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Someone else’s woman

– Oh! Vera exclaimed in fright when her husband bent over her in bed to kiss her, and pushed him away with both hands. – Oh, mommies!

– What is it? Semyon stared at his wife in bewilderment. – Why are you shying away from me?

– Senya, in your eyes … – his wife almost poked her finger into his eye, – not my reflection!

– What? Semyon drawled incredulously. – Think what you’re saying.

– Honestly, it’s not mine! – the wife shook her head.

– And whose?

– I don’t know… But it’s someone else’s … – Vera looked at her husband with fear, pulling his head into his shoulders. – What does this mean, eh, Senh?

– This means that it’s time for you to see an optometrist, – said Semyon. – Come to me, I’ll kiss you, and everything will pass.

– No… Hold on… I’ll take another look. – The wife brought her face closer to her husband’s face, gazed intently into his eyes, and again wrinkling her face, said in confusion: – That’s right… I’m not there…

– Stop making fun of me! – It’s time to go to bed, and you say such things. That’s it, turn off the night light.

– No… I’m afraid to sleep now…” Vera moaned. – There’s a strange woman in your eyes, and I’m lying next to you… what a horror…

– Well, what else is it?..

Semyon hurriedly got out of bed, quickly went to the mirror and tried to examine his eyes in it. Realizing that there was not enough light, he turned on the chandelier, and again stared at his reflection.

“You’re all lying,” he finally said with relief. – There is no one there in my eyes. Just me.

“That’s right,” his wife nodded from the bed. – You’re looking into your own eyes, not me. That’s why your reflection is in the mirror. But when I look into your eyes, someone else’s aunt looks at me from there. But your eyes should reflect my eyes.

– Stop it! – the husband said sternly, and turned off the general light. – What can you see in my eyes with a night light. That’s why it seems all nonsense to you.

– No, I don’t think so! Vera was stubborn. – And you know, I once read somewhere that when a hunter shoots a moose on a hunt, the reflection of that same hunter freezes forever in that animal’s eyes. Have you heard that?

– It’s all hunting stories! Semyon chuckled. – I also read about the same somewhere. But this is nonsense.

– No, not nonsense! And it means that an outsider citizen appeared in your eyes for a reason.

– And what does my eyes have to do with it?

– Besides!

– And – moreover?

– Can’t you guess?

– Imagine – no!

– Think about it! Vera sat up in bed and began to stare at her husband. – Think carefully!

– And I won’t think of thinking! – the husband answered stubbornly. – I came up with it, too… Her reflection is not the same… tomorrow, go to the optometrist, let him check your eyes thoroughly.

– Come on, admit it, who were you hunting today, hunter? Vera shook her index finger at Semyon. – Which lady did you shoot today?

– Are you crazy? How could I shoot someone?

– And with your eyes!

“And where could I have shot her?” – the husband grinned.

– And anywhere? Even at work, even on the street. You’re like that with me!

– Which one? Semyon was surprised.

– Big-eyed, that’s what!

– Listen, Verunchik, aren’t you hallucinating by any chance? – suddenly asked the husband.

– What? – the wife did not understand.

– Hallucinations. Where were you today while I was working.

– I took shopping.

“I see,” the husband grinned again. – Did you buy something for yourself?

– And why?

– What for? You’ve been shopping!

– To do it, you don’t have to buy things. The main thing in this case is fitting.

“Here,” Semyon nodded. – We are coming to the main point. You’ve reviewed and remeasured a lot of clothes today.

“Darkness,” Vera confessed.

– And also, probably, admired how other women’s things sit? Was there such a thing?

– Well, yes … – Vera suddenly thought. – What are you implying?

– Here’s what. When we were young, we sometimes played cards with friends at night. And then. when you’ve played enough to make you sick and go to bed, kings with aces are spinning around and around in front of your eyes… Do you have clothes with women in your eyes now?

– Oh… – Vera exclaimed again. – Yeah… Even as they spin … right, as soon as I lie down, so they go in waves before my eyes… Come on, come on…” She bent over her husband’s face again and looked into his eyes. – And now there’s only a fitting booth reflected… Yes… You’re right, Senya, it seems that I have… These are the hallucinations… I wonder when they will pass?

“But I’m going to kiss you now, and they’ll stop right away,” Semyon smiled.

– Really?

– I promise!

– Well, then kiss…

As Semyon said, so it all turned out…


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