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My husband drowned

Marina and Vitaly were unloading the last bags from their brand-new car, which they had recently purchased. The woman looked lovingly at their new luxury property and looked at her husband, who was dragging all the bags like a camel, quite and without partiality, said:

– Isn’t it nice, Vitalik, that we finally have our own car and apartment? I’m so tired of running around on removable, you can’t even imagine!

The man , in turn , looked at his wife with tenderness and adoration and replied:

– Yes, now Marinochka, we can afford something. My mother left me a lot of money. At least we’ll live like people now, otherwise I worked hard and hard, and still there was only enough money for the most necessary things. Oh, if Ivan were alive, he would be able to share this joy with us! Well, why did he climb into this lake on that boat, what kind of fishing did he need, why? I don’t understand, because he could barely swim, he must have been drunk.

Tears welled up in Vitaly’s eyes. Ivan was his twin brother, in whom he doted, but more than a year has passed since he tragically died. At the mention of this, Marina already shuddered – for some reason she could not stand it when her husband remembered his brother.

– Dear, you should finish your memories of him, it makes me sad and sad, because I also adored Vanya. You and him are so different! Fate ordered it that way, you can’t change it anymore, you need to move on!

With these words, they entered the entrance and climbed the stairs. Vitaly lowered his eyes down, sadly walked ahead, suddenly, unexpectedly, he came across a man hurrying down. When the man looked up at him, both of them were stunned. Bags fell down the stairs, right under the feet of the still unsuspecting Marina. None of them expected such a turn of events.


Marina met Vitaly when she was a first-year student at the university, then a kind guy paid extra for her in the student canteen. The girl, as if for evil, did not have enough small things for lunch, but she was terribly hungry, because she was raised by one mother, besides a lover of drinks, so she had to live only on a scholarship, which disappeared catastrophically quickly. Seeing that she did not have enough money even for a plate of soup, Marina was very upset, it seemed that she was about to cry, she wanted to eat so much.

– Well, what are you a girl there, will you take or not?- grumbled an evil fat barmaid, glossy like the buns she was selling.

Marina frantically rummaged in her purse, trying to find at least some other trifle, although she knew perfectly well that it was not there. She always tried to hide money from her mother, because she was constantly rummaging in her purse in search of money for drinks, but today, her head was busy with the upcoming exam, so she completely forgot about precautions. Looks like she’s going to have to go without lunch today. Suddenly the guy standing in line behind her put money on the counter and said:

– This is for the girl and the same for me.

A minute later, they were already chatting merrily sitting at a table and eating a full meal. Vitaly, seeing how hungry she was, since the soup disappeared in the blink of an eye, decided to treat her with something else.

– I didn’t think that girls could be so hungry, it used to seem to me that they only eat yoghurts, and you seem ready to eat a whole bull, – he joked at her.

Since then, they began to see each other almost every day, the guy really liked Marina and from now on he was constantly waiting for her in the dining room, then in the library, then somewhere else, making these meetings seem random, since he was very timid and shy.

The girl also liked Vitaly, but for a completely different reason – he had money. At first she just wanted to eat normally, but every day the girl’s appetites grew. To achieve them, she herself invited Vitalik to meet, because she wanted so much to escape from her musty dorm, where she saw nothing but her mother’s eternally swollen face. Of course, the guy was still too young and not experienced to earn a lot of money on his own, but Marina saw great potential in him, besides, he had a fairly well-off mother at a rather old age. True, he also had a twin brother, the guys were like two drops of water, also a contender for his mother’s inheritance, but apparently it was deaf there, his brother was still a reveller, the perfect opposite of Vitaly, so his mother had already told him more than once that she would not leave a penny for such a buffoon, so how he will immediately release them for entertainment.

So several years have passed in pleasant meetings. Marina was already graduating from university, tomorrow she had to take the last exam. A new interesting life and new opportunities were waiting for her ahead, because yesterday Vitaly offered her to become his wife. Besides, his old mother was already dying, which means that soon all her money will flow into her hands, because Vitalik adores her and will fulfill all her whims, it remains only to use it skillfully.


