Little girl on the night road

A girl on the road

Anya and her father Oleg were returning home late from the city. It was dark all around, there was not a single lantern around. The road passed through the forest. They tried to drive slowly so as not to crash.

Anya sat and looked around. Suddenly, on the side of the road, she noticed a girl about ten years old. She was wearing a light, flowing white dress, and black patent leather sandals on her feet. The girl was very scared and froze. Goosebumps ran over her skin.

But the worst thing happened when the car caught up with her. She turned towards Anya, and she was stunned. The girl had white eyes without pupils. When the car drove off, Anya started looking in the rearview mirrors, but she didn’t see the girl.

After driving about five hundred meters, Anya noticed a car that flew into a ditch. Medics and traffic police inspectors have already arrived at the scene. On the side of the road, Anya saw three covered bodies of two adults and a child. On the child’s body, Anya saw the same black patent leather sandals that she had seen a few minutes ago on a girl who was standing on the road.


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