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The daughter-in-law kicked her mother-in-law out of the house and changed the locks on the front door

As soon as my son went on a business trip, we immediately began to swear a lot with my daughter-in-law. It so happened that after their wedding with my son, they began to live in my large, three-room apartment.

I’m already retired, I have enough time, so I took almost all the household chores on myself. But the daughter-in-law, although she goes to work, receives a small salary and does almost nothing there.

I became indignant, we quarreled. Of course, I immediately complained to my son. He sighed and asked: “What, are you making a row again? Well, is there really no way to find a common language?” We really have been fighting with my daughter-in-law for a long time, I did not like her from the very beginning, when she said that “how nice it would be to exchange our apartment for two and live separately from each other.” And I raised my son alone, my husband was a businessman, and he was killed in the “dashing 90s” by racketeers because he had nothing to pay for their “roof”. Since then, I have raised my son alone, it was very difficult for me, but I still raised him, taught him, and he became quite a decent person. But, he brought a bad daughter-in-law into the house.

And I called him again with complaints, and my son was upset. “Be patient, Mom, I’ll be back soon, we’ll figure it out, but in the meantime I have to work,” he said and disconnected. And I went to my daughter-in-law to continue to sort things out with her.

This time we had a big fight with her, and in order to distract myself a little, I went to visit a neighbor to talk to her and watch my favorite TV series there. I returned to my apartment in the evening, and found a suitcase with my things on the threshold. “Oh, you’re so mean!” – I got angry and tried to open the door with my key, but the door wouldn’t budge. “She just changed the locks.

She called some locksmith, and he changed the locks for her,” said a neighbor who was passing by, taking out the trash. Tears welled up in my eyes, I took my suitcase and went to ask a neighbor for an overnight stay. The neighbor was my old friend and did not refuse shelter.

I called my son again. “Do you know that she kicked me out of the house?” I asked my son. “Mom, both of you have tired me out, you are interfering with my work. Adult women, but you can’t somehow settle your relationship,” the son flared up, “Well, stay with a neighbor for now, Aunt Masha will only be happy. I’ll come in three days – I’ll figure it out!”

I had to live with a neighbor and wait for my son to return and pacify his insolent wife. To be honest, I was a little offended by my son, it seems to me that he is still more on the side of his daughter-in-law, and he does not want to understand me at all.


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