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I don’t need your money, I love you

I met Victor at one of the parties. He immediately caught my attention. And not only because he is beautiful and complex like a god. It was simply impossible not to notice him. This joker and merry man instantly became the soul of the company. The girls swarmed around him in droves, coquettishly shrugged their shoulders, languidly made eyes and smiled seductively, but he paid attention to me! And what? I’m not some ugly or gray mouse (thanks to Mom and Dad for the good genes).

We danced all evening. And just before the curtain, for dessert, I received an invitation to a date!

The fly in the ointment was the envious female hissing behind her back:

— Did Vitya get caught in the net? Here’s a naive one, now she’ll spin him for money and not blink an eye.

I turned around sharply, but I only came across fake smiles.

A little later I realized the reason for this envy — the guy turned out to be fabulously rich! He had his own company, which brought oh-oh-very good income, which we were happy to spend. We had fun to the fullest, absolutely not denying ourselves anything. Vitya was ready to throw the whole world at my feet. A weekend in Paris? You are welcome! A weekend in Vienna? Any whim! Dinner in Milan? No question! Do you want to go skiing? To the Alps! I felt like Cinderella, who came to the ball for the first time, to the ball of life… A few months later, he asked when I would finally introduce him to my parents.

— I can tomorrow! — blurted out happily. In fact, mom and dad liked him already in absentia, at least because he could provide their only daughter with a comfortable existence. After meeting them, their opinion has not changed.

“Good guy,” Mom whispered in my ear a little later. — Charming. young, well-mannered and with a sense of humor. It’s obvious that he’s crazy about you.

— I’m from him too. But no one has made an official marriage proposal to me yet.

—He will,” Mom said without a shadow of doubt. “I’m sure of it.

And how she looked into the water! Just a few weeks later, Victor and I had lunch in a cozy restaurant in the heart of Paris. The most beautiful and romantic language in the world sounded with beautiful music around.

“Vika,” he began, coughing. “It was no accident that I brought you to France.

— Is it no coincidence? — I repeated, not knowing how to react.

— Paris is a city of love. He paused for a moment. And I couldn’t make a sound out of excitement. — This is where I want to say that I love you. Will you marry me?

– yes… I gasped.

The first six months of family life passed as if in paradise. I quit my job (and why would I go there if we spent as much in a month as I wouldn’t earn in a year?) However, I miss the team. But she found her own activities-entertainment — shopping, manicure-pedicure, massage, cosmetologist, gym, etc.

And then we bought a house. Not an apartment, but a house — a huge, three-storey one. There are new concerns — design, repair, furniture. That is, special people were hired for this, but someone has to lead them and direct them in the right direction! While Vitya was in the office, I was doing it. And, to be honest, I really liked it!

When my husband returned home, I brought down on him an avalanche of news related to the arrangement of the nest.

— I was thinking: let’s not make the kitchen in dark colors. Recently I saw a yellow one in one salon, just like a dandelion, only it’s expensive.

“If you like it, buy it,” Victor always answered carelessly.

But one day, when I asked if a canopy was needed in the bedroom above the bed, my husband reacted unusually sharply.

— How much does it cost?— asked.

I was even speechless for a moment from surprise.

— I don’t remember… Is it important?

Victor frowned, chewed his lips.

— You see, Vika, I have some difficulties at the firm. Temporary, I hope. We need to cut costs a bit.

— good. — she nodded fearfully.

“Nothing good,— he said.

Something has changed since that day. It’s like the relationship has cracked. The husband answered all the questions in monosyllables and dryly, he never went into details. Once he even barked very rudely:

— Leave me alone!

I was offended and stopped talking to him. Why is he treating me like this? Am I to blame for the trouble? So why take it out on me? Apparently, our business was getting worse and worse. Trips abroad have sunk into oblivion. The development of the design of the dwelling, as well as the repair work, was suspended due to the fact that there was nothing to pay off the workers.

But that wasn’t what bothered me. And the fact that Vitya and I have distanced ourselves from each other. In fact, they became strangers… He hardly spoke to me anymore. I came, ate, went to bed, and left again in the morning for the whole day. Sometimes he came home well after midnight, often with the smell of alcohol.

I felt cheated. It turns out that while he had money, he was a good husband, and as soon as finances sang romances, he immediately became bad. Maybe he was just pretending?! The last straw was a terrible scandal that began after my words:

— Honey, maybe I should go to work? She said it without any reproach! On the contrary, to be honest, I missed my colleagues and work terribly. Doing nothing is terribly tiring. I want to be in business.

But the husband went off the chain.

— What kind of reproaches?! he shouted.

— I ‘m not anyone .. — she stammered.

— Why are you constantly accusing me of something?! How many times I’m worried too. that we have no money!

— And I’m worried that you’ve become… such… such… — tears prevented me from finishing. I turned around and ran out into the street.

I wandered for a long time, crying and smearing tears on my cheeks. Then I decided to get drunk out of grief. My legs carried me to the bar, where my husband and I used to often “hang out” with friends.

I sat down at a separate table and ordered vodka for myself. After the first drink in one gulp, a mutual friend of mine and my husband sat down with me.

— Vika, what are you doing? Drinking alone? Have you quarreled with Vitya?

— We broke up, — dryly stated the sad fact.

— Really? So, was he right after all?

— Who?

— Yes, your husband. Ex.

“Right about what?” Speak more clearly. I kind of drank a little, but I don’t understand anything.

“Well, we were drinking together a couple of days ago,” he said reluctantly. —

They got drunk well… And Victor confessed: he is afraid that you will leave him, since he has no money now… For a while I stared blankly at my friend’s face, digesting what I had heard. Then she jumped up, ran out of the club and rushed home.

— Abramov, you’re a fool! — I stamped it as soon as I crossed the threshold.

“Thank you for your kind words,” Victor chuckled mirthlessly.

— How could you think that I love not you, but your money? How could you think of such a thing?

— Is it not so? — he said resignedly. But I caught a faint spark of hope in his voice. And in the eyes, too. She came closer and hugged me.

“You’re more important to me than any stupid money,” she whispered.

“Well, they’re not that stupid,” Victor tried to object, but I covered his mouth with a kiss…

Everything is fine with us. No. we didn’t get rich as if by magic. And quarrels happen, and scandals, especially when the husband calls on ads in search of work (the company finally went bankrupt), and he is kicked off everywhere. But we are rich in love! She passed the test.

Victor and I decided to sell the house to pay off our debts. And I don’t regret it at all! After all, instead we got a small one—room apartment in the most ordinary high-rise building, warm and cozy – it turned out to be a real family nest, I returned to my workplace, which I am incredibly glad about. The director met me with open arms, the girls from the department surrounded me, rushed to hug, chattering vying, how they missed me. It was so nice!

And recently, my husband has had a clear shift in the positive direction — he successfully passed an interview for the position of deputy director of a large metropolitan company!


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