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On a wonderful Saturday morning, Marina was over the moon with happiness. After all, today the dream of her whole life will soon come true, she will become the wife of a wonderful man, a real fairy-tale prince who descended to her, a simple and unremarkable village girl.

Another couple of hours and a strict aunt in the registry office will send them together with Mikhail on a long journey together, where there will be a place only for happiness, loyalty and love. She heard Misha desperately struggling with tricky questions and tests from the witness to happiness outside the door in the courtyard. The groom successfully coped with all the tasks and opened the way to the heart of the bride. The young people, glowing with joy, tightly holding hands, walked across the yard to the wedding car waiting for them, decorated with bright ribbons and lots of balloons, but near the gate itself, nose to nose, they ran into a young woman who entered the yard with three children. Marina did not know her and therefore looked questioningly at Misha, who was standing gloomily looking down at the ground, and meanwhile the woman was looking at her fiance with hatred. Until finally she said:

– I think I made it in time…

A moment later, she told a terrible story from which Marina’s legs gave way and she collapsed senseless to the ground…

…Mikhail, a 30-year-old handsome man with burning black hair, mischievous brown eyes, fit, muscular, tall, was the limit of many girls’ dreams, which he knew very well and it flattered him terribly. Thanks to the increased attention of the female sex, the man felt like a real macho.

Now, sitting on the bus with a small travel bag, which he carefully held on his lap, he anxiously looked out the window, constantly looking back, as if expecting a chase.

– Yes, no. You’ve already traveled far enough, they won’t find you here,” he reassured himself.

Meanwhile, the black earth plowed fields flashing on both sides of the road as the bus moved were replaced by rare buildings and finally a village appeared ahead, the roofs of houses flashed. Here’s the store, the post office…

“Well, I’ll get them off here. The place seems suitable to start a new life,” Misha thought as he got off the bus.

But it was necessary to stop somewhere. Looking around, the man saw an old woman sitting at the bus stop. It was Anna Nikolaevna, a local pensioner living alone in a large house. The children left who went where, and the husband died many years ago.

– Hey, Grandma, can you tell me where it would be possible for a visiting decent person to rent a room for a high price? – he asked, laughing merrily.

There were plenty of free rooms in her house, and the extra money would have been very useful to her, but she was suspicious of strangers who so unexpectedly appeared in their quiet settlement. She looked incredulously at the man dressed up like some kind of gentleman and said:

– Where are you going to be such a nice person from? What are you looking for in our area?

After thinking for a moment, Mikhail said in a sad, trustworthy voice:

– Don’t worry, Grandma. I’m a young guy and I won’t offend anyone, but I came here running away from grief. My parents died in a car accident, my life was completely gone in their apartment, where every little thing reminds me of the past. I woke up in the morning and saw my mother and father having breakfast in the kitchen, I saw them everywhere. It became unbearable for me to live like this, I loved them very much. Therefore, I sold the apartment, and I went where my eyes are looking in the hope that distance and time will heal my crippled soul.

“Oh, what are you talking about, you’re still a lad with everything, and you’ve already had some misfortune,” Anna Nikolaevna replied sympathetically. – Well, let’s go, I’ll rent you a room. I’m just a grandmother. I don’t demand much from the guest, just look, don’t be naughty. I love silence.

“Don’t worry about that, Grandma, I’m not-not on these issues,” Misha said, making a meaningful gesture with his hand at his throat.

– You’re a good guy, it’s a pity fate beat you, but that’s nothing. That you don’t drink well done, our girls will be glad of that. We have a lot of good girls, but only trouble with the lads.

From this news, the man’s soul immediately became light and cheerful.

“It seems like a lucky one,” he thought, walking behind his barely hobbling grandmother.

Mikhail’s room turned out to be small, but very cozy. First of all, the man securely hid his bag in the closet. From which he put a hefty wad of money in his pocket.

After settling in a little and taking a break from the road, Misha went to explore his new place of residence.

“Oh, it’s beautiful here. Here it is the real Russian nature,” he thought with admiration, walking along a wide winding street along the steep banks of a wide river.

