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New life

Yana was getting married for love, and thought, forever. Everything was like in their dreams: a white limousine with rings and fluttering ribbons, a chic restaurant, flying pigeons into the azure sky, a dress from a fashion designer, fireworks in the night sky… And a wonderful future full of happiness… Which was really wonderful… for as long as five years.

And then Andrey said that it wasn’t all his dreams, and their marriage is suffocating him, their family life is a complete routine, and in general, he will have a child there… Yana sat down like that. Wasn’t it her loveless husband who insisted on freedom without nighttime children’s squeaks? Was it not Andrei who voiced their slogan more than once – “the first ten years for yourself!”. And here you are, please, he is packing a suitcase, spitting on freedom! And nothing suffocates him there…And never once is there a routine.

Yana couldn’t understand how it was possible to lose her family like that in one fell swoop. The locks on the suitcase were silk, then the lock in the front door clicked loudly, and – the family is no more. No, well, of course I cried, but of course. Saw drops from a special medicinal glass…

And even more than once after drinking the prescribed fifteen drops, she immediately forgot, and dripped the next fifteen…

And she even took a vacation at her own expense for two weeks in the midst of quarterly reports, despite the dissatisfaction of her superiors. Lie down in depression and cry into a pillow, collect yourself from the fragments.

Andrey did not linger to console. Gone – and gone. He said she was a strong girl, she would cope, she would demolish all obstacles on her way. Or if it doesn’t demolish, it will trample. He should, they say, so! Now he’s going to have sleepless nights and diapers, vests, and Yanka – freedom, no hassle for you, and also a new apartment almost in the center. Andrey nobly left this apartment to his wife. Very noble, aha! Considering that eighty percent of this apartment belonged to Yana, she sold her old Khrushchev to buy their new housing, and also reported what she had accumulated before the wedding. Andrey made his contribution by taking a small loan – he was not very lucky with work and earnings at that time.

The young people moved into a new apartment after the wedding, planning to travel as much as possible in the next ten years, and to collect more space for an apartment. So that’s collected! Andrey’s affairs improved to such an extent that he and Yana bought a new three-piece apartment in an excellent high-comfort residential complex in five minutes. And now Andrey has taken her for himself, saying that two dollars will be enough for his wife. And treshka is more necessary for him, because he has a family. Moreover, the documents are still issued to him.

– But we could have had a family, Andrei! You’re the one…

– Well, we have – “could”, and there – ALREADY is.

And so Yana rubs her red swollen nose for the second week, wipes her tears, and drinks drops from her medicinal glass. She persuades herself to forgive the treachery of her treacherous husband, and various cruel scenes of the execution of an unfaithful spouse are drawn in her imagination. And Yana grieves that she will not have a second chance to do everything right, so as not to make a mistake and not break up. But grieve, do not grieve, but you need to live on…

Time, they say, heals. And they don’t lie. For Yana, time turned out to be the best healer. And also needlework. Yana bought Czech beads, sequins, gold threads and ordered a package of fasteners for brooches on Aliexpress. She had always wanted to make brooches in the shape of insects, and now she finally broke through. She began to embroider butterflies, moths, dragonflies, spiders at night and on weekends. Sparkling black spiders made of black beads were in particularly active demand. People began to be interested, to order. Then Yana tripled the prices – she couldn’t keep up with the orders. But people are even more active in buying, revived, contrary to logic. Her handmade beetles and spiders were realistic, in demand, and hundreds of subscribers began to subscribe to her. It is clear that there is no money to collect on bugs and spiders, but an additional pleasant penny nevertheless came and came. It turned out to be a good addition to the main job, and after the divorce, Yana began to buy herself nice things that she had not allowed herself before. After all, she used to put an extra penny in a cup so that she and her husband could buy a spacious apartment…

Bought, damn this apartment! Her ex-husband has now settled his new family there. And Yana will now live for herself. He will certainly buy a subscription to a fitness club, a spa, and a massage this week. In May, he will take a couple of weeks off, and will fly to Madrid. There you can sunbathe, and admire the beauty, and the magnificent architecture. And the Spanish cuisine, again – there is also something to admire.

