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Escape to a happy life

Masha was packing her bag in a hurry. She had to get there before her mother returned. For sure, she will be drunk, but even in this state she will be able to prevent Masha from carrying out her plans.

As long as Masha could remember, her mother had been drinking all the time. The father died when the girl was just born. He was killed in a drunken brawl.

How such parents had a perfectly healthy, and, most importantly, an intelligent daughter is a mystery of nature. Probably even a mockery. In the Car Class, most of the children came from excellent, prosperous families. But some of them had some kind of health problems from birth, and many were not very smart.

Masha, on the other hand, clicked math problems like nuts. And she was fine with the Russian language. And only in her life she didn’t have a strand.

But as long as my grandmother, Masha’s father’s mother, was alive, everything was pretty tolerable. The girl lived with her for the most part, and she raised her as well.

But two weeks ago, her grandmother’s car died, and the girl had to return to her drinking mother.

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But before the Car died, her grandmother told her something.

– You have an aunt, your mother’s sister. They quarreled a long time ago, and when your mother got together with my son, your dad, they no longer talked. But while your mom wasn’t drinking so much, she told me that her sister got married very well and lives well. I do not know the exact address, but I know the city and the street.

Grandma then told Masha the address and told her that if it got really bad, try to get to her aunt.

– I do not know what kind of person she is. But, God willing, he will not expel his niece. I don’t know what he and your mom had a fight about, but I know they were very friendly when they were kids.

Masha thought it was wild at the time. To go to some aunt whom she had never even seen in her eyes, and did not even know about her existence. She was aware that her mother’s parents had died a long time ago, but that her mother also had a sister, she never mentioned.

But two weeks after living in her parents’ house, the prospect of going to another city and looking for her relative no longer seemed wild to Masha. Living with my mother turned out to be unbearable. She drank daily, dragging all sorts of drinking companions to her. Masha wanted to stay in her grandmother’s apartment, but her mother wouldn’t let her.

– So that you can drag all sorts of guys and you do not understand what you are doing?! I won’t let you! She screamed, waving some dirty and smelly rag.

Masha was only fourteen. She didn’t even think about guys, although many of her girlfriends had already gone out with boys. But you can’t explain it to a drunk mom. And she was almost never sober.

And today something happened that made Masha decide to run away from home. Mom hit her. For the first time in my life. And for what? Because Masha bumped into her in the hallway, and her mother, unable to hold the bottle, broke it.

After hitting her daughter, she went back to the store, and Masha rushed into the room and began to pack her things.

Masha knew that the main thing was to take the documents. She had recently received a passport, and was very proud of it. It was as if he was telling her that Masha had grown up and could make important decisions.

And grandma also left Masha money. She told me not to show it to my mother in any case. And Masha hid them so well that even when Mom wanted to drink, she couldn’t find them.

Masha quickly counted the money. Almost thirty thousand. A very large sum for a teenage girl. But the girl understood that it was impossible to squander money in any case. Despite her age, she realized that the chance of finding her aunt and the fact that she would accept Masha was negligible. And, therefore, she would have to somehow survive.

After collecting her things, the girl rushed out of the apartment like a bullet. And when I turned the corner, I saw my drunk mother coming home. She managed to leave…

The city where, according to her grandmother’s Car, her aunt lived was four hundred kilometers from their small town. Pretty far away. Fortunately, Masha could already buy herself a train ticket.

When she reached the train station, the girl had a snack with a cabbage pie (it was the cheapest) and went to the ticket offices. She was lucky: the train to the city left in half an hour.

Masha rode in the train and looked out the window. It was her first time on the train, and she was interested in everything. And, of course, it’s scary. She won’t get to the city where her aunt supposedly lives until the evening. And even if she finds the street, how will she know which house her relative lives in? And if he doesn’t find out where she’s going to spend the night? And would she even be allowed on the doorstep?

Masha even wanted to get off the train and go back, but she decided to take the risk anyway. In the worst case scenario, he will spend the night on the street. Or he will return to the train station.

When she got to the place, Masha looked on the Internet which bus was going to the street she needed. After waiting for the transport, she continued on her way. And the closer she got to her destination, the more terrified she became. But as soon as she remembered how her mother had hit her today, her strength came from somewhere. It’s okay, she can handle it.

Having reached the desired stop, Masha got off the bus. The street that Masha was looking for began right in front of her. And it was completely covered with expensive houses. There was only a private sector in this area at all, and obviously non-poor people lived here.

– Okay, – Masha encouraged herself. – Nothing. I’ll break through.

She took a deep breath and went to the very first house. An elderly man came out to her, and Masha asked if Nadezhda Skvortsova lived here, specifying that this was the woman’s maiden name. He just shook his head in displeasure and immediately left.

“Well, it’s not that scary,” Masha thought. However, it could turn out that such a person does not live here at all, and then everything is in vain.

Basically, everyone was friendly with Masha, but there were also those who told her to get out.

