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My mistress is my wife’s own sister. For 18 years I’ve been walking on the edge of a knife, but I can’t do anything about myself

Have you ever been in love with two people at the same time? So in love and obsessed with their love that they could not make a choice: which of the two to connect their lives with?

I am 48 years old, as a man I am quite successful: I have my own business, which brings me a good income, a loving wife, two children of the weather, a big house, a business class car and a fluffy elite breed dog. Before the pandemic, I vacationed abroad every six months with my family or friends, traveled half the world, and saw many countries.

But there is one big “but” in my biography – I have a mistress. I, like a normal man with my income level, should have a mistress, it’s customary in my circle, this is the truth of life! This woman is a member of our family, I often talk to her at the family table on holidays or weekends, she is my wife’s sister. Yes, I’m a fool to fall in love with my wife’s sister, but I can’t help myself. With my capabilities, almost any woman would agree to become my mistress, but I chose my wife’s blood sister, which I very often regret.

It all started about 20 years ago in the spring. I was just starting my own business, opened a small company and was recruiting employees. Kristina came to me to get a job, but I didn’t take her to work: I needed someone with experience, and she just graduated from a higher educational institution. In the evening I called her and invited her to a restaurant. Even at the interview, I realized that the girl liked me, so she gladly agreed to my offer.

So much time has passed, but I still remember our first date to the smallest detail. Kristina came to the restaurant in a red tight-fitting dress and black high-heeled shoes. That evening we sat in a restaurant for a very long time, drank wine, talked about life, and at some point I realized that there was a woman sitting in front of me with whom I want to live until the end of my days. It may sound very pretentious, but I fell in love, fell in love with a young, smart, gorgeous brunette with an inner core and charisma. We haven’t been apart since that day.

Kristina introduced me to her parents a few months later, but her sister Maria was not present at the meeting. The girl studied in another city and came to her hometown very rarely. From Kristina’s conversations, I realized that Maria is her complete opposite: a rebel with a frivolous character. Masha had conflicts with her parents, who condemned her lifestyle, so the girl practically did not come home.

For the New Year holidays, Kristina and I flew to Thailand, it was there that I proposed to the girl, we planned to get married in the summer. I met her sister Maria just a couple of weeks before the wedding. Due to problems with her studies, the girl was forced to take a sabbatical and return home to her parents. Kristina was very angry with her sister, but tried to support her.

Masha is the complete opposite of my wife, she is such a “light and airy” adventurer who is ready for any adventure. Unlike Kristina, she is not afraid of what others will say. The girl lived to the fullest and caught a buzz from every moment.

I met Masha at the beginning of the summer, they lived together with Kristina at their parents’ dacha. We had to go to the cafe to approve the final menu and the number of people who will be at the wedding, I stopped by for the bride. I went into the territory of the dacha, heard loud music and saw this picture: Maria in a swimsuit, if of course these three stripes could be called a swimsuit, was dancing near the gazebo. I stood rooted to the spot and didn’t know what to do, the girl had her back to me and didn’t notice me. Kristina saved me: she turned off the loud music and called out to her sister.

– Masha, come into the house and get dressed, please, Lyosha has arrived.

Maria turned to me, looked at me appraisingly and said so that her sister wouldn’t hear:

– Oh, you’re nothing, an appetizing option, – then she winked and ran into the house to get dressed.

After 5 minutes, the girls left the house.

– Now you can get to know each other normally, meet this is my younger sister Maria.

I lightly shook the girl’s hand, and she squeezed it back with all her strength. Falling asleep that night, I thought about Maria, since then I have felt a secret attraction to her, but I knew with my brain that nothing good would come of it.

I was lucky: after the wedding I did not meet Maria, and in the fall the girl went back to the city where she studied. She rented an apartment, got a job, she never returned to study – she transferred to distance learning.

My business was gaining momentum, we bought a new spacious apartment and were going to move, Kristina got pregnant. We planned to rent out our old one-room apartment, but my wife asked us to wait with the delivery for now. Maria had some problems, she wanted to return home, but she categorically did not want to live with her parents, she asked her sister to live in our apartment for a while. We had no problems with money, so I agreed that Maria would live in our apartment for free.

We have already moved, but not all things have been moved to new housing. I arrived at the old apartment, opened the door with my key and entered. Masha came out of the bathroom in her underwear, with a towel on her head. She walked into the corridor, seeing my surprised face, calmly said:

– Hi, did Kristina forget to tell you that I have already arrived? Come on in.

– hello. Could you…, – I began to stutter looking at the girl.

– Come on in, I understand you, I’m going to put something on myself now – she laughed and went towards the closet.

I took the box of things and left, but Maria returned to my thoughts and dreams again.

Everything started spinning literally in a month. The faucet broke in the apartment, and she called me to call a plumber or fix it myself after work. Of course, I volunteered to fix it myself. That very evening, all my secret desires came true.

I helped Masha get a good job, bought her an apartment and a car. My wife knew that her sister at one time met with a married lover who helped her financially. She did not approve of her behavior, but she did not realize that this lover was me.

Masha still got married, gave birth to a child, but we still meet with her, though much less often than before. During these 18 years of a double life, I wanted to break this vicious circle many times, there were moments when Masha tried to cut me out of her life. Ten years ago, we had such a fight with a girl that she threatened me that she would tell her sister everything if I didn’t leave her alone, but I didn’t let her go.

A few years ago, my wife began to guess that I had a mistress, even put an ultimatum that she would leave me if I didn’t come to my senses. But Maria came to the rescue, talked to her sister and helped me save my family.

Sometimes I think what would have happened if I had married Maria instead of Kristina: what would my life be like? If you combine Christina and Maria together, you will get the perfect woman, the sisters complement each other. I understand that I am walking on the edge of a knife, and if I only stumble, my life will be destroyed: my wife will leave me, she will hate my sister, and family ties will be destroyed, my children will not forgive me, but I can’t help myself, I have loved them both for many years and I don’t want to to let Maria out of my life.

And how do you like this story? What just doesn ‘t happen in life…


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