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My mother-in-law bought us an apartment, but issued it to herself

I love reading this column and recently read a story that reminded me of mine, well, right like two drops of water. However, my situation is even more terrible. Listen up!

I met my future husband at work. When he got a job with us, I already worked there for a while. I immediately noticed that he was looking at me in a special way, giving me all kinds of signs of attention. All the girls kept telling me about it, and I pretended not to notice anything. I didn’t like him at all, I wasn’t looking for such a man, and I didn’t dream about this. Although all my girls from work claimed that such men do not rush. But I didn’t want anything.

Lenya is a calm, balanced and decent person, but I need a completely different person. Besides, I love a completely different type of man. He was many years older than me, I didn’t want to link my fate with such a person. Moreover, I had an unsuccessful experience of such a relationship. I dated a man who was several years older than me for several years.

Nothing good came out of this relationship. Apparently it was the age, because our interests did not coincide with him at all. I was afraid of the same thing here.

Then I found out that Leni has a separate apartment. Don’t think that I’m so calculating, but I’m so tired of living in a rented apartment or with my parents that this fact made me take a closer look at him. I know stories when young families start living with their parents, and it doesn’t matter whose.

Disagreements begin very soon, conflicts that develop into problems between spouses. That’s what I’ve always been afraid of. I’ve always wanted to start a family once and for all, have a bunch of kids and live my family apart from everyone. I understand that there is no life without problems, but everything can be solved if there is respect and mutual understanding.

In short, as soon as I found out about the housing, I began to look closely at it. And when he asked me out, I immediately agreed. I ask you not to judge me strictly, because I always wanted to have a fiance with an apartment, since I didn’t have my own. I have been living in the city for several years, but I have not been able to earn money for separate housing, although I have always earned well. I’ve always lived in a small town and dreamed of living in a big city. I have done a lot to make my dream come true, I have some savings, but I have not been able to earn money for a separate apartment yet. And with such prices, how can you buy it? And now I find out that Lenya has a nice apartment, and in the center, and even with furniture and repairs. You don’t judge me too harshly, I just wanted my own corner. But I would never have married if I didn’t like him. He was a very reliable person, with a great sense of humor, kind and loyal. That’s why, after weighing all the pros and cons, I agreed to marry him.

I introduced him to all my relatives, we went to my city specially with him. All my relatives were crazy about him. We got married, and soon a son was born.

Several years have passed since that time, I have never regretted my decision. One day I told him that I really wanted another daughter. I say that let’s give birth, especially since we have our own apartment. And then he revealed the secret to me. As it turned out, the apartment is not his, but his mother’s. She bought it before we met and signed it up for Lenin’s father. They did this so that in the event of a divorce, the spouse would not receive anything. That’s what far-sighted people are!

My husband calmed me down, and I couldn’t think of anything else. I understood that we were nobody in this apartment. His parents can sell it at any time or demand it back. Especially since my husband also has a sister. How can I have another baby? I’m not sure about tomorrow.

What should I do? How to behave now with his parents? All my plans collapsed in one moment!


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