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Why do I need such a husband?

I regret getting married. It seems like a good husband, but this is not how I imagined my marriage.

I have a stable job. There is a place in the market, I sell clothes. I earn enough for myself, I pay utilities, buy groceries. My father helped me with the business, bought the goods, I’m spinning the business further, it turns out very well.

We live in our parents’ apartment, but separately. They still have a house where they live.

A year ago, we signed with a guy, he had a job, quit. Now he is interrupted by earnings, but most often he stays at home. I come after work, having time to run into the store on the way. Cooking and cleaning at home, I can sit down to watch a movie after nine in the evening.

It is clear that this situation strains the husband, but in the end no miracle happens. I ask him to at least clean up the house, vacuum and start the machine. As a result, I come home, the vacuum cleaner is in the middle of the room, a wet rag is on the book, he went to another interview.

He saves his earned money, gives out as much for products as there is not enough for himself. And I want to spend my money at least partially on myself, but it turns out that I pull both myself and him.

I talked to his parents, but they are unlikely to be affected there. Hardworking people, but with a weak character. They can help with money, but I know that then they will pull themselves to paycheck. Probably stop feeling sorry for him, the only way out is to get divorced.


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