Sad man on the street

While I was trying to save my family, my wife was cheating with her boss

Everyone says that summer is the hottest time, summer romances, love and so on happen, but I’m willing to bet, since my story happened in the fall…

I was then thirty-five, old enough, married, had two twin children, worked at a factory, became a foreman and was preparing for a vacation with my family. In the first ten years of marriage, we decided to go to the sea, saved up for almost three years for a luxury vacation, without any burning vouchers and restrictions.

My wife and daughter were updating the wardrobe, my son and I were planning routes and entertainment. I went on vacation for a month, two weeks, as it should be, and two without maintenance, so that I could spend the first week on preparation, and then the last one, so that I could calmly come to myself at home without haste. My wife was older than me, she was just turning thirty-eight and it was the best gift for her, as she said. And for me, since everyone is fine and no one is itching or whining, then I’m happy, so the training camp went on its own, everyone was happy.

In general, in the autumn in hot countries, it’s the best thing to rest, it’s not so hot there and prices are not so high, since the peak of vacations is passing. The day of departure also came, we were waiting for our flight, like everyone else, in anticipation of a wonderful vacation and new impressions. To be honest and frank, we didn’t have big problems with my wife, so I hoped to stir her up so much and not hear the next one: “My head hurts”, or “You, what, suddenly the children wake up”. I understand everything, but I would still like not to write myself off yet, but she has plumped up and says she is shy, they say, she is not so beautiful, and these in a quick way, they are already sitting in the liver.

My plans were gorgeous, romance, dinner, candles, and I came up with a program for the children to sleep without hind legs, well, a two-room room so that everything is as it should be. In my dreams, I was simply not imitated, and the extra pounds of my wife did not bother me, she is a cook, and even a pastry chef, you know. She cooks amazing, she is a ripe berry, everything is with her, but she still gave birth to two children. I was proud of her and didn’t want her to give up on herself, but she was moving away from me more and more.

The flight went well, we all slept on the plane, which I was very happy about, as there were a lot of plans. We checked into the hotel, paid for everything, found out about renting a car, and so on, so that they wouldn’t suffer later, we did everything at once, and when we finished, the first thing we did was run to the beach.

The water is warm, clean, the beaches are also clean, there are no drunks, which we have a lot of, everything is culturally and decently spread out closer to the water so that it would be more convenient to look after things, although only the camera was valuable, and my phone. We were having fun from the bottom of our hearts, and then a man came up to my wife and said hello. She looked at him so uncomprehendingly at first, and then smiled. As it turned out, it was one of the guests from the corporate where she cooked, he came to their restaurant, and after tasting her dishes asked to invite a cook, well, he gave a huge bouquet and as much as ten thousand tips, I’m ashamed to say I was jealous then, until I was confirmed by everyone, including the director of the restaurant. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that she was staying at his hotel, and invited us on a tour of the nature reserves and, of course, to taste in their restaurant, and that was not bad. My wife giggled and blushed at compliments from this man, I won’t name him, just let it be With, without continuing, and he didn’t seem to notice me, to be honest, it became angry, and I hinted that it was time for us, the children were tired. We said goodbye to the persistent man and went to the room, I understood that my Alyona had not violated the bounds of decency, but it was somehow not pleasant. When the children went to the playroom, I offered my wife a little rest, soak up, she agreed. It’s been a long time since I’ve squeezed her like this, like an airy marshmallow. She blushed, said that I was a fool, that the children might come again, I exploded, for the first time ever, my wife was offended and said that I was an insensitive cracker, slammed the door and left. I did not catch up with her, I had to calm down myself, I did not understand such a decline in our relationship, as if something had gone wrong in me. So many times I asked my wife, but she refused, and said that everything was fine, but at least I could do it with my wife alive, shame on her.

I turned on the TV and fell asleep, though not for long, the children came tired, but there was no wife, I decided to call, she left the phone in the room. I took the kids to dinner, for one thing I find out where she is, but I didn’t have to look, she was sitting in a restaurant and talking to the same S. I lost my temper. Of course, I didn’t throw a scandal as such, but instead I said goodbye to this guy and dragged her to our table with the children. After hearing my accusations, they told me that I was paranoid, and in general she was in public. I decided to exhale, but I made it clear that I would not leave it that way, and we were waiting for a conversation, she nodded.

