Grandmother and grandfather

Grandma and grandpa

When I got pregnant with my daughter, our parents were very happy, as it was the first granddaughter for both of them. My mother-in-law even said that she would take a vacation at work for May (I have to give birth at the end of April) to help me with washing, ironing diapers, walking, etc.

Throughout my pregnancy, my husband’s father teased him, calling him a “brakodel”. In my understanding, it was not funny and not smart, especially knowing that my husband dreamed of the first boy, and we will have a daughter.

At the end of April, I gave birth to my daughter, we were discharged home five days later. Upon arrival, at the moment when the husband picked up his daughter, he just melted. Only at first I was afraid to hold her in my arms, and then he helped me with absolutely everything, and bathed, and swaddled, and walked. He ordered car plates for the stroller, made the wheels illuminated, in general, I calmed down, he did not see happiness without his daughter.

Meanwhile, the mother-in-law went on vacation, she has a big one, almost two months. In all this time, she has not come once!!! No, I’m not blaming her, I coped perfectly on my own, especially since my husband helped me a lot. I just didn’t understand why you took a special vacation for this time and before the birth of your granddaughter, almost every day she said how you would come and help. Why spray words? For what? Even when we were walking with my husband, with a stroller, around the town, they drove past us and only honked at us… There was nothing else… Although no, I’m lying… Once they stopped, took a stroller, made a half-circle around the town, at rush hour, when everyone was walking, and there were a lot of people on the street. Ten minutes later they called and said they had to go urgently. Explain it to me? Maybe I really don’t understand something? For me, it was pure show-off!

Maybe I’m counting incorrectly, what do you think?


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