Yana returned from Madrid looking prettier, refreshed and tanned. At work, she began to receive compliments. That is, they were made before, but now their number has grown. Once, on a sunny July day off, Yana turned to an ice cream stand to buy herself a fruit – in the summer heat, that’s the thing. A meticulous customer stuck in front of her, who took out a saleswoman already exhausted from the heat, asking about the flavors of ice cream.

– Tell me, and this is vanilla, and this is – do they taste different? Which one is sweeter?

Yana wanted to step more painfully on the bare toes of a bore in worn-out sandals, pretending that she accidentally stumbled. Finally, having forced enough, he bought the most inexpensive milk waffle cone.

“A cheapskate and a bore!”, Yana thought, and finally bought herself a fruit.

And then the hapless customer awkwardly waved his hand and dropped his milk cone right on Yana’s silk sundress, bought in Madrid. From surprise, Yana almost dropped her fruit after her. What a nuisance! The man began to apologize profusely with a guilty smile, splashed his hands in frustration, almost fell on his knees in front of her on the hot, dusty asphalt.

Yana managed to notice what blue eyes he had, and a white-toothed smile. He began to seem to her not so boring, but very cute. Then the interlocutor casually complained that he did not have time to enjoy ice cream, and it would not be possible to buy for today: there was no cash, and he did not take the card with him. Yana forgave the bore, and even bought him a second horn. The other one is big, with raspberry jam.

– Here, this is for you! If you buy pampering, then enjoy it to the fullest!

– Oh, I’m really uncomfortable! You must definitely tell me where to bring the debt. And be sure to get acquainted! I’m Ivan.

Yana looked at him–and really, Ivan. Wheat curls, blue eyes, broad shoulders, and tanned arms.

– Come on, Ivan. Next time, treat me to ice cream, that’s the whole problem. I am Yana. – Yana waved her hand carelessly, smiling.

– It’s coming! – Ivan immediately seized on this idea. – I’ll take you at your word. Yana… a beautiful name!

They then walked for a long time with Ivan in the park and around the city, before that they still sat in a cafe. After all, Yana had to go to the toilet and wash the vanilla trace of ice cream on her sundress over the sink. And then they drank mojitos with ice from tall steamed glasses. And again Ivan was full of apologies and thanks that the lady was treating him. They were interested together. They could talk about anything, about anything. Ivan was erudite, well-read, to match Yana. Finally, she could speak freely, and even use specific terms, touch on different topics, and her interlocutor understood her, without asking again or asking to explain what she meant.

At night, Ivan wrote her messages in a Telegram, or they chatted for two hours on Skype…

Yana said that she had recently divorced her husband. Well, yes, a year and a half ago – is it a long time ago? It seems like it was only yesterday. She suffered for a long time, and then learned to live without him. And then I began to get used to it and even discovered my charm in it. I found myself in creativity…

Ivan told me that he was married, but it didn’t work out for him. Divorced. His wife wanted palaces, yachts and diamonds, but his old Khrushchev in a residential area and a broken “penny” did not suit her. And who would they suit, actually?!

And what should we do if the researchers of the research institute in our country are paid so little?

Yana consoled him that she did not see anything shameful in living in Khrushchev – she also once lived there. And researchers sometimes become heads of laboratories or directors of research institutes…

And in fact, many would dream of being in his place, who has much less now. So he’s doing great!