The girl did not give up. It was already dark outside, she was frozen, but she stubbornly searched for the one she didn’t even know.

– Nadezhda Skvortsova? I don’t remember that,” said a nice woman. – But Nadia lives in the forty-third house, she’s about fifty. Could it be her?

“Thank you,” Masha said sincerely.

The girl immediately went to this house. If it turns out that this is another Nadia, then she will continue to go through all the houses in turn.

A man opened the door in this house.

“Who do you want, young lady?” – He asked Masha.

– I’m sorry… Does Nadezhda Skvortsova live here?

– Hmm… lives. Only she hasn’t been Skvortsova for a long time.

Masha couldn’t even believe it. Had she found her?

– My name is Masha, – the girl introduced herself. – I’m her niece.

And at that time, the woman herself came out onto the porch.

– Who is this? – she probably asked her husband.

– This is Masha. She says she’s your niece,” he said in surprise.

“I’m Tamara’s daughter,” Masha immediately chimed in.

– Tomki? What are you doing here?

Masha wanted to tell everything, but from fatigue, constant awkwardness and fear, her nerves could not stand it. And she just burst into tears.

– What are we standing here for? The man immediately spoke up. – Let’s go inside.

Masha was taken inside, and she even opened her mouth at how beautiful the house turned out to be from the inside. A mansion, as her grandmother would say.

Masha started to tell something, but Nadezhda interrupted her.

– Then that’s it. Are you hungry?

Masha nodded, although it was awkward to admit it. But apart from that pie, they didn’t eat anything today.

She was seated at the table, and immediately a lot of various food appeared in front of her. It’s like she’s in a fairy tale.

“Eat, come on,” Nadezhda said, “and then you’ll tell me everything.”

When Masha had eaten, she told her aunt everything without hiding anything. And that her mother drinks, and that her father died a long time ago. And about the death of her grandmother, and what she told her about her mother’s sister. And that her mother hit her, and the girl decided to run away.

“I just didn’t know what to do,” she said with tears in her eyes.

– And you went to an unknown city alone? Nadezhda asked in horror.

Masha just nodded.

“Poor kid,” she sighed. – Okay, you’ve had a hard day today, go to bed, and tomorrow we’ll decide what to do.

Masha was given a room, and it was insanely beautiful. It was scary to even sit down on such a soft blanket that covered the bed.

But as soon as Masha went to bed, she immediately fell asleep. I’m really tired.

And in the morning, breakfast was already waiting for her on the table. Nadezhda and her husband Gennady were in the kitchen.

“Good morning,” the girl murmured. She was very afraid that she would be forced to return home. The very thought made my skin crawl.

When they had finished their breakfast in silence, Nadezhda spoke up.

– Of course, all this turned out to be unexpected for us. Your mom and I had a fight a long time ago, she did something wrong, but I’m not going to talk about it. And yes, I wasn’t even interested in her life. And, unfortunately, I didn’t know about your existence, and that your life was so bad.

Masha nodded. She was afraid to look her aunt in the eye, because now her fate is being decided.

– Gena and I didn’t have children, it happens that way. And, apparently, in your old age, the Lord sent you to us. Masha, I see that you are a smart and good girl, and I really want to help you. But you can’t just pick you up. The police are probably already looking for you.

“I understand,” Masha muttered, “do I need to leave?”

“No, no,” my aunt said immediately. “We’ll all go together, and I’ll get custody of you.” And then you can come with us.

– Really? “What is it?” she asked in disbelief.

– Really, – Nadezhda smiled. – But keep in mind: I’m strict, I demand a lot. You’ll have to listen to me.

Masha smiled. It seemed to her that Hope was talking about herself.

Of course, this decision was not easy for a woman, as well as for her spouse. They talked half the night, deciding what to do. The girl showed them her passport and birth certificate yesterday, so they knew that Masha was not lying about the relationship. And she is indeed Nadezhda’s niece.

The couple thought for a long time about what to do with all this, and both came to the conclusion that they could not leave the child in trouble. In addition, Nadezhda knew her sister well, and she really did not want the modest and quiet Masha to become like her. And they didn’t have any children of their own, even though they wanted to. Maybe it’s a gift of fate?

All this paperwork took a very long time. The car mother suddenly remembered that she was a mother, and shouted to the whole street that she would not give her daughter away. But Nadezhda was able to convince, and somewhere to scare.

While everything was being made official, Masha was already living with her aunt. Even though it’s not supposed to be. But Nadezhda did it for the purpose of safety. Who knows what kind of bad thought will arise in her sister’s head.

And when everything was completed with the documents, Masha finally exhaled. She went to a new school and began to study diligently, tried to do everything around the house, although Hope never forced her to clean and cook. But Masha wanted to somehow thank her unexpectedly appeared relative, who saved her life.

And Nadezhda and Gennady were also happy. Over time, it began to seem to them that Masha was indeed their daughter. And even if Nadezhda did not give birth to her, she considered Masha’s appearance on her doorstep on an autumn evening to be a real gift of fate.


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