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When you don’t expect anything anymore

Tanya didn’t know what would happen next. She was just walking into the misty distance where her eyes were looking. I felt so bad that I wanted to howl like a wolf.

Tanya came to the city after the eleventh grade, when she was going to enroll in a medical university, but could not pass the competition. It was so insulting, even if you cry. She cried when she took the documents. At the same time, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Veterinary Academy saw her.

– Girl, don’t worry. Come and study with us. The scores are several times lower, and the profession is essentially the same. You will only treat animals, which is also good. Or were you going to connect your life with medicine not at the call of your soul?

– That’s the reason. I have always dreamed of helping people, this is my vocation.

“Then come with me.” Believe me, you will not be disappointed. You’ll like it.

There were three more people like Tanya. They all went together with the dean, whose name was Pyotr Vasilyevich. And in September, Tanya began her studies at the veterinary Academy. And I must say that I did not regret my choice. Three years later, she no longer saw herself in another profession. That’s how she liked helping cats and dogs.

It was at the academy that she met her husband Kostya. He came to their academy for gorgeous dance evenings, which were held from time to time on Saturdays. Kostya himself graduated from the Polytechnic and has already served in the army. As soon as he saw Tanya standing modestly against the wall, he decided for himself that she would become his wife.

Now Tatiana remembered their first meetings, timid confessions, and she wanted to cry in three streams. Why did it happen like this? Did everyday life “eat” love, as my mother said?


After all, they got married with Kostya for great, great love. At the wedding, they looked at each other so much that the matchmaker who led the celebration said that he had never seen such a loving and gentle couple.

And then time spun and carried on. Constant worries, chores, worries. Tanya worked at a veterinary clinic and came home late. And Kostya was constantly missing at work. Their daughter Nastya grew up a quiet child. Since childhood, she drew well, and Tanya sent her daughter to art school, where she was advised not only to attend classes, but also to show the child to the teachers of the art academy.

Tanya and Kostya, of course, as exemplary parents, followed the advice. They went to the capital, where the academy was located. Nastya painted a still life, and then a portrait. As a result, she was invited to study at a special school.

Left alone, Tanya and Kostya became sad, but they told themselves that they would be able to see their daughter every weekend. At first, we went to the capital together, but after that we began to travel alone. It was then that Kostya met the Darling. That’s what he called the shameless red-haired beast, who was able to bind him to himself so much that he forgot about everything in the world.

Kostya did not dare to have a frank conversation for a long time. He said everything only when his Darling was carrying a child under her heart.

– Tanya, you are a smart woman. You’ve always been like that, for which I respected you very much and I respect you now. You see, it just so happens that… well, I have another woman.

This news came as a bolt from the blue for Tanya. She, like many wives, found out about everything at the very last moment. Kostya disguised himself perfectly until the very end. Tanya could not even think that he was having an affair on the side. And not just a relationship, but everything is very serious.

– How could you? Just like that, with a light movement of his hand, he crossed out our relationship? Is it possible to do this? Oh, Kostya, Kostya.

But the husband didn’t want to know anything. He was loved, loved himself, and didn’t want to know anything about his wife. Moreover, he stated a few days later.

– You, Tanya, will have to leave here, because I’m going to bring my Darling. She is a delicate and vulnerable woman. So you pack your own things while there’s still time.

– How is it, Kostya? Won’t you let me stay in the apartment where I did everything myself? And the layout, and the renovation, and even the furniture is tastefully selected. And all I have to leave is some kind of… I can’t even find the right words for her.

And here the calm and intelligent Kostya began to speak in a completely different voice:

– Please do not forget that this is my apartment, it was given to me by my parents. You’ve always lived here on bird rights. You didn’t own anything here, and I just let you be with me and our daughter. And now, when Nastya left and when my Darling got pregnant, everything has changed.

Tanya stood and looked with uncomprehending eyes at the room where she and Kostya were talking, then at her husband himself. I couldn’t believe that such a thing could happen to them at all. When they managed to turn from a gentle and loving couple into strangers, she did not have time to notice. However, she did not consider Kostya a stranger, because she still loved him, no matter what. He behaved as if they had never been close to each other.

– You can stay here for a month. This is the deadline, after which you have to vacate the apartment for Mila and me.

– Wait, Kostya, but part of it belongs to me here. We need to share everything honestly. I mean the property.

– Let’s advertise the sale of furniture and things. Then I’ll buy everything new to start a new life with a new woman.

Tanya had to overcome herself and quietly sell some things. However, they were taken away for a song. Tanya also sold her things almost for free. And now she was walking blindly. I had to spend the first night at the train station, and then


The first night had to be spent at the train station, and then Tanya settled with a friend of Svetlana, who was divorced and kindly agreed to shelter Tatiana for a while until she found a place to live. The abandoned woman came to her friend only for the night. I spent all my time at work. Only here I felt better and was distracted from sad thoughts. And now I went to my daughter alone every weekend.