There was a forest in the distance, there were many lakes very close by, and most importantly, until he reached the center of the village and he met several very pretty girls, whom he greeted joyfully. And he even asked for a phone number from a couple.

“Today it will be necessary to visit a local club, where you can get to know all the local girls,” Misha made the decision and once again congratulated himself on a successful coincidence.

Everything worked out very well for him…

…It was getting late. Marina put on her best outfit and, having put on a marathon, looked at herself in the mirror with satisfaction. It reflected a small, but very beautiful 25-year-old girl. She was immaculately slender, and her long, almost waist-length, wonderful hair did not fall very straight down her back. Her posture was amazing, thanks to numerous classes at the ballet school, where her father had taken her since childhood.

The phone on the girl’s desk rang.

– Yes, hello! Nagy. Of course I’m ready. I’m going out now, we’ll meet right at the disco.

Mikhail looked around the local club and shook his head doubtfully.

“Isn’t someone really going to this hole? Some kind of stall 7 by 8 with chagrin,” he thought as he entered a rural entertainment establishment.

But he was upset for nothing. Today was Saturday and there were some pretty girls gathered there. Of course, they could not help noticing such a handsome man as Misha, because it was not often that a stunning city man came to their God-forsaken village. A real dandy, an intellectual, at the same time he was sober as a glass. He did not smoke and was extremely polite and considerate. Their ardent girlish hearts immediately melted and kindled sympathy for such a wonderful guy. The girls could not even think that they could get such a chance in life, and after all, the place where they lived was completely isolated. Such handsome men never came here, and the local guys mostly had completely different interests than family and children. Therefore, the ladies were ready to fight for the right to meet with Mikhail.

Marina was also at the disco that day. Of course, she noticed a new figure of their rural life and this figure has sunk into her stick, lonely girlish heart and it seemed to her that the man reciprocates her. He danced with her the most, said a lot of compliments, told her that his parents had died and circumstances forced him, a successful businessman, to sell their apartment and temporarily leave. To seek solace in this wilderness, but time heals and soon he will return back to the city, because there he has his own company and his own large apartment. It seems he was telling the truth, the girl herself saw a large sum of money from him when Misha paid for ice cream and a cocktail for her.

Closer to the morning, he even accompanied her home to the envy of the others. Marina was hoping that he would call her, but the competition was too high.

Mikhail, sitting in his room, spread out pieces of paper with the girls’ phones in front of him, there were four of them, but he did not know which one to choose. Outwardly, he liked Marina the most, but what is she like? That was the question. But it seems it can be solved simply. A wonderful idea came to Misha’s head…

He left the room and went to Anna Nikolaevna, who was just busy in the yard. Seeing Misha, the old lady greeted him and offered him a cup of tea in the gazebo. This offer was just right for the man, he wanted to discuss his new acquaintances.

– Well, Katyusha is a prominent girl, but she wags her tail too much. Nadia is a very nice girl, her mother is a milkmaid, she is on our farm, she brings up alone. Vika lives in the city, works as a nurse, and Marina graduated from university, her father paid for her studies in Moscow. Yes, for some reason she did not like the metropolitan life, so far she has returned home. Well, she doesn’t have to worry about money, because her father is her first farmer in the region. He doesn’t regret anything for his daughter.

Thanking the caring old lady and smiling slyly, Misha returned to the room and dialed Marina’s number. Now he knew exactly who to choose.

The girl was insanely happy when he invited her for a walk in the evening. She was firmly convinced that such a pure person could hardly call anyone else from the rivals, which means he chose her.

From that day on, the couple was now constantly together. Misha surrounded the girl with incredible care and attention, not a minute passed that he did not say some kind word to her. Marina was just drowning in his tender embrace and realized that she was hopelessly in love. She fell in love with a man to the point of pain in her heart, but it was a sweet pain that she wanted to indulge in with pleasure.

She introduced him to her parents and they also really liked such a gallant and courteous gentleman who could provide for their daughter and give a good future.

They were terribly upset by the story of the death of Misha’s father and mother. They were very much imbued with and sympathized with the man.

