that at that time he was happier than ever. Good job, beloved wife, healthy daughter. What else is needed for complete happiness? Then it seemed to him that he would continue to be fine.
However, his wife was of a different opinion. The girl understood and saw that her husband loved her very much. But she could not claim that she herself had the same reciprocal feeling for him. She often looked at other men, comparing them with her husband. The comparison was not always in his favor…

When Nastya turned five, Irina suddenly had a hot affair with a former classmate.
Passionate, passionate, carefree – this guy turned her head.
And then, Irina simply went to live with him, leaving the child to her ex-husband. She wanted a holiday, not a harsh household routine.

For Sergei, it was, of course, a very heavy blow.

But at that moment he was thinking primarily about Nastya. The girl suffered such betrayal from her mother very hard. After all, she used to think that her mother loved her and would always be there for her.

The child withdrew into himself, often cried and told his father that he would soon leave her too, as her mother did with her. Sergei’s heart was painfully squeezed with pity at those moments. He always calmed his daughter for a long time, swearing to her that he would never leave her and would not betray her.

Irina reappeared in their lives only after fifteen years.

Nastya grew up, went to university and it seemed that she had forgotten childhood grievances. Sergey continued to live next to his daughter, taking care of her tenderly.

Remembering his promise, which he then gave to his daughter, he did not re-arrange his personal life. He had fleeting affairs, but such meetings did not lead to a serious relationship.

It seemed to the man that if he married another woman, then by this act he would betray the person closest to him.

And now his ex-wife, once very beloved by him, wants to see their daughter again.
“She’s come to her senses,” Sergei thought.

But he understood that his daughter needed a woman’s affection, so he was not against their meeting.

Having come to visit her former family, Irina did not feel guilty in front of them. In the end, the heart can’t be ordered. She was young, stupid.
Well, it was much better for the child to grow up with his own father than with his stepfather. But now she can fully compensate for everything. After all, she had such a good life.
A large, spacious apartment in the capital, an influential husband and she herself is not the last person at work. Now Nastya can move to live with her! After all, it is in the capital that she will have much more opportunities than in her hometown.

Sergey was silent, slightly shocked by his wife’s proposal. He did not expect that his ex-wife would want to take his daughter to her.

But he loved his daughter very much and understood that it was possible for Nastya to move to her mother at the moment would be the best choice.
However, the girl decided everything herself.
She thanked her mother dryly, but firmly told her that she did not intend to leave her own father anywhere.
And anyway, her home is here, next to the man who took care of her for fifteen years and never betrayed her.

Irina was in shock. She thought that money could buy her daughter. But she was brought up differently.
The woman looked at her ex-husband with hatred. But he just shrugged and offered to walk her to the door…


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