One evening, Tatiana was walking home from work to Svetlana when she heard someone whining softly. I came closer and saw a little puppy sitting all alone. Tanya looked around. There was no one nearby.

– Little one, are you cold, perhaps?

The puppy whined again, as if he had answered her question. And here Tanya noticed that his foot was damaged. I couldn’t go back to the clinic right now, but I didn’t dare leave the puppy either. Tanya loved animals and chose her profession at the call of her heart.

But what to do? You can’t go to Sveta with a puppy, because she sheltered her herself. Where else should I bring the dog?

Tanya took the puppy, hugged it to her and thought that it was as lonely as she was. Tanya reached Sveta’s house and settled down on a bench in the yard. The puppy sat down next to him. He acted as if he had known Tanya all his life. He tried to lick her hands, and also looked so devotedly into her eyes that Tanya knew that she would definitely not part with him. Gathering her thoughts, she picked up the puppy in her arms and went to her friend’s house.

– Hello, Sveta! Tatiana said guiltily. “I’m sorry, but I’m not alone.

– And with whom?

– I found it. Look at him, he’s so pretty. Let him in for the night, please, and tomorrow I’ll take him with me. I’ll take a look, and then I’ll put it somewhere.

Sveta made such a face that it became clear to Tanya without words: her friend was not happy with the puppy.

– You see, Tanya, I did repairs with such strength, saved money, collected a penny. And overnight, this seemingly harmless puppy can ruin everything. And you will have to do repairs again. Let’s let him out into the hallway. Let him sit on the playground for the night, and then, in the morning, we’ll pick him up, or rather you.

“I’m sorry, Sveta,” Tanya said in disappointment. She wasn’t going to stay with her friend anymore. To abandon this little creature was to betray him now. Tanya couldn’t do that. She took the baby and went outside with him. Sveta, of course, began to justify herself and even offered Tanya to stay.

– Okay, stay. What’s going to happen to me? I’m not going to kick you both out of the house.

– No, Sveta, I’m sorry. We’ll get along with Lucky somehow. Isn’t it small?

– As you know! Sveta said and no longer held her friend. Tanya left the house and walked in the direction of the train station. She had already spent one night there. He will hold another one. Nothing terrible will happen.

Somehow, he and Lucky spent the night at the train station. There were few passengers. Therefore, Tanya calmed down. Before that, I was afraid that the puppy would disperse and interfere with the passengers. But the dog sat still, just asked to be picked up. When Tanya took the dog and petted him, he fell asleep. She herself did not close her eyes, thinking about what she should do next.

Tanya wanted to eat, and she carefully supported the puppy, went to the buffet, where she could buy something to eat at any time of the day. Tanya did not look around, she was not up to it.

– Tanya, are you, or what? – she heard someone’s voice next to her.

“Yes,” she replied and turned her head. Nikita Sergeev, her classmate, stood in front of her, with whom they had been sitting next to each other for a couple of years. He tried to take care of her in the penultimate year, but she was already in love with Kostya. And I honestly told Nikita about it. She knew that Nikita lived in the capital and that he had his own clinic, but they never met again. And now he needed to appear when Tanya was not at her best at the train station buying herself pies.

“What are you doing here at this hour?”

– And you?

– I’m going home, but with transfers. There were no tickets for the direct train. So you’ll have to sit at the train station for two whole hours. Can we talk?

– Come on! Tanya replied in an indifferent voice. She needed to pass the time anyway.

Nikita talked and talked. He had a lot of news. His clinic in the capital was flourishing, and Nikita was going to open a whole network of such clinics.

– You see, we have everything in a new, modern way. After all, I took courses abroad. So to speak, I have adopted a positive experience. I hope that everything will work out. And our clinics will be open soon,” Nikita said proudly, and then asked: – And how are you?

– Nikita, don’t you need employees? Tanya asked instead of answering. She had nothing to tell. And so it was clear that it was not from a good life that she was sitting here at night at the train station instead of being at home.

– Yes, you do. Are you ready to move to the capital? It seemed to me that everything was fine with you. The guys told me that you seem to be happy with everything.

– My daughter is in the capital, studying at the art lyceum, which is attached to the academy. So that’s where I belong. I can see her whenever I want.

– And the husband?

– We got divorced the other day. He has his own life, and I have my own,” Tanya replied. She noticed Nikita smile faintly.

– And I don’t have a family. All business and business, I don’t have time everywhere. Agreed. I’m waiting for you, and best of all, come with me!

– I have to quit first!

– And how long will it take?

– About two weeks.

– During this time, I will find you a place to live, if you don’t mind?

– I’m only in favor.


Two weeks later, Tanya was already working under Nikita, and a year later she became his wife. She took the lucky one with her. He became a happy guide to a new life for him. And now Tanya was thanking fate for this little puppy who had turned her life around so abruptly.


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