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As a child, I gave her the last, and now I have turned into a sworn enemy

When I was 7 years old, mom and dad decided to increase our family, and I had a sister Katya.

Of course, it was very difficult for me at that time, because I went to the first grade, and I really wanted parental attention. But I had to spend more time alone, since my mother was constantly busy with Katyukha. She also asked me to help her nurse the baby, and there was nowhere to go from it.

Katya was growing up, and Mom had to go to work. Our family was sorely short of money, life in the 90s was not easy.

On our table there was often pizza cooked by my mother. But all Mom could put in the pizza was eggs and green onions. We were happy about that, too, the dish seemed delicious to us. Katyushka grew up a sick child, and I always felt sorry for her. Even a piece of my pizza I often gave her, and she went to bed hungry. My parents didn’t know about it, I didn’t tell them.

A few years passed, I went to study in a neighboring city, and my sister stayed to live with her parents. She had to go to school. Like everyone else, I got an education, got married, had a baby.

When Katya graduated from high school, she decided to enroll in the same college where I once studied. She didn’t want to live in a hostel, and my husband and I took my sister to live with us (we had an apartment in this town).
Katyukha turned out to be a spoiled girl, and I had to endure all her whims. Then my cooked borscht was not like that for her, then I washed her jeans the wrong way. In her place, I would be glad if I lived on everything ready, like her.
Somehow my sister decided to bring her next boyfriend to our apartment. I didn’t mind, but my husband didn’t like it very much, and he kicked Katya’s boyfriend out the door.

I did not expect that such a case would turn my sister and me into fierce enemies, but my husband did not want our housing to become some kind of brothel, as he explained to me.
Katya told all the neighbors all sorts of fables about our family, and she tried to humiliate our child in every possible way while we were not there. She just crossed all the boundaries!

“I gave you the last one as a child, how can you, Katya?”, – I tried to reason with my sister, but it was useless. She didn’t hear me.

“Lyudmila, let your sister find another apartment,” my husband once told me. We had to do something, because our relationship with our spouse began to deteriorate.

I didn’t want to kick my sister out at all, but I didn’t want to quarrel with my husband either, because we were raising a child who should grow up in a loving atmosphere.
But I decided. I put Katya’s things in a suitcase when she was at school.

“Are you kicking me out?”, – Katya exclaimed in amazement when she saw her collected bags. “But we are sisters, how can you?” the girl did not stop whining.

“Katya, my husband and I can’t stand all your antics, so you’ll have to find another place to live,” I said firmly.

It’s sad to remember how Katya left. I tried not to look out the window to see my sister off, I felt sorry for her, but I couldn’t object to my spouse, I loved him.

Our relationship with Katya has not yet been restored. She took offense at me, and we didn’t communicate with her anymore. The parents reported that the sister had already married and was expecting a child. Maybe I’ll find an excuse and visit her at the hospital when she gives birth. After all, we must make peace. I don’t know if she’ll forgive me…


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