– Thank you, at least you supported me… You’re the only one who understands me. – Ivan got emotional. – And then my ex always ate my brain that I didn’t earn enough. I already gave her every penny, and I ran half-starved, like a yard Bean… He bombed her at night to save up for her blue mink. During the day in the laboratory, and at night and on weekends – driving around the city…

Ivan still sighed: and his debts? He can’t even buy ice cream for himself once again, because after the divorce he’s just broke, and pays off the loan. Then Yana began to stop his constant complaints about life, and complaints about his ex-wife. Since they already have a relationship with Yana, then you need to get used to talking about them, and not about someone else, especially someone who has gone into the past. Like her Andrey. When Yana and Ivan went to a cafe to sit and have a snack during a conversation, most often she paid their joint bill. Unless Ivan was limited to a cup of coffee, and then he paid for himself, and she paid for her order. Noticing that the worn–out sandals were sewn with threads of an inappropriate shade – apparently he repaired them himself – Yana gave Ivan excellent sneakers. At first he refused, confused, but Yana began to insist that it was a gift. Ivan took the gift and rejoiced like a child. I even sniffed the new thing, and admired how nice the new skin smells. Soon they got together and began to live together. Ivan was five years younger, really…

This confused Yana a little, but not much, and only at first. Then I got used to it. After all, she looked at least five years younger, or even seven. Then, after the sneakers, more substantial gifts went. Their boss had an anniversary at the institute, and when Yana saw what Ivan was going to wear to the celebration, she went and bought him a suit. Well, yes, not cheap. But it’s cheap and looks cheap! And she wanted her man to look his best. I had to add a shirt to the suit – alas, but all Ivanov’s old ones were ugly, worn out, and were no good. Well, except for a clean-up day on the territory… Well, not for the anniversary, in short. And a new leather belt from Lacoste really suited the new look. And of course, leather shoes. And then the sneakers were clearly out of character… And each time Ivan did not get tired of embarrassedly thanking Yana for gifts, warmly kissing her hands. She bought him gifts. Well, she already sometimes forgot to designate them as gifts: they were just necessary purchases for her husband on duty.

Yana began to think more and more often that he would soon become her husband! They live together, run a joint household, and in fact, they are already a family. They have quite a foreseeable future as a family! At the anniversary of the boss, Ivan was the most handsome man, and many employees saw him with a new look. It turned out that under the faded old plaid shirts and the blue lab coat of a laboratory assistant, such a handsome man is hiding! Everyone wanted to dance with him that evening, even their respectable chief accountant, Zinaida Petrovna. However, Ivan did not invite Yana there. Because the celebration was not so wide-ranging, and they celebrated only with their team. But he told her everything in detail when he returned home. And then he showed the photo on the boss’s social media page – he had already posted pictures of his anniversary there. And once again he thanked Yana from the bottom of his heart for her wonderful gifts, in which he looked like a wealthy businessman.

Yana was proud of Ivan. He really began to look like a successful respectable man.

It had to happen soon that Ivanov’s boss suddenly fell ill. Stroke. The old man was immediately escorted to a well-deserved rest, hastily noting his retirement. They gave him a basket of flowers, and appointed a new head. The high authorities considered that there were simply no better candidates than Ivan, the team readily supported. Candidate of Sciences, an intelligent scientist with a lot of publications, and looks great outwardly, polished like a real director with experience. A meeting was held, a protocol was drawn up, and the new head took up his duties.

– Well, you see, I told you, and ordinary researchers become managers … and then directors!

Ivan grabbed and whirled Yana in his arms:

– You are my good fairy! You bring me luck!!! With the appearance of you in my life, everything went uphill! I love you so much. – he was circling her, and she closed her eyes and dreamed that she was now in a wedding dress, against the background of a white limousine and flying pigeons…

Well, what can I do, Yana loved such weddings, with pigeons … and with fireworks.

As a leader, Ivan had to match the status, and keep the brand. And without a car, he was just ashamed to go out to the institute from the subway! What about public respect?

– The car is very necessary, otherwise it’s a shame… But I still have to pay off the previous loan… It is still not redeemed… But I will now receive more, so I will rather accumulate the necessary amount … – Ivan muttered with a guilty face.

