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The newfound girlfriend turned out to be a razluchnitsa

In our relationship, I tried in every way to please my beloved and was happy to receive his friends in our house. One of them often visited us, almost always with a girl who was introduced to me as his old girlfriend. No, no, no love, just strong friendships. My faithful assured me of this. Actually, from the outside it looked like that, absolutely nothing suspicious. When we all got together, time flew by unnoticed. And it is worth noting that we gathered quite often, almost for all holidays, and so, as they say, to relax and chat. It was fun, cool, the mood, as they say, is positive. It’s clear that men have their own conversations, and we, as they say, about our own, about girls … Of course, the conversation was reduced to men. I, of course, without suspecting anything, “leaked” information about my faithful. Oh, if I only knew… And here’s Grandma and St. George’s day.

It turned out that my beloved, for whom I almost prayed, had exchanged me for this fifu. He was having an affair with her practically under my nose for a whole year, and I foolishly thought that I had found a friend who would listen, understand, and support. That’s how I supported, grabbed someone else’s.

And everything would probably have gone on like this for a long time if chance hadn’t helped. One day my friend, as it is now clear – a snake under the cold, looked in to drink tea and chat with me. As usual, we chatted in the kitchen, for a while she went to the bathroom, and her mobile phone remained on the table. And then her phone rang. As it turned out, my faithful was at the other end, as his illuminated photo clearly testified. Yes, that’s how the snake absurdly punctured. In a state of utter shock, I made a reset. And just a few minutes later, a message came from the traitor: “How is Lenka, going to her parents?” And I was really going to visit my own on that day. Of course, I checked. It was necessary that I vacated the apartment for lovers.

Yes, it would have been better if she hadn’t come out of that bathroom. I got it in full. Of course, she confessed everything, and there was no point in denying it. And the faithful flew out with a whistle on the same day with his belongings. Fools, as they say, are over.

Yes, girls, that’s how you think you’re drinking tea with a loved one, but it turns out you’re warming a real viper on your chest. Try not to repeat my mistakes.


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Beautiful girl with glasses
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