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Paradise life

Sasha appeared in my life like a prince: he moved into a luxury apartment, gifted me with beautiful outfits and jewelry. The fairy tale turned into a horror movie in one day.

“You’re just my ideal,” I said to Sasha, taking a drag on my cigarette. — That’s not true. You are divine! He kissed me gently on the shoulder.

— Have you had a lot of girls? I asked.

— Is it important? — he muttered discontentedly.

Seems offended. He got up and began to pace the room nervously.

— Well, I’m sorry, please, — I went up to him and hugged him. “You know how curious women are!

—Outrageously,” he replied, and suddenly laughed.

Still, it’s good that the man of my dreams is outgoing and does not know how to be angry for a long time. And I did something stupid again!

Women’s magazines regularly write that in no case should you ask men about the number of their passions. But, of course, I safely forgot about it. And so I wanted everything to be fine! I felt that we were made for each other. He was the best man I’ve ever known.

— I don’t like this new guy of yours. — said my best friend.

However, she was a rare bore. Like, it’s not known where he works, there are always some incomprehensible business trips, he probably has someone on the side and the like.

But I believed Sasha. And a friend, most likely, was jealous or jealous. She wanted to ruin my happiness! And my beloved advised me to stop communicating with her. He was a real prince from a fairy tale! He took me from the bar where I worked as a waitress and put me in a fantastic apartment (furnished with unprecedented beauty furniture and equipped with the most modern appliances), where I never knew anything to refuse.

She now dressed in the most fashionable and expensive rags that can only be found in the capital’s boutiques, smelled of French perfume, and ate exclusively in luxury restaurants. We lived together for only a month, but it seemed that I had known him for at least a year.

And how good it is in bed with him! Just extraordinary! I used to be quite conservative and did not recognize some things, but Sasha opened this “forbidden” world for me and now I am completely satisfied.

“I have planned a very interesting trip for us for the weekend,” he once said. — Bring your most depraved outfits. Let’s have some fun…

— Oh, how great you came up with! And where are we going?

— Don’t ask. It’s a surprise.

Actually, I don’t like surprises. Or rather, on the contrary, I love them very much, but I just languish with curiosity when I wait for them…

For the next few days, I tried to imagine where we could go. The boyfriend of one of our waitresses (during my time at the bar) took her to the lake house, and in the mornings he took her fishing, but Sasha was too elegant for something like that. He is a real businessman, so I was absolutely sure that we would spend time in some posh hotel.

A week ago, he bought me mind-blowing sexy underwear and a couple of evening dresses, and then took me to a beauty salon: solarium, manicure, pedicure, cosmetologist, hairdresser…

It was foolish to doubt that he was well provided for—without wincing. spent a lot of money on me. The story, of course, is not new, but I was still constantly surprised that the prince could fall in love with Cinderella. Sasha asked me not to tell my friends about him, because they would be jealous and plotting…

– Yes, you know better than me what kind of women… — he was saying.

It’s true. More than once I had to observe how envious women can be. Especially when a girl like me, a provincial without a specialty, suddenly gets lucky. The waitress from the bar. The daughters of half-impoverished intellectuals-parents who dream of higher education, who cannot support themselves…

However, frankly speaking. Ever since I was a child, I was sure that the cinematic beauty of Julia Roberts next to me would look like a skinny plucked chicken next to a peacock. So, in my opinion, everything is quite fair!

We left in the middle of the day on Friday. Observing the agreement, I honestly tried not to ask where we were going, although I restrained my curiosity with the last of my strength. I thought it would be somewhere nearby, but we drove and drove. Eventually I fell asleep and only opened my eyes when the car stopped. It was already quite dark. There was a dark, indistinct silhouette of some not too large building ahead.

— Honey, where are we? I asked in a sleepy voice, very reluctantly getting out of the warm interior of the car. — Where did you take me?

“We’re in the mountains,” he said, and then he picked me up and carried me over the threshold. — This is the cottage of a friend of mine.

We had dinner, drank a bottle of wine and made love for a very long time. In the morning I woke up in a great mood. I looked out the window and saw the mountains. How beautiful it was! The sun was shining brightly, snow caps were on the mountains, and a huge bird of prey was hovering high in the sky…

Sasha wasn’t there. There was a note on the table: “Honey, I’ll be back very soon. But you have time to restore beauty. s.”