Her mother slowly entered the poorly furnished room, which had been asking for at least some repairs for several decades. The woman had already been drunk in the morning and therefore was in high spirits.

– Well, my daughter, will you pass the exam tomorrow and fly like a cuckoo away from your home? She was filled with empty, drunken laughter.

Marina was terribly disgusted to see her mother in such a state, but fortunately it will all end soon.

– Mom, you know that it’s not nice for me to see you in an obscene state, because you’re ruining your life!

But the woman just waved off her daughter and fell asleep on the bed with a hangover. Sighing heavily, Marina continued to study.


Very soon she and Vitaly got married. It was the most gorgeous event in the girl’s life. The groom’s mother was not stingy, because she had only a few days left, so she wanted her beloved son to remember this day forever. Ivan was also at the wedding, even Marina hardly distinguished the brothers, they decided to play the bride, but still the trick failed, although if she had not known about the twin brother Vitaly, then perhaps the joke would have gone out well. The girl looked with concern at how warmly the brothers communicate, how attached they are to each other. It seemed that nothing could separate them. But already at the wedding, a terrible plan crept into Marina’s greedy head, and the fact that Ivan now lived alone abroad was in her favor, it only remained to wait for the right moment to bring it to life.

Days passed. The girl finally moved out of the hated hostel. Vitaly adored his wife, working like hell to earn money for their happy life, but unfortunately there was not enough money yet, so the young family had to live in a rented apartment. The guy’s mother was very bad and was living out her last days. Before her death, she called her son and said that she decided to leave all her money to him, since there is no hope for Ivan, he walks abroad, has fun and only squanders money, and does not remember his mother at all, only calls every day, but he could have been like Vitaly, near her.

A couple of days later, the old lady was gone. The guy was heartbroken, Ivan immediately rushed to the funeral. No matter how he was a reveller, however, he loved his mother very much and would never have left her alone in a difficult situation, but the old woman did not need his help at all, she just wanted both her sons to be there and resort to her at the first call. But Ivan was an adult and created his own destiny, especially since he was offered a pretty good job abroad. Just before his departure home , Vitaly shook his brother ‘s hand firmly and said to him in front of Marina:

– You Ivan, don’t worry, as soon as I enter the inheritance rights, I will immediately give you half of the property, because we are brothers, which means everything belongs to us in equal shares.

– Don’t worry about it, brother! Let it be as my mother decided, I don’t pretend to anything.

– You drop it Vanya, it will be fair and just!

– Well, as you know, you’re stubborn as an ass not to convince you!

With these words, the guy picked up his light suitcase and left.

As soon as he disappeared from sight, Marina decided to have a serious talk with her husband. As insinuating as possible , she began:

– Vitalik, did your mother leave you a lot of money?

– Well, how to say, a lot is not enough, but we would be able to get our own good housing, and we would still have a comfortable life for the rest of our days.

A greedy girl who has lived in poverty all her life just had her eyes lit up with greed, while not a kind light flashed in them.

– And what did you say about giving half to Ivan? Don’t you think it’s worth respecting your mother’s decision? After all, she decided to leave everything to you and considered your brother an unworthy heir.

Vitaly hugged his wife and told her for a long time about his love for his brother, about justice and affection and that he could not do otherwise. Marina realized that as soon as her husband receives the money, he will immediately give part of it to Ivan, she could not allow this in any way, she did not get married just to give such money.


A few months later, when the pain from the loss of his mother subsided a little and Vitaly was already busy with the paperwork for the inheritance, the girl decided to put her plan into action. Having arranged a romantic candlelit dinner, she was waiting for her husband from work. He did not take long to wait. And at the end of a pleasant event, she started a conversation on the topic she needed. Sadly, but rather coquettishly, she said:

“Honey, you and I didn’t even have a honeymoon. It was always the wrong time, but now I think we can finally break out! I warn you right away no objections are accepted! After so many trials, you and I deserve a little rest. I’ve already bought vouchers. We’re leaving in 3 days. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you in advance, I wanted it to be a surprise for your birthday.

