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Absorbed in work problems, the husband was irritable and in a bad mood all the time, what kind of children are there. And I wanted a baby so much! When I turned thirty, I decided that it was unwise to delay further. It’s time to make up our minds if we want to have a real family, not an empty partnership.

I got up early that morning to make my husband breakfast. But, as always, he woke up in a bad mood, snapped and was nervous.

— Yes, how long will this go on, Oleg? I finally couldn’t stand it. — I try, I support you in everything, and everything is wrong for you! We have become hostages of your business. It’s time to remember what all these sacrifices are for! Maybe the baby will help us seal the relationship, and everything will be as before? I asked hopefully.

— What kind of child?! — the husband boiled up. — You see, we are getting by from penny to penny. You have to get on your feet first, and then you have to have a baby!

— When? At the end of the year or in ten years? While we are getting back on our feet, youth is leaving. Am I going to give birth at the age of forty, when my peers will already become grandmothers? I was angry.

Oleg said nothing. He had nothing to answer. He finished his breakfast in silence and went to work. And I sat down on a chair and thought about my life. Fortunately, I had a day off that day — I worked in shifts in the library. “What to do? I thought longingly, mentally returning to the conversation with my husband. — How to live on? He does not want children, he constantly snaps at me, there has been no love as such for a long time…

Maybe we should get a divorce?”. At that moment, my cell phone rang, and a picture of my mom flashed on the screen.

— Mommy, how glad I am to hear from you! I involuntarily exclaimed, acutely feeling the need for the support of the closest person.

— And I’m glad, my daughter! Mom responded. — How are you? Wait for you tomorrow? Will you come? “What is it?” she asked.

The next day was my mother’s birthday, and she was waiting for Oleg and me to visit.

— Yes, of course we will come. Only in the evening — Oleg, as usual, is very busy,” I sighed.

—Well, nothing,— Mom replied. — Let’s sit and drink tea and cake. At home, like before.

Remembering that mom needed to buy her favorite irises, I reached into the box where the money for current expenses was, but was surprised to find that it was empty. There was no money where we kept them for emergency needs. I stood over the empty box with my mouth open for about five minutes, not understanding where everything had gone. Then, realizing that only Oleg could take them, I nervously dialed his number.

— Oleg, what’s the matter, where did the money put aside for vacation go? I asked, barely restraining my raging emotions.

— I took them yesterday, — the husband calmly replied. – I urgently needed all the resources for business development.

— And … again for the development of your business? And about the fact that my mom’s birthday is tomorrow and you need to at least buy her flowers and a gift, of course you forgot? I shouted.

— Exactly… I should have left a thousand. It completely slipped my mind,” Oleg muttered and immediately hurried: “Sorry, I can’t talk right now.

And he passed out. Out of anger, I clenched my fists so tightly that my nails bit painfully into the skin of my palm.

I couldn’t stay at home and do normal things. Grabbing her purse, she jumped out into the street to breathe in fresh air and relieve tension.

Wandering aimlessly through the streets of our city, I stopped in front of a huge flower shop window, where gorgeous bouquets for every taste and for every celebration were displayed.

— There are my mother’s favorite irises, — I thought wistfully, and tears themselves ran into my eyes.

I stood at the window for another five minutes, already thinking about my own, when the door of the store opened, and an imposing man of about forty came out, and in his hands he had exactly the bouquet of irises that aroused such admiration in me.

— A girl! — suddenly he turned to me. — This is for you.

And he handed me the cherished flowers. I almost fainted from surprise.

— But… I stammered. — In connection with what?

— I saw from the store how intently you look at this bouquet, but do not dare to go in, and decided to give it to you, — the stranger explained.

— But I can’t accept such an expensive gift from a stranger! I don’t know you at all,” I muttered and wanted to leave.

But he took me gently by the sleeve.

— So let’s get acquainted. I’m Sergey. And why can’t I just give flowers to the girl I like? — he smiled an open wide smile.

I stopped. The bouquet was really gorgeous, Mom would just be stunned when she saw it, I thought. And then the spirit of adventurism suddenly awoke in me. I nodded.

— Thank you, but I will definitely return the money to you, write me your phone number, — I asked.

Sergey gallantly pulled his business card out of his pocket:

— Here, here is my name, and all the phones: both cell and work, please.

—Thank you again,” I smiled. — You really helped me out. These are flowers for my mom. Tomorrow is her birthday. And as luck would have it, the money ran out, and the salary is only in two days,” I sighed.

— Can I give you a ride? Tell me the address! — said Sergey, — The bouquet is quite voluminous, you will not go far with it.

I looked at the bouquet. It was impossible not to agree that he could be crushed in the minibus, and I again felt that I was going on some kind of adventure, but I did not yet understand what kind.

—Okay, give me a ride, if it’s not difficult,” I answered cheerfully. We went to Sergei’s car. It turned out to be just a huge black Jeep, apparently its owner is some kind of big shot, a crazy thought flashed.

I got in the seat next to the driver, and we set off.

