A handsome boy

My husband brought someone else’s child into the house and said that he would now live with us

– Anyutka, we’re going to have another child, don’t even think about arguing, I’ve already decided everything! – the husband declared, having returned from work, – we will adopt the boy.

– Sasha, what are you doing? We have a little daughter, we can’t handle her, and you’re offering someone else.

– I’ve decided everything. You’ll accept him as your own, it’s not up for discussion.

– Yes, why all of a sudden? If I can’t or won’t, what then?

“Then I’ll leave,” he said seriously.

– What about Nastya and me?

– You will stay with her, and I will be with my son, – said the husband and left.

A few minutes later he returned with a dirty, thin boy.

– Sasha, who is this? I’m not going to raise your bullied children. Do you think I need him? Have you been cheating on me all this time? Is this your son?

– He’s your son, An, you probably forgot.

The girl peered into the boy’s face, and memories instantly pierced her heart.

Anna has always been the soul of the company, all the guys looked after her, and she just laughed at their attempts to get her attention. Drastic changes occurred when a twenty-year-old student fell in love with a married forty-five-year-old teacher.

Undoubtedly, Vyacheslav Alekseevich looked great: an adult, confident man in excellent physical shape. He played with the girl’s feelings for a long time, seduced her, but kept her at a distance, allowing only flirting. He did not plan to leave the family, he did not want children, but it turned out a little differently.

At one of the events, he noticed a sad Anya and took her to some kind of audience.

– Has something happened, Anya? You’re so sad.

– I miss you so much, Vyacheslav Alekseevich, why are you punishing me so much?

– Punishing?

In the next second, the girl pressed her lips to him and a small spark of passion that had been hiding between them for a long time flared up with incredible force. Since then, they met regularly, but the feeling of elation and love overshadowed the understanding of vile infidelity.

Anya was afraid for a very long time to admit to Vyacheslav that she was pregnant, because she was sure that he would insist on parting, and that’s what happened.

– Did you think I would give up my family and career for you and your offspring? Whatever it is! I didn’t ask you for this baby, I didn’t want it!
It was only at this moment that the girl realized that she had only imagined the castles in the air and their relationship was a pathetic illusion of happiness. The man quickly changed his anger to mercy:

– When the child is born, I will leave my wife, and we will get married, the main thing is that until then no one will know that he is from me. Ok?

The girl again believed empty promises, chose a name for the future baby, looked after the vests, but the happiness did not last long.
The child was stillborn, Vyacheslav broke off relations with Anya forever and vowed not to enter into relations with students.

After this terrible tragedy, the girl graduated from the institute, but for a long time she did not want to communicate with anyone, closed herself in and became a loner. Acquaintance with Alexander and the efforts of her friends allowed her to return to normal life and forget about the past.

Anya did not know that her son was alive, Vyacheslav’s brother, Dmitry, who was giving birth, replaced the child. He did not like this idea initially, but he did not destroy the family.
On the day when Anna gave birth, an alcoholic from the next ward had a dead baby, which was given to the girl.

Little Yaroslav had a difficult childhood, his mother constantly forgot about him, often there was not a crumb of bread in the house, all the money was spent on alcohol. Only the grandmother, who was living out her age, cared about the boy.
The dysfunctional mother kept waiting for the old woman to die, and the apartment would go to her. But the woman had good health, which saved Yarik. Lyubov Ivanovna scared the Hope that if she did not work and raise her son, she would not get an apartment.
The grandmother died when the boy was four years old. Since then, his life has become more street life, his mother forced him to beg. Easy money allowed her to quit her job and not get out of binge drinking.

The rare caresses of his mother prompted the boy to beg more often and more diligently, he tried in every possible way to earn the love and praise of a woman who did not need him. More and more often, Nadezhda put him out the door, handing him a piece of bread, the child sat in the entrance or on the playground and waited for him to be taken home. Sometimes the mother, carried away by drinking companions, completely forgot about her son and he had to spend the night on the street.
Neighbors often complained to the district police officer, the guardianship authorities came, the woman promised to improve, became an exemplary mother for a couple of days, cleaned the apartment, cooked, and then returned to her usual lifestyle.

The second pregnancy, unexpected, like the last time, gave her the dream of maternity capital, but fate decreed otherwise.

A strong flu a week before the birth weakened the body, complications began. Fellow drinking companions called an ambulance, the driver of which was Alexander. The woman was taken to the infectious diseases department, but neither she nor the child could be saved. The girl died a long time ago, which caused sepsis, the depleted body simply could not cope.

The doctor came out of the operating room in a cold sweat, in the woman who had just died on the operating table, he recognized the alcoholic to whom he had given Anya’s son five years ago.

The elderly nurse asked:
“Did she die?”

Dmitry just nodded.

– You look… And there’s her son sitting, still quite small. I asked what he was doing here, he said I was waiting for my mother. Poor child, I’ve never seen life, and here you are.
Dmitry rushed to the window and saw a thin boy who, through his fault, existed in such conditions. A shiver ran through his whole body, and he hurried to retreat to his office.

The older brother had been living in Germany for a couple of years, he did not plan to return, he did not remember about the child. That evening, Dmitry called his wife and said that he would be late at work, and then opened a bottle of alcohol.
The kind nurse put Yarik to sleep in her back room on the couch, told a fairy tale and gave him tea. The boy was already asleep when Alexander came to Vera Semyonovna to talk. The man did not expect to see such a guest, the old woman told everything she knew, added only that Dmitry Alekseevich should be asked what to do with the child.

– Sasha, maybe at least you’ll go to him, eh? It’s a pity for the kid.

Alexander entered the chief physician’s office and saw him drunk for the first time. Dmitry Alekseevich recovered for a long time and tried to understand what Sasha needed, and the loan offered him to sit down and began to repent. Unknowingly, he told the driver everything he had been silent about for many years.

– It’s eating me, Sasha, I can’t bring him home, Vyacheslav won’t forgive me, and my people won’t understand.

– Who is his real mother?

– Anya Kovaleva, she was a student when Slava started to spin his novels with her, she’s so beautiful, young. I don’t know where to look for her.

– But I know, – Sasha said quietly and headed back to Semyonovna’s back room.

– I’m taking the kid, Vera Semyonovna. I’ll take him to his family.

– Sasha, he doesn’t have anyone, I told you, the father is not installed, the mother died, what kind of family are you going to take him to?
– To mine.

So Alexander stood with the boy in front of the sobbing Anya. She saw how much Yaroslav looked like her and Vyacheslav.

“My dear son,” the girl whispered through her sobs.

The boy stepped up to her, put his arms around her neck and began to cry.

Yarik was sleeping in his new house, and Sasha and Anya sat in the kitchen all night long, hugging each other, discussing everything that had happened.

– Sasha, I’m such a fool, forgive me! How could I think that? How could I not believe it?

The man looked at her with a look full of love and hugged her, Anya felt for the first time in many years that everything was in its place. The children were sleeping, Yaroslav was quietly snuffling and smiling, the husband was there, and what else is needed for happiness?


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