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A new life

– Well, here we go again, – Vera moaned and, throwing off the blanket, ran into the bathroom. On the way, she hit her little finger painfully on a chair, howled in pain, promising to throw it out of the window again.

It was her usual morning. The fact is that Verochka was an “owl” and lifting herself to work in the morning was equivalent to a feat that she performed every day. And every day this feat was given with difficulty. It’s understandable, who wants to crawl out of the warm hands of Morpheus, even after the fifth alarm clock.

And the day before Vera decided to start a new life. Well, how much can you resort to the office a minute before the start of the working day, and not always in a proper way. One day she just forgot to change her pajamas. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, tied a ponytail, powdered my nose and went to work. In pink slippers and pink pajamas with a pink unicorn on the chest. That’s why all the drivers at the traffic lights winked at her, and she smiled shyly, thinking why is there such attention to her today. And only at work, when she stormed into the office, ignoring the surprised look of the guard, she realized that something was wrong with her.

– Awesome, — said Katya’s friend, looking at Vera with wide-open eyes. – You’re like a protest.

– What protest? Vera was surprised, and only then noticed pink slippers on her feet, and then a pink unicorn on her chest.

And it’s good that the boss was not there before lunch that day. And Vera was able to quickly return home and make herself look divine.

That’s why she decided that it was enough to live the way she lives. Vera set herself the task of waking up after the first alarm clock. Drink coffee slowly, as all normal people do. Make your bed so that you can come to a normal house in the evening, and not into an eternal mess. Dress slowly and paint your eyelashes and even apply blush, and not just slap your cheeks and bulge your eyes, thinking that this way they will come to their senses faster.

But, alas, it was not possible to wake up after the first alarm clock, after the second, too, well, and on the fifth there was no time to start a new life.

She jumped out of the entrance, wrapping a scarf on the move and removing the car from the alarm. She jumped on the seat, turned the key in the ignition, and while the car was warming up, Vera quickly painted her eyelashes. Pressing the gas pedal, she tried to drive out, but then she heard a scream and a knock from behind the car. Looking in the rearview mirror, she screamed in horror. A man was lying on the trunk and hitting the car with his hand.

– My God, what happened? — jumping out of the car, she asked.

The man, writhing in pain, groaned:

– Pass it forward, you fool. Leg.

An hour later, sitting near the office of the emergency room, where Vera brought the sufferer, she scolded herself with the last words and was preparing to go to prison, as she had inflicted such injuries on a person. By the way, his name was Maxim and he was also late for work, lingering near Vera’s car just at the moment when she tried to leave.

– Nothing, nothing, it will heal before the wedding, — the doctor laughed loudly when the victim jumped out of the office on one leg. The second, which Vera attached to the wall, was in plaster.

“Hold on to me, Maxim,” Vera jumped up, offering her shoulder to him.

So they galloped to the car. Vera took him home. They turned out to be neighbors, only they lived in different entrances.

She helped him up to the third floor and stood humbly at the door.

– Well, do I have to get ready for prison? — she asked, mentally being already there.

Maxim laughed and, holding on to the wall with his hand, answered:

– It’s better to go to work, but be careful this time. And in the evening, if it’s not too much trouble, then stop by the store and buy me crutches. Somehow I’m not ready to ride on one leg for several months.

Vera bought crutches. And I bought oranges, and apples, and juice, because patients need a lot of vitamins. And with all this good, she appeared on the threshold of Maxim’s house.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” he smiled, inviting her into the kitchen.

And then they drank tea and Vera asked Maxim for forgiveness for the hundredth time. She said that it was on this day that she wanted to start a new life without haste and being late for work. But it turned out quite the opposite and here she is and she is very ashamed.

– Come on, Vera, I also wanted to start a new life today and run in the morning. But I overslept again and had to run to work. And here you are and your car,” Maxim laughed, admiring his leg in a cast.

Vera started coming to Maxim every evening to help with the housework. And then it happened that they realized that this was fate.

Half a year later they got married and a new life began for them. Everything turned out not according to the scenario as both had planned. But life is for that and life is for remaking scripts in your own way.


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