— I am so glad to meet you, — Sergey began cautiously, — I liked you right away, at first sight.

“I must warn you that I am married,” I interrupted his initial courtship without much enthusiasm.

– Yes? — Sergey was surprised.— And how did your husband admit that such a beautiful woman does not have enough money for a bouquet for her mother?

— Well… I hesitated.— Anything happens, he’s having difficulties in business right now.

“That doesn’t excuse him,” the new acquaintance replied sharply. — Once a man has a beautiful wife, he must adequately provide for her.

I couldn’t think of anything to say. But fortunately for me, we had already arrived at my house, and I didn’t have to answer.

— Thank you so much! I said sincerely. at parting to Sergei and, satisfied, hurried home.

At home, I poured water into a vase and placed a gorgeous bouquet of delicate purple irises there.

“Mommy will be happy tomorrow!” I thought, and my mood immediately improved, and life no longer seemed so terrible and hopeless. Even anger at my husband disappeared somewhere, and I decided to arrange a romantic dinner for him.

“Well, he took the money from the stash, so he really needed it,” I reflected. — Okay, and we will cope with these difficulties, we were not going through this.” Conjuring over dinner, I carelessly hummed my favorite song under my nose.

The front door slammed, Oleg returned from work. Frowning and dissatisfied. However, as always lately.

“Darling, sit down at the table, we’ll have dinner,” I called gently.

“I’m not hungry,” he said abruptly and went into the living room.

Then I couldn’t stand it again. I ran in to him and shouted:

— So that’s it, right? First you take every penny of money out of the house without informing me about it, and then you show up in a bad mood? I tried to close my eyes to the fact that you took the money… I didn’t wait for an apology. But no… It’s not enough for you! I’m like a servant in the house, and you won’t even hear a kind word from you!

— Alyonka, leave me alone, ah… I have major problems at work,” he put his head in his hands.

— Well, what have you got there again? I asked with displeasure, taking a deep breath to calm down.

Actually, I’m tired of his constant problems in business. “Maybe I’m really messing with the wrong man?” — a secret thought crept in. Maybe he’s a loser in life, and I just didn’t notice it from the very beginning in the heat of my feelings?

— Yes, the client got very cool, and we ruined his car, now we have to pay such a penalty in court, I can’t earn so much money in my life, — Oleg muttered plaintively. Then he started up, looked at me affectionately:

— And maybe we’ll move your mother here? We were just planning a baby, let her help at the same time…

My eyes lit up from such words. But the husband continued.

— And we’ll give her apartment to the bank as collateral. Very much money is needed to satisfy the claim,” my wayward hubby clarified.

— Just don’t touch my mom! I shouted. — He wanted a child, of course! Give you Mom’s apartment. You’ll manage. Deal with your problems yourself, I’m tired of all this! I’m leaving you!

— Well, get out! Oleg shouted too. — I thought — we have a family, I thought — we are together, and if not, go to your mom, I can do without you!

And he rushed out of the room as if scalded.

“Here’s a romantic dinner for you,” I stated wistfully, putting the meat in the refrigerator. — But nothing, I won’t stay alone, there are some men who fall for me, not that this loser!”

I had to call my mom and warn her that I was coming home. Mom, of course, immediately became alarmed, bombarded with questions about what had happened.

— I’ll come and tell you everything, — I promised and disconnected. I didn’t have the strength to speak anymore.

By the time I arrived, my mother had already prepared my old room, and while I was unpacking, she quietly came to me.

— Alyonushka, what happened? You had a fight with Olezhka, didn’t you?” she asked quietly.

I raised my head, unbidden tears stood in my eyes.

— Mom, you have no idea how he got me with his business. He’s a loser, how does he not understand it himself? I would have given up all this, but found myself a normal job. But no, he dragged all the money out of the house, then offered to mortgage your apartment! You see, he was sued.

— Well, my daughter, you are one family! Maybe it’s for the best if I move in with you, I don’t mind at all. Let him mortgage the apartment, I will not interfere,” my mother said calmly.

— Are you singing here behind my back?! I couldn’t stand it. — Did he call you, persuade you? How dare he?! — I could no longer restrain the raging emotions, I was shaking all over.

— Nuda, he called this afternoon, and what’s the big deal? I called to consult,” Mom replied.

“What a scoundrel!” — I mentally cursed my husband. But she didn’t say anything out loud, my mother loved my loser husband very much. She just doted on him. And there was nothing I could do about it…

The next evening, when I returned from work, my mother set the table, and we sat down to dinner. She was very happy with the bouquet, as I expected, because these are her favorite irises.

“Thank you, daughter,” she whispered and furtively wiped away a tear.

— Come on, Mom, it’s just flowers! You are my best, beautiful and kind,” I hugged her tightly.

And at that very moment, my cell phone rang.

“Oleg came to his senses and remembered about mom’s birthday,” I thought with malice and immediately answered the call.

— Hello, Alyona, — an unfamiliar voice sounded in the receiver.