We had dinner pretty nice, the children shared their impressions, asked about our plans for tomorrow, I promised them a trip to the local water park, well, a bunch of attractions, my wife supported my idea and said that she was also only “for” if the rest was active and everyone would have fun. We put the children to bed quickly, they washed, brushed their teeth, and as they say “head to pillow”, and passed out, so much energy to spend, and they also knew that the sooner they went to bed, the sooner the magic “tomorrow” would come.

My wife and I also took a shower, and I decided to start our not easy conversation.

– Alyona, what’s going on, I’m already sitting decently on starvation rations by your grace, and all your: “well, okay,” “let’s do it quickly,” everything is in a hurry, clothes and as if we’re late, I’m not satisfied,” I said seriously.

– Well, Vasya, what do you want from me? Well, I don’t have such a desire, I get tired a lot, work is home, I have almost no strength, and I’m not a girl,” she said.

– Are you an eighty-year-old grandmother? – I don’t care.

– Well, we are already counting the eleventh year, as we will be together, I’m not in that shape anymore, and you’re not trying so hard anymore, – she gave out in such a tone, they say, well, it happens cute.

– So you don’t even let me show my imagination, everything is bad for you, but it would be faster, then the series, then something else, then the children, – I was offended at my wife.

– Well, do you want to try it now? – she offered, like a favor, but it’s okay, it’s not the first time for me.

– Come on, – agreed, her eyes even widened.

“Come on,” she gave up.

Eh, so I waited, as I thought then, I started flirting, squeezing her, exciting her, affectionate words, I missed the horror, like straight. We start the process itself, and then I notice that she is lying there, moaning, and her face is turned to the side, and there is such indifference in her eyes, she froze…

I got off her, roughly speaking, and asked, they say, how did you manage to reach the peak of bliss. She closed her eyes and said, “Yes,” but he himself would not have seen that he was lying, he would have believed for sure…

I jumped off, went to the shower, went in, and she was reading a book, I decided to try again. I pushed her into the shower, like they went to wash, I’ll help you, resisted for a long time, but I went, I did this and that, there was no result, I went out, freaked out.

– Alain, I don’t suit you anymore, do I? – I asked directly, maybe I have a problem.

– Why, we haven’t had a rest with you for so long, – she said, and I see she’s lying.

– I’m not a fool, my love, and the fact that you think I’m going to believe you now, then no, I saw your eyes, there’s no more fire, passion, there’s nothing wrong, just tell me, – I said. – If you’ve stopped loving someone, so tell me, I’ll let you go without a scandal, that I’m a monster or something, or I don’t understand what happens, I won’t live as neighbors, – I snapped.

– What are you, Vasya, well, what other, well, I don’t want to, just, – she said and began to cry.

We sat like that for an hour, I offered to go to the doctor, maybe we have some problems, maybe she has what happened, no, she says it will pass, be patient, I love, but somehow she cooled down at night, I agreed. I spent the whole vacation entertaining the children, letting my wife exhale, even let her go to Aqua aerobics, maybe it will be better for her, maybe everything will get better for us. I didn’t touch her, didn’t reproach her, kept silent, endured, already prayed that the vacation would end, I was terribly tired, especially so that the children wouldn’t bother their mother at all, even braided my daughter’s pigtails, if only Alyonushka would just rest. This Mr. “S” came up a couple of times, but there was nothing like that, and before leaving, I bought my wife a beautiful sundress, snow-white, with beautiful cornflowers that seemed to lie on the air clouds. My wife appreciated the gift and thanked me very much, though not in the way I would like, but still.

We arrived home in a great mood, rested for another week, all tanned, I even pumped up, pulled myself up, it was not for nothing that I ran everywhere with the children, swam and jumped, my wife also lost weight, tanned, became so appetizing and exotic. I offered her to go to this Aqua aerobics in our city, which she liked so much. She was happy, and her friends who came running on the same day were jealous, they say, and prettier and all so happy. I was proud, I hoped that the ice had broken, my wife was blooming all over and praised me, saying that I did everything myself, and she, like a queen, was resting and acting up. I was flattered, pleased and fell more and more in love with my Alyonka. And her friend, who was always envious of our marriage most of all, although her spouse justified that she was single, there were no children, so she was furious, although Marina had plenty of men, they even called her to marry, but she loved freedom too much.