Vitaly couldn’t even object, his wife was absolutely right. All this time they have been doing nothing but endless chores. A week later, while her husband was happily splashing in the sea, Marina locked herself in the room and mysteriously smiling, picked up his phone. She chose his brother from the list of contacts. After a couple of long rings, he picked up the phone. The assumed gaiety immediately flew off the girl’s face. This time it took on a pained expression. Sobbing, she started a conversation:

– Hello, Ivan, there is such a grief here! You know we’re on vacation. I was sunbathing on the beach and didn’t notice how I fell asleep, Vitalik was swimming. When I woke up, he was nowhere to be found. Oh, my God-it’s all my fault! I pulled him out for this vacation! The girl was literally hysterical, breaking the comedy.

Seriously worried, Vanya was asking what had happened.

– My husband drowned. They searched for him for two days, but they never found his body. I can’t stay here any longer and I’m going home. I was so sick that I couldn’t even call you. I’m already at the airport, no need to come, I can handle it myself! If I find out something, I will definitely call you back.

While Ivan was grieving in grief, Marina’s face again assumed a contented and cunning expression. After that, she took her husband’s phone, erased all his contacts from memory and, for greater persuasiveness, filled the device with water, making sure that it did not work. Half of the work was done, now it remains only to wait for the spouse from the beach.

Taking out the drops from her purse, which she had purchased in advance, the girl dripped her eyes, now her tears were natural and poured down like hail. Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait long for Vitaly. Anxiously, not finding his wife on the beach, he hurried to the room. On the bed, he noticed Marina upset and all tearful. Rushing to her and sitting down on his knees next to her, he asked about what had happened. Then the scoundrel began her false story again:

“Oh, my dear!- she screamed, – I forgot the sunscreen, came back here and then your phone rang, I wish I hadn’t answered the call. It was Ivan’s girlfriend, she told me a terrible story. A tragedy has happened! Vanya went fishing, the boat was found, but he himself is not there! Vitalka, your brother drowned, that’s what a grief! She says she barely found your number and if she calls back again.

The man rushed to his phone, but it didn’t work.

– It was I who dropped it into the water out of surprise. I’m sorry, but I left my number with that girl, so don’t worry.

To say that Vitaly was shocked and heartbroken is to say nothing, the guy did not understand one thing, why his brother went fishing, if he had never done this before. He kept trying to personally go to look for his brother, but Marina managed to convince him that there was no need for this and that they were looking for him and would definitely inform him if they found the body.

The rest of the vacation was irrevocably ruined, or rather, there could be no question of any rest. Soon they returned home. Now it was necessary to end the sale of the inheritance as soon as possible, otherwise Ivan could appear here at any moment and then it would mean the failure of the entire operation. Thank God that my husband did not remember the passwords from his social networks: his phone was damaged, and the notebook where it was written down by the girl also destroyed it beforehand.

Marina also told her husband that she simply could not live in this city anymore, where everything reminds Vitaly of his mother and brother, and therefore the best way out would be to sell everything and move to a new place of residence. It cost her a lot of work to keep in touch with Ivan, because he called her every day, asking if there was any news about the search for her brother. But anyway, he had to live on sedatives for a whole year, until finally the pain subsided, Ivan stopped calling, and the property was finally sold and with a large sum of money, she and her husband moved to another city, where they were going to start a new life.

But fate decreed otherwise. Ivan decided that life abroad was enough for him and decided to return to his homeland together with his girlfriend. It was hard for the guy to go back to live in his hometown, because everything there will really remind him of his past life. The kind young man rightly reasoned that it would be fair if all the property of the tragically deceased brother went to his grief-stricken wife, and after all, it was also his mother’s will that nothing should go to him, and Ivan revered and loved her very much, he was just restless