—It’s you, Sergey,” I guessed right away.

– yes. You know, I really want to see you, — the new boyfriend went “on the attack”.

“Very handy,” I was immediately inspired. — After all, now I am practically a free woman, Oleg himself kicked me out of the house, so I have nothing to lose.”

— And come to us, — I unexpectedly suggested to myself, — it’s Mom’s birthday, we’ll sit, as they say, in a narrow circle.

— I’m only for it, — Sergey was delighted. — Dictate the address.

He didn’t even ask about his husband, I noted to myself. Ten minutes later he was already at our door with a huge armful of scarlet roses, a bottle of champagne and a fluffy polar bear, probably as tall as me. Mom even gasped when Sergei stumbled into our small hallway with his gifts.

— Happy birthday! — he announced loudly and handed Mom roses, and me a giant toy.

I quickly threw the clubfoot into my room, where he took up most of the free space.

“Yes,” I thought, “such toys are definitely not for our Khrushchevs…” But out loud, of course, I just thanked them.

The three of us sat down at the festive table, Sergey opened a bottle of expensive champagne and made a toast to my mother. We drank. But the atmosphere in the room still remained tense.

At the very moment when Mom asked: “Where did you meet my daughter, Sergey?” the doorbell rang again.

— Who can it be? — mom was surprised and went to open it.

She returned to the room with Oleg. Sergei jumped up when he saw my husband, he turned pale all over.

— What, is that you? — that’s all he said.

— Do you know each other? — then it was my turn to be surprised.

Oleg stood gloomy: there was no face on him, as they say.

“What’s this guy doing here?” My husband asked angrily and clenched his fists.

— And what are you doing here? Sergei persisted.

— I’m Alyona’s husband, but why are you here? — my husband said more calmly.

— Are you the loser husband who can’t provide for his wife? Sergey laughed. — Yes, where can you go, your service couldn’t even fix the car properly, they just ruined an expensive thing for me.

Then my head began to clear up.

— Oleg, is this the same person who sued you? I asked.

— Is it really a man?! — Oleg exclaimed, — A scoundrel who took advantage of his connections in the city and now hung a huge debt on me!

Then he rushed at Sergei with his fists, and a scuffle began.

My mother and I tried to separate the men as best we could, but it was useless. Then I grabbed the vase, threw the irises out of it and splashed cold water right into the fighting.

— That’s enough! Get out! Both of them! It’s Mom’s birthday, and you’ve arranged a disgusting showdown here, shameless! I shouted and pushed the rowdies out the door.

It even made me laugh: after a cold shower, both were wet and seemed completely helpless.

I locked the door and angrily poured myself another full glass of champagne. She drank it in one gulp and only then looked at her mother. Poor mom was sitting on the couch, pale and confused. I hurried to hug her.

“Mommy, I’m sorry those two idiots ruined your holiday,” I whispered. — I shouldn’t have let them in at all. But who would have thought that everything would turn out this way…

I even burst into tears from resentment. Mom smiled:

— Yes, come on, daughter, nothing so terrible happened. And you’re brave! How famously you doused them with water, I wouldn’t have thought of that.

And we suddenly laughed merrily — apparently, this was a reaction to stress. We laughed for a long time and couldn’t calm down.

“You know,” Mom said through laughter, “I didn’t like this Sergei of yours at all. He’s as pompous as a turkey, and it’s obvious that he’s greedy. Even though he gave a lot of gifts. And with Oleg, do you see what you did? You would think, daughter, because Oleg is quite a good person, although maybe not everything works out for him in business. But he’s honest.

— You know, Mom, I don’t like this Sergei at all myself, I don’t know why I called him to us. Apparently, the devil got confused,” I said seriously and thought about it.

At that moment, I suddenly realized that I love my husband, I still love him and am not ready to part with him at all. Mom and I had some more tea and cake and went to our rooms to sleep. Both felt extremely tired after everything that had happened.

I tossed and turned in bed for a long time and remembered everything, remembered. I remembered how Oleg and I met at a student party with mutual friends, how we then fell in love with each other and could not live apart for a single day. How nice and peaceful we were together. Where did it all go? Or maybe it didn’t go away? And just for the eternal everyday and business problems, we forgot about our love? With this thought, I fell asleep.

And the next morning I made one very important decision. Already at eight in the morning, I quietly went into my apartment with Oleg. He was in the kitchen, frying fried eggs and sausage for breakfast.

And he was startled when I quietly came up behind him and hugged him. He didn’t push me away, just stared into my eyes and smiled back.

— Can we start all over again, Olezhka? I asked the question that had been tormenting me all night. — Because I love you.

— I love you too, Alyonka… But do you need a loser, do you have some cool fans now?

— I need it, I really need it! I laughed. — And you are not a loser at all, you will succeed, and I will help you with this! I winked at him …

The kiss that followed dispelled all doubts and fears. Just like before. And… now I am absolutely sure that everything will be fine with us. And mom will be nursing her first grandchild very soon.


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