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I destroyed my marriage and the life of my only son with my own hands

Once my daughter-in-law doted on me and considered me almost her second mother. She often came to visit even without her son, we could drink tea for hours and chat about life. But everything has changed in a year. Now she doesn’t want to talk to me even on the phone, maybe even hates me. I will say right away, I and only I am to blame for everything: I personally ruined my relationship with my daughter-in-law and destroyed the marriage of my only son.

When Philip first met Elena, I immediately realized that he had fallen in love. He could spend hours telling me what a beautiful and wonderful girl she was. I was only happy for him, because he finally found someone with whom he is truly happy.

About six months later, Philip decided to introduce me to his chosen one. I also really liked the girl. Her son was glowing with happiness next to her. At that time, it seemed to me that of all the girls he had, Elena suited him the most.

My son worked in the company as a manager for the sale of building materials, he earned normally, but saved money for his own housing, so he lived with me in a two-room apartment.

About eight months after they met, the son bought a ring for Elena and decided to propose to her. I did not dissuade him in any way, and did not ask him to think, as most mothers do in my place. Although I thought it was too early for him to get married, at that time he had just turned 24, the girl was a couple of years older than him.

We invited Elena and her parents to dinner at our house, and her son proposed to her in front of everyone. I must say, the girl turned out to have just a wonderful family. We got along with them from the first meeting. I didn’t even believe that everything could be so good. After all, usually most families at this stage face problems in communicating with each other. We divided the wedding expenses equally, after the wedding, the newlyweds moved to live in an apartment that Elena got from her grandmother.

A few months after the wedding, I began to notice that conflicts began to occur in my son’s family. Philip began to come to visit me on weekends and was in no hurry to return home at all. In principle, this was expected. Husband and wife get used to characters, look at each other’s behavior in everyday life and they may not like a lot. After all, everything cannot be so smooth, especially since young people did not live together for more than one or two weeks before the wedding.

I was very worried about him, but I tried not to interfere. But one day my son came with almost all his things and said that until their conflict was resolved, he would have to stay with me. I asked what happened. He said they had a fight and his wife kicked him out of the house. So a few days passed, my son lived with me, then Elena came by herself, they talked, and they went home together.

Then such stories began to repeat more and more often. The son, like a beaten dog, was returning to his father’s house with a small package of things.

Soon the daughter-in-law announced that she was expecting a child. Against the background of such happy news, Elena and Philip reconciled, and lived peacefully for a while. But just before childbirth, conflicts began to gain momentum. When I once again saw Philip on the threshold of my apartment, my patience broke. The son was pretty tipsy, with a bag in his hands and a scratched face. I know that my son practically does not drink alcohol, so I was surprised.

She began to ask, it turned out that the son was celebrating the company’s day at work, the CEO came to them and presented certificates of honor to everyone, after the presentation there was a buffet where the son drank a couple of glasses with colleagues. He didn’t get home too late. Elena didn’t like it terribly, she called him an alcoholic and scratched his whole face. I was honestly afraid that my son could also hit or push her in response, but he said: “Hitting a woman, no matter how inadequately she behaves, is unacceptable.”

I saw how bad he felt about what was happening. I sincerely wanted to help him somehow, because all his suffering was written on his face. I no longer recognized him as the old, cheerful guy he once was. Now it was more like a man exhausted by life, whose face reflected the grief of family life

And at this stage I decided to intervene. She said since this is the case, it’s better for him to file for divorce. In any case, do not abandon the child, but they should no longer live together. The son walked around for a few days thinking, and still filed for divorce.

And only then did I tell my wife about it. She immediately came running to me when my son was at work. She didn’t know then that it was I who pushed her son to divorce, and she wanted to ask for help.

I honestly told her that it was I who suggested that he file for divorce. I’m tired of her treating my son worse than a dog: she throws him out into the street, then throws herself at him.

When I confessed who was to blame for this, she immediately started a scandal. We talked for a long time, mostly in raised tones. She said that I and only I am to blame for the fact that the family is destroyed. In her opinion, if I didn’t accept him so sincerely, and he had nowhere to go, then he would have tried to settle conflicts, and not slam the door.

Philip and Elena were not divorced, the trial was postponed until the child turns 1 year old. Elena gave birth to a girl, but stopped all communication with me and my son, I never saw my granddaughter.

The son became depressed and started drinking. Now, if I could go back to the past, I would not interfere in the conflicts of young people, I would not accept my son after quarrels with my wife in my house.

Now I have one task – to bring my son back to life, but here’s how to do it?


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