He was apologizing for starting this conversation, and even about such a large sum… Then he began to say that he could not accept money from Yana in any way, because he already lives in her house at her expense… Then he stressed again that he really needed the car, and he would definitely return the money, just later, well, he’s not a scoundrel to act meanly…

Yana did not even doubt that her husband would return her the money she would lend him to buy a car without five minutes. Her savings will not be lost, he will give everything over time, and she will put everything back in the bank. And then she’ll take a car for herself–well, a little later than she was going to…

Ivan bought a car. Of course, I made the purchase for myself. Yana thought for a minute, but then she reasoned that it was the right thing to do! He bought it for himself. And the debt will be repaid gradually, no one is rushing him. And Yana began to wait even more impatiently for a marriage proposal from her beloved man, dear in every sense.

Ivan was proud of his new position. He began to waddle, the tone became dismissive, he began to shout at Yana more often. He began to linger more and more often in the evenings, explaining that there was a lot of work, he also runs a large structure.

– Sorry, the position obliges! – Ivan fell in love with the place and out of place to repeat.

Yana was perplexed – well, what kind of position does he have? He just runs the laboratory, he has eight people under his command. Yes, he puffs up, portrays a high-ranking official, even bought a car to look respectable. Firmly join, so to speak, the elite!

Yana led a division in her company, she had fifty people under her command – and then she did not consider herself a high-ranking person. And she still took the subway. And she was still waiting for a marriage proposal from her man, for whom she had done so much, and wondered what Ivan was waiting for? It seems that everything is already contributing to the fact that they can finally be reunited… Maybe even without a wedding. God be with them, with those pigeons. And then they ‘ll shit on the young ones…

And Ivan… unexpectedly took his things out of Yana’s apartment. And then he said he was going to get married. Not on Jan. On the daughter of a rather famous professor, and this is not anyone for you!

– How is that? I’ve been waiting, waiting for a marriage proposal from you, and you tell me that you’re marrying someone else?!

– Not just another one. On the professor’s daughter! She is, for a moment, five years younger than me! And you’re five years older! Seriously, were you waiting for an offer? Did you really think that I would marry… an elderly aunt? Well, if you want, we can continue to meet, as before…

Yana even choked. She understood that he wanted to prick her more painfully now–just for what? For all her kindness?

To favor the “elderly aunt” by meeting her from time to time so that she would continue to give him gifts?! What’s wrong with Yana?! One hubby dragged the apartment to unknown marital distances with another… The second failed hubby – a car… Until when will Yana plow for the welfare of selfish men, trampling on her own interests?! It is clear that Ivan cannot be returned, especially after what he said and did. And there’s no need. How was it not to return Andrey then…

But now she has decided that she does not intend to give up. She will still fight with this life! And no depression, tears and drops in medicine cups! Andrei once told her that she was strong, and she would take down anyone, and if she didn’t, she would trample… well, okay! Demolish it! So be it. Yana threw some of Ivanov’s remaining things into a bag and threw it out onto the stairwell.

– Unintelligent, by the way… Ivan muttered resentfully.

– If you don’t get out of my house now, then I will heartily slap you in the face. That would be unintelligent. Yana muttered and defiantly held the door to slam it behind him.

Yana took a vacation, again in May. While vacationing last time in Madrid, Yana noticed that there were a lot of men who were not young, but far from old. Which could be considered as a pleasant companion on vacation with far-reaching plans, if the satellite turns out to be by a wonderful coincidence from another city with Yana! In order not to look at the sights alone, but also to discuss with a like-minded person. Visit the Las Ventas Arena, the Royal Palace and the Queen Sofia Museum… Why Madrid?

And she liked it there, that’s why. I didn’t want to choose something else – there will be something else later, next time. And now she was growing confident that if she flew to Spain again, she would do the right thing. Last time she visited Madrid in depression, trying to recover, and this time – in anticipation: there will be something new in her life! Wonderful! The long-awaited!

Yana met Georgy corny: she stumbled in the lobby of the hotel about his suitcase. I dropped mine at the same time, and hurt my leg. George began to apologize profusely in English, lamenting that he was very guilty and wanted to make amends. Yana explained in English that there was no need to worry, she was not injured. But the man escorted her to her room, brought her suitcase, helped her open the lock with a card, gently sat her down in a chair and promised that he would send a medical worker to her.