The last week of vacation has passed, everything was quietly returning to normal, I didn’t pull my wife so as not to push, I was waiting for her to take the initiative. I worked home after work, I began to give flowers more often, and I always gave them before, even without a reason, and now I decided to look after her at all, she giggled, joked that I was completely bad, where so much. I bought a ring, instead of a new radio, so that you understand, for a man it means a lot that from the stash not for the car, but for my wife, she melted at all, said that “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” was waiting for me in the evening. I was jumping with happiness, of course in a figurative sense, but I was terribly happy and all in anticipation. I tuned in, got ready, made dinner myself, romance, fused the children to my grandmother so much so that they didn’t even find an argument against it. My wife was beaming, saying that I was getting better and better every year, we drank wine, and of course smoothly our romantic moved into the horizontal plane. Caresses, kisses, everything, my wife got prettier even more, she began to follow herself just like that, and I’m glad, and now I’ve already mentally thrown the whole world at her feet, as I look, she will close her eyes, they say, from pleasure, then turn her face away, offered to diversify, so it’s not decent, not teenagers what, resigned. I look, casually, in the mirror, and her eyes are so indifferent, as if I’m raping her. I jumped off, silently left the bedroom, went to the kitchen, she followed me, and then I blew up, so much so that I expressed everything I thought about it, but I didn’t hear the answer to the question what was wrong, but only the accusation that she tried. I asked what I was trying to do, I tried to squeeze out moans, I doubted myself, I signed up for a doctor. As it turned out, there are no health problems, maybe my technique is not pleasant to her, hobbies or desires are different, the doctor suggested the test to pass together, tried, she was against it, called a pervert crazy.

So, almost without talking, a month passed, I tried to find out secretly, I even threw women’s magazines into the toilet, I checked everything on the phone, social networks, nothing.

But then the reason came out and not in the best way for me. While I was at work, my wife called and said that they had an urgent banquet, it would be late, it often happened, and I usually went to pick her up, so this time she asked me to pick her up, said the time, I drove up earlier, as always, I usually didn’t go into the restaurant, outside I was waiting, and I thought so today. Marina came up to me.

– Vasya, why aren’t you passing through here? “What is it?” she asked, lighting a cigarette.

– And what should I do there? Now Alyonka will come out, so we’ll go,” I replied calmly.

“You’re a good guy, Vaska, I would only marry such a man, but your wife is a fool,” she said and took a drag.

– Marin, of course you are friends, but don’t express yourself, otherwise you won’t communicate quickly, – I said.

– Oh, knight, you’re sitting here, and she’s giving you horns there, – grinned Marinka.

“Marin, you should go,” I said angrily, I didn’t believe in that.

– As you know, hubby, – she waved her hand and left.

I sat and waited, I didn’t believe Marina’s words, but the sediment remained, I decided to go in and convince myself that I was a fool. I passed, I asked the girls where my beloved was, everyone knew me here, they said in the kitchen, I passed, Alyona was not there. I went, looked, maybe in the freezer again, counting what, but also empty, went to her boss, say hello, and ask where he hid his wife, the banquet was already over. I went in, and there the picture was not decent a little, no one noticed me, but I froze slightly, the girl was moaning so loudly, her legs were thrown over the man’s shoulder and there was passion in the air sparking that just uhh, envied the man and quickly left, still thought.

Well, Yuri Nikolaevich, he himself is soon in his sixth decade, and he’s giving off heat, only noticed with one eye that the dress on the girl was painfully familiar, but did not bother, you never know who. He turned around, and Yuri Nikolaevich met me, I hung up, I didn’t understand a little what the fuck, well, I think it’s none of my business. He also hung up, apparently realized what I saw there, began to apologize, and I think for what he is so. We walked away with him, he was obviously worried, even blushed, and someone came out of his office, I look, and this is the same guy “S” that was on vacation. He just wanted to go back in, and very quickly, as a girl came out of there, and I froze…

In front of me stood my Alyona, with swollen lips, eyes shining, all so vigorous, red, and in the same sundress of cornflowers that I gave her…

“Vasya, I…” she began, but I stopped her.

“I’m waiting in the car,” he said and went to the exit.

Alyona ran out after me, half of the restaurant was watching this picture, and I felt like just such a schmuck who had been cuckolded, which simply cannot be described. We drove home in silence, I went to sleep in the living room so as not to see her next to me. I didn’t want to talk, discuss anything, and a week later I asked: “WHY”? My wife’s answer didn’t just hurt me, I was ready to hit her, but fortunately I restrained myself:

– He’s just so persistent, squeezes when he wants, takes it, and you’re Vasya, well, just so pampered straight …

That is, when I offered, they said to me, yes, you, how can you, and here he is like this? It was a blow, both to marriage and to male pride, I could not forgive, I tried to save the family, tried to find out what she wanted, but I was not even given a chance, but was exchanged for another. So, women, learn to talk before you hang yourself on others.


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