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After five years of marriage, my husband traded me for a man

We met Vasya at school, he moved to our city and got into our class. He was very pleasant and comely, took care of himself in every possible way. Our relationship began at graduation, and after school we got married.

Recently, my husband has been disappearing at work more and more often. He came in late and behaved strangely.

I knew that he always took care of himself carefully, attached great importance to his appearance, but shaving his arms and legs seemed too much to me. I told him about it, but Vasya replied that he just didn’t feel very comfortable walking with such abundant vegetation on his body. That was the first bell. Then he began to make up his eyebrows, giving them a darker color. It didn’t fit in my head at all!

And on the last evening, he went to the shower, told me that he needed to go to work urgently, to certify some important papers. He left his phone on the table, and after a while he began to ring insistently, I missed the first call. Only for the third time I decided to come up, you never know if there’s something urgent at work, but he can’t come up yet.

I see that “Eduard-work” is calling. Well, I think I’ll take the phone to the bathroom now, let him talk. The call stopped, and almost immediately an SMS message came from the same Eduard.
– Honey, let’s hang out in the bathhouse today. It’s boring to sit in a hotel!

I, without hesitation, instantly dial this Edik. I immediately decided that it was the husband who called his mistress so for conspiracy. What was my surprise to hear a man’s voice! My head is a mess, is my husband gay? Did he trade me for a man?

That evening I made such a scandal that I put all the neighbors on their ears! There was no point in denying him, and he confessed everything. Like, yes, I’m cheating on you with a man! Of course, he begged me not to file for divorce, but I didn’t want to live like that. We got divorced quietly, everyone was wondering why we split up, because we were such a good couple. And I have not been able to tell anyone about the true reason for the divorce.

Of course, at first I wanted to take revenge on him, but imagine what kind of rumors would go? About the fact that the husband left his wife for another man! Shame! Now I am temporarily living with my mom, who is trying to persuade me to make peace with Vasya. And my ex-husband lives with this Eddie!


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