Soon Igor Valentinovich, her father offered the poor man to move into their house and be a dear guest in it, why should he live with strangers if he had already asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage and in three months a wedding was scheduled, which they were all looking forward to…

…Evgenia was finishing washing the dishes when she heard the phone ring. It was her best friend Sveta.

“Hello,” she began, somewhat anxiously and uncertainly. – I didn’t dare to tell you for a long time, because it’s very painful for you to remember the past, but still I think you should know.

– Oh, my God, what else happened? I’ve been through so much already,” Zhenya said, upset.

– Don’t you understand? I went to my aunt’s village last week and who do you think I saw from afar with a girl on my arm? Misha! Can you imagine, it turns out he’s going to marry her next Saturday. The whole village knows about this poor young man, a tough businessman who lost his parents and came to improve his shattered health. I feel so sorry for this girl, because she’s from a rich family and doesn’t know who she’s messing with.

Zhenya is still strong from unexpected news. After saying goodbye to her friend, she began to think about what she should do. With every passing minute, her determination to expose the scoundrel and, most importantly, to return what belonged to her grew like a snowball.

The woman cried all night remembering her past life, which seemed so happy to her until a certain moment, which his fiancee will soon find out about.

“No, I won’t let you ruin another life. You will answer for all the pain you have caused me!” – she thought firmly in fury, squeezing her weak female hands into formidable fists of retribution.

Early on Saturday morning, Zhenya took with her three children, who, thank God, were already old enough to understand everything, went to the bus station. After 3 hours, the bus took them to the very locality in which everything turned out so well for Mikhail. The house in which the celebration was planned was not difficult to find at all. Evgenia didn’t even have to ask anyone about the address, she saw a wedding procession very close to the bus stop. Seething with anger, the woman called the children after her, firmly headed for the gate. Opening it, she came face to face with a cheerful and contented bride and groom, and smiling maliciously, Evgenia said:

– Well, dear didn’t wait, did you? And I found you!

Mikhail was ready to sink through the ground. He did not expect that the woman with whom he lived for 10 years, who gave birth to three children from him and who, like a damn, worked from morning to night providing him with a comfortable existence, because he was too dear to work, would find him.

And Misha loved to eat delicious food and dress well. Therefore, as soon as the problems of working in a large company, where she worked as the head of the financial department, did not begin, and the woman was fired, suspecting embezzlement. He quietly, while she was sobbing, tried to prove at work that she was not to blame for anything, packed his things and took a large sum of money, all the woman’s savings, without explaining anything, but only left a note and ran away. In the note, he mockingly thanked her for the years he had lived and said that he was leaving to seek a better fate. Zhenya was amazed by his vile act, she reproached herself for having blindly believed Alphonse all this time, who had not worked a day in his entire life. Who only wanted her money… Who dumped all the care of the family on her weak shoulders, and he only occasionally walked with the children while she worked, cooked, washed and cleaned, and now he left her carefree with three children without a single penny.

Eugene was so disgusted to see Misha, she hated him as much as she loved him. She did not report him to the police about the theft of money and did not file for alimony, God is his judge, the woman thought. Soon she found a new job, the emotional wounds began to heal. Therefore, after learning that Mikhail decided to break another heart, she made the only right decision. She told the whole story to Marina and all the assembled guests.

When Egor Valentinovich heard her, a simple village peasant grabbed his failed son-in-law by the breasts and dragged him to the room where he lived, where he forced the scoundrel begging everyone’s forgiveness to return all the money that he had left. Fortunately, there was almost the entire amount, as the young man loved to live at someone else’s expense. And then he threw the bastard into the gutter. The whole village laughed at Mikhail getting out of it, completely plastered with sewage.

It was a hard blow and disappointment for Marina, but time and love with a really good person cured her. With Eugene, they became friends, she already had a new happy family at that time. But the woman still fell on alimony, and in order to pay them, Misha had to get a job as a janitor in one of the city parks, since he was not adapted to any other work, and the young handsome man did not want to go to jail, because luck turned away from him and rich women blinded by love did not come across him anymore…


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