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After 25 years of marriage, my husband decided to leave me for his mistress

I was reading a magazine on the couch, my husband came up to me and calmly said so:

– I want to talk to you seriously, I’ve had another woman for six months now, I want to leave you, file for divorce and live with her.

– Okay, do you need help packing?

My husband was in shock.

– You won’t ask me anything, how it happened, why I decided to leave after 25 years of marriage, just a dry “GOOD”.

– We have been married for 25 years. I know you like a peeled-off. Do you think I haven’t noticed that you’ve found yourself another woman? You know, I thought you’d get ready to leave sooner. Held on for a long time.

The husband remained silent. I calmly went to the pantry, took out a suitcase, and began to pack his things.

– Vasya, are you going to take all the things, or only newer?

The husband muttered something under his breath and then said:

– Leave it, I’ll collect everything myself.

– You do it yourself.

Half an hour later he came into the room and said, well, I’m off.

– Okay, leave the keys to the apartment!

My husband looked at me questioningly.

– Are you taking the car?

– Yes, I’m taking it.

– The car is yours, the apartment is mine, so give me back the keys to the apartment.

The husband blushed at such impudence and said:

– A car is several times cheaper than an apartment.

– Vasya, well, I’m not leaving you, but you’re leaving me, who stays and the apartment.

He wanted to object to me, but I looked at him so that he did not contradict me, but silently put the keys on the table.

That’s how the offended husband left me in an unknown direction.

A couple of days later, a friend called me and asked what my husband was doing in her neighborhood.

“He lives,” I replied.

– How does he live? Who does he live with?

I told her everything, she condemned me:

– How so? You didn’t even try to convince him and somehow keep him?

– And why? I’m 50 years old, I’m not a girl to run after someone. I’m afraid even if I run, I won’t catch up, I’ll crumble halfway,” I said jokingly.

– And the apartment? He’s right, you bought it together, he also has a right to it.

– Dash, did you hire yourself as a lawyer for him? Or maybe my hubby has gone to you?

– You’ll come up with it. I just feel sorry for your man, he was kind of sad.

– This is his problem, I didn’t kick him out, this is his conscious choice. You know, I never sawed him, I didn’t complicate his life, he obviously wanted emotions. So let him get them in a new marriage.

Half a month later , Vasya called:

– Luda, I’m running out of Chinese ointment, please order me, and I’ll transfer the money to you.

– Vasya, I’ll order it without any problems, but for the last time. Let me send you a link or explain to your faithful where I order.

The fact is that my ex-husband has practically never ordered anything on the Internet and was very afraid of all such purchases.

– Thank you, People.

– And when will we file for divorce?

I don’t know if Vasily heard me or intentionally dropped the phone, but I didn’t get an answer to my question.

Was she worried that my husband left me? Worried! The first nights I couldn’t even sleep. And then I thought and decided that it was time to live for myself. The children have grown up, there are no grandchildren yet, there is time to devote to your beloved.

A month and a half later, Vasily came for the ointment. Emaciated, pale all over, his shirt is crumpled. It feels like an orphan man, not a “newlywed”. I was just about to have dinner, I decided to offer him one too:

– Vasya, I have borscht, will you have dinner?

– With pleasure, – the man perked up after the invitation.

I poured him a thicker borscht, as he likes, put a large spoon of sour cream, crumbled the greens. I always serve dumplings with garlic and lard with mustard with borscht. Vasya ate, asked for more supplements, I poured.

He ate, then was about to leave, but how will he cry:

– Luda, let me go back, I made a mistake, I don’t like that woman, I feel bad there, I can’t eat or sleep there, I’ll die there, let me go home.

I hugged my husband, kissed him on the top of his head and forgave him. Rodimenko returned home.

One of these days we will celebrate 30 years of living together. My husband became much more attentive to me after his mistake: he gives gifts, kisses and hugs constantly, falls asleep with compliments. And I’ve forgiven everything and I don’t even want to remember the past. The most important thing is that in the present, not in the past and future!!! Live, people, in the present and remember: everything that is not being done is for the best!!!


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