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My husband said that for him mom is more important than me

I’ve been married for two years. And not so long ago I found out that I’m expecting a baby. This pregnancy was not accidental, we had been planning a baby for a long time. I’ve known my husband for several years. We dated for several years before the wedding.

Immediately after the wedding, we went to live in a separate apartment. It was a small apartment that my husband bought before marriage. A year of our life together passed quietly. I can’t say that everything was perfect. We quarreled and swore and quickly reconciled.

And then something happened that turned our lives upside down. In order to buy a more spacious apartment, my husband decided to sell this one and move into an apartment with his mother. I came from another city, my relatives live far away. That’s where it all started. Constant problems and misunderstandings began, and not only with her, but also with her husband. I couldn’t understand what could have happened?

Do you know how it all started?

Imagine we want to buy an apartment that costs much more than the one we sold. He and I have small savings, which we collected with great difficulty. We saved every penny and saved on everything. And then it will be necessary to make repairs, buy furniture and appliances. Of course, there is not enough money for this, we will have to take out a loan. In short, we have absolutely no money to spend.

One evening, his mother started a conversation in which she offered to write down the apartment she had bought for her. Why on earth would that be? I don’t understand! She remembered that her husband bought the first apartment, and she also helped him with money. I was totally against it. I agree that my husband should register it for himself, but what does his mother have to do with it.

And then something unexpected happened. My husband was sent on a business trip. He and I looked at several apartments in advance that could suit us, but one remained. He called me and told me to go and watch it with his mom. He said he trusted Mom’s taste. When we looked, his mother said that it was urgent to issue it before the seller raised the price. And she offered to arrange it for herself.

I didn’t like it at all. The next day I called my husband and told him about my doubts. And he said that he agreed with Mom and there was no need to worry, she would still be ours. Then I couldn’t stand it and told him everything. I told him that I had also invested my earned money and had some right to speak out. He told me that he wanted everything to be done already, and when he arrives, we can start doing repairs. I don’t like it anyway.

It turned out that no one has the right to speak out. I said I didn’t want my house to be mine. I told him that let him arrange the apartment for himself, then I will be calm. He told me he’d think about it. And I decided that if he was in this case for mom, then I would just leave him. I don’t want to live with a man who doesn’t put me in anything and doesn’t take my opinion into account.

When he arrived, this conversation arose again. Then he told me that he would register it for himself, since I was so petty and suspicious. I’m his wife and I’m carrying his child, and I have to listen to so many nasty things. And then something went wrong with me.

I do not know, maybe it’s the pregnancy. But everything about his mother became infuriating to me. Her husband made her expensive gifts all the time. He gave me a very expensive phone for my birthday, and I got some small change.

Isn’t it a shame? So he also told me that I didn’t congratulate his mother right in the morning. I told him I was busy at work and would call a little later. And he told me that he would not congratulate my relatives either. That’s when I got so angry and told him everything.

I just can’t imagine how we will live on. I have such a grudge against my husband and his mother. And I need to smile and pretend that everything is fine.

Maybe someone had a similar situation? Tell me!


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