I obediently took a shower, put my face in order, put on the most revealing underwear of their arsenal, and on top of it – a translucent lace negligee. I looked in the mirror. She’s good, she’s a devil! But where, I wonder, has my beloved gone?

Imagination drew Sasha standing on the threshold with a bouquet of wildflowers…

After an hour, I felt a little uneasy. The strangest thing is that the front door was locked for some reason.

What if something happens to him and he can’t come back? – I was worried. After all, no one in the world knows that I’m here!”.

The beloved returned after 30 minutes. One. Two unpleasant types followed him into the house.

– Honey, finally! I was so worried! — I rushed to him. — Why are you taking so long? And why did he take the keys?

Sasha behaved somehow incomprehensibly.

— Shut up and sit on the couch! he hissed. — don’t bother me!

Then he moved away and began talking to the men he had brought. Not understanding anything, offended by rudeness, I nevertheless obeyed. But I didn’t like what was happening. Especially when one of the aliens, a bald little man, leering at me, said:

— Yes, a very good specimen. Everything is in its place! Nice ass… Are the boobs real too?

— What, you want to check? Sasha asked, grinning nastily.

—Later,” he said.

Now I definitely have no time for jokes. I looked helplessly at my boyfriend, then at the two visitors, still hoping that this was just a stupid prank.

— Well, okay, — said the second one — a huge one, very reminiscent of a gorilla.

— The price is normal. Did you make sure that no one was looking for her?

— Don’t worry, there’s no one to look for. All right, I’m off. I’ll pick up the money tomorrow… — Sasha took his jacket, preparing to leave.

— My beloved. You’re not leaving me here… with these?

“Of course I will,” he said.

— No, you can’t do that to me! After all, you love me!

— Get off me, you bastard: — he twisted my arm and pushed me away so that I lost my balance and fell.

— Sasha! I screamed in fright and grabbed his knees with both hands. Then he hit me in the face…

— Hey, just don’t give me bruises, otherwise the goods will become cheaper, — the little man neighed.

Sasha went out, slamming the door loudly. That was the last time I saw him. I rushed to the door, but the gorilla man deftly caught me.by the hand.

— Where are you going? “What is it?” he asked with the affectionate smile of a psychopath.

What happened next was a complete nightmare. There was nothing left of my elegant negligee, and then nothing left of my underwear…

They grabbed me with their dirty paws, licking their lips and confidentially telling each other about what they were going to do to me. I defended myself as best I could: I screamed, bit, even tried to beat them, but they just laughed…

And really, what can a twenty-year-old girl do with two adult strong men? Hysterical, I was rushing around the house trying to escape, and they seemed to enjoy this cat-and-mouse game. In the end, the “mouse” was caught and tied to the bed…

And then they gave me some kind of injection, and I was relieved to lose touch with reality…

I don’t know how much time has passed. I tried to wake up several times, but I couldn’t feel my body. I couldn’t gather my thoughts. I won’t know where I am. I came to myself in some strange place, in a half-empty room. An unknown girl was digging in my suitcase.

—Cool rags,” she sighed enviously. Get up, we’ll get dressed.

The girl put me in an evening dress, made bright makeup and forced me to wear high-heeled shoes. There was no strength to resist.

Me and some other beautiful, but strongly resembling zombie girls – went down the stairs, and we were put into a large covered truck. I was in such a terrible state that for some reason I was not at all surprised by such transport…

We drove for a while, and then they told us to get out. We were in a birch forest, in a large round clearing, dimly lit by the meager autumn sun. There was a crowd of men standing around. They exchanged rude jokes and groped us. There was a feeling of something unreal, as if I had suddenly fallen into the past, into some ancient Egyptian slave market…

And suddenly, from somewhere in the thicket, I heard: Everyone stay where you are! The police!

The commotion began. Dressed-up men were screaming and rushing, trying to escape. And I stood helplessly, unable to move, and could not even rejoice at the rescue. They took me and the other girls to the hospital, and after a couple of days the doctors allowed the police officers to ask us questions. It was unbearable! But as soon as I felt a little better, I asked the policeman:

— And how did you find us?

“We’ve been tracking this company for a long time,” the young opera man replied. — And then a woman from the next house called and reported a truck full of elegantly dressed women… We made it!

“Women are curious,” I said.

— And very well! Thanks to this, we sometimes manage to save at least someone…


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