– Oh, my God. I definitely don’t need a medical worker, I don’t have such a strong injury! – Yana muttered, and the man started up:

– Oh, so you speak Russian? What happiness! What a blessing that it was a Russian beauty who flew into my suitcase!

– If you still say that we are from the same city, then I will answer that this is some kind of mysticism… However, no, it can’t be. I didn’t see you on the plane,” Yana doubted.

He explained that he had arrived two days ago, but he had checked into this hotel only half an hour ago, because he did not like the previous one. And it turned out that they really are from the same city. We met, agreed to have dinner together.

In the morning we met in the lobby and together went around the city to see the sights. We talked all day with pleasure, and couldn’t talk enough! Arriving from Madrid, George declared that Yana was the woman of his life, and he would never let her go from him! George said that his first marriage began with a wedding, and ended with horror. And now he just wants happiness.

And Yana said that her luxurious wedding did not bring her happiness, and her married life ended in ruin. So why is she needed, this wedding. They just signed it.

Later, George asked Yana to quit her job. She thought about it, and agreed. It was just that his business was connected with frequent flights, negotiations in different countries, and he wanted his beloved wife to accompany him everywhere, side by side. And decorated business meetings with her presence. And then I visited interesting places with him, they discussed everything they saw, shared their impressions. Besides, in addition to English, Yana spoke Italian and German quite well. And she could help him in negotiations as an interpreter.

“If you want, I’ll give you a salary as a translator, dear. And it will be more than your earnings in the previous position! So that you don’t regret leaving your job.

Yana refused, saying that she would be happy to accompany her husband and translate the negotiations for no additional fee. Her husband was once again conquered by her unselfishness and complaisant nature!

– Sometimes you can work not only for the sake of payment. After all, you can just love your job, right? Yana asked, clinging to her husband’s shoulder.

She respected him and listened to his opinion. Not like his former wife, who had been giving him endless scandals and tantrums for years. She only demanded money from him for shopping, and never wanted to be around. But she brought four new suitcases of branded items from each trip. Finally, after getting pretty tired of constant stress and crashing into the clinic with a pre-infarction condition, George called his lawyer and filed for divorce. And I didn’t even think that he would have a remarriage in his life…

From their first meeting at the hotel, he realized that Yana was completely different. She has a heart! She has a soul! And her neatly combed head is tightly packed with brains – such a rarity! George kissed her fingers and never tired of complimenting and praising, praising, for the tenth and twentieth time. And to give gifts, and to anticipate and fulfill her wishes!

“You’re going to take me completely by surprise, darling. Yana laughed.

– And it won’t be much, dear!

And when she gave birth to her husband’s heir, he almost burst with happiness. I didn’t know how to please my wife, what gifts to give to please her. He hired a whole regiment of nannies so that his wife wouldn’t get tired. Barely she persuaded her husband that one would be enough. Yana has repeatedly recalled her fateful decision to fly to Madrid. She was right! Now she’s happy! Or not – they are happy with each other!

One day, Yana met Ivan at the shopping center on Ivan Street in a faded plaid shirt, as before. She even laughed involuntarily. However, he was not surprised by such a reaction.

– Hello, Yana! You’re right, I’m not at my best right now.…

– I’m sorry, please I’m sorry! I’m not happy about other people’s misfortunes… but, damn it, I’m sure that everything in life happened fairly! And you’re back where you belong!

– You don’t understand. This is a fatal coincidence! I was dismissed from my post. And my wife divorced me, ripping me off like a stick…

– That’s it! That’s what I’m talking about. Where it should be.

Ivan could not find what to say to this. And then he surprised her very much by suggesting that they meet again. Yana laughed again.

– Goodbye, Ivan! There’s no need. Oh, no, Yana will no longer pull losers out of the swamp, otherwise you can catch bad luck from them yourself.

She waved her hand to the confused Ivan, and easily got behind the wheel of her Mercedes. Her caring husband chose it himself: he is convinced that this is the most reliable car. He promised to give her some surprise again today. I wonder what he will give her this time? And Yana, smiling, went home to her not very young, but very caring husband.


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