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Sleight of hand

Tatiana Mikhailovna was a strict woman, one might even say despotic. No one in the family dared to contradict her. And not because they were afraid, but purely because they just didn’t want to get involved.

The husband, Leonid Alekseevich, was quiet, and, as the surrounding people whispered, zaturkannym. He liked to drink, but not in company, but somewhere behind the garages. He goes from work, takes a check in the stall, goes behind the garages and enters it right from the throat, having a snack of “Friendship” cheese. And immediately his soul feels good. And, it seems, it’s not so scary to go home either. And Tatiana doesn’t seem to be such a bitch, she’s just a little strict.

And Tatiana Mikhailovna, smelling the smell of alcohol from her husband, began her acting. Oh, and she was a multifaceted actress. She could grab an axe, and banging the butt on the table in front of the smiling Leonid, threaten that if he dares to come drunk again, then do not take his head off.

Or she could pretend to be a poor, oppressed woman whose alcoholic husband took the best years of her life, fall on the bed and cry loudly, calling neighbors to witness. And Leonid, who had drunk, was standing next to a glass of water in his hands and asked for forgiveness.

But, in addition to strictness, Tatiana Mikhailovna was also a self-confident woman. She considered herself very attentive and not susceptible to deception.

– Can you imagine, he was spinning these glasses so fast. Back and forth, back and forth, where can you keep track of it. Well, the guy didn’t keep up. I lost my fifty kopecks,” a neighbor told me how she witnessed the deception at the train station.

– Yes, because the man is a fool. You have to be more attentive, more attentive. These businessmen are counting on such suckers. They wouldn’t have been able to beat me for anything,” Tatiana Mikhailovna said, proudly lifting her thick chin.

The neighbor just shook her head, waved her hand, and went about her business. Why argue with such a person when he is always right, even if he is wrong.

And then one day Tatiana Mikhailovna got to the train station. Well, as soon as she got there, she was getting off the train, and Leonid Alekseevich was trotting behind her, hung with bags with all sorts of food. And characteristically, he was completely sober, which made his life as sad as it could be next to such a strict woman as Tatiana Mikhailovna.

– Ha, you look at how he breeds suckers, — poking her husband in the side, Tatiana Mikhailovna chuckled, looking towards the crowd surrounding the thimble.

– Yeah, — Leonid Alekseevich answered, wiping sweat and rejoicing at the opportunity to put heavy bags on the ground.

“He can’t fool me. I’ll show him,” said Tatiana Mikhailovna, rummaging in her huge bag in search of a purse.

– Tanya, maybe it’s not necessary, huh? Well, he’s a fraud, — Leonid timidly tried to keep his wife.

– Shut up, tyutya. No one has managed to deceive me yet,” and she snatched a bill from her purse and shoved a bag into her husband’s hands. And she walked confidently towards the crowd.

– Sleight of hand and no cheating. Everything is fair. Guess where the ball is and get your money back and a bonus from me,” said a young man with a tattoo on his shoulder, deftly moving glasses on a cardboard.

– Well, come on, drive your balloon, — Tatyana Mikhailovna said confidently, holding out the bill.

The crowd held its breath when the young man hid the money in his belt bag, covered the ball with one glass, and began to deftly mix them. Then he stopped and, squinting at Tatiana Mikhailovna, said:

– Guess, madam.

Tatiana Mikhailovna smiled and pointed at the glass. She looked around the crowd with a proud look, confident that the ball would be exactly where she pointed. She has the same look as an eagle and no one could deceive her.

The young man picked up the cup, and it was empty under it. The crowd exhaled, someone started laughing, someone shook his head. And Tatiana Mikhailovna started screaming, demanding that her money be returned, because she indicated the correct glass and the ball was under it, and this fraudster somehow replaced it.

– Well, you saw it? Have you really seen it? You were standing nearby and saw that the ball was in that glass,” Tatiana Mikhailovna shouted, grabbing the woman by the hand.

The woman escaped from her clutches, called her crazy, and disappeared into the crowd.

The young man, spontaneously collecting his glasses, also disappeared somewhere.

– Yes, what is it. Where the police are looking, — Tatyana Mikhailovna did not let up.

And then something hard and cold dug into her side.

– Do you hear, shmar, fill up your bread, otherwise you will lose your giblets, — a voice hissed in my ear.

She turned around. The prickly eyes of a man who does not throw words to the wind looked at her. He poked her right in the face, pulled his cap over his eyes, and disappeared.

– Tanya, I told you so. I shouldn’t have messed with them,” Leonid jumped up, hung with bags.

And Tatiana Mikhailovna snatched her huge bag from him and hit him painfully on the shoulder. She bit her lip with resentment and proudly walked to the exit. And Leonid Alekseevich trotted behind her, rejoicing in his soul that at least someone managed to put his arrogant wife in her place. He would even drink for joy, but where there. We have to wait until tomorrow to get out of work, drop into a stall, and then behind the garages, and then at least the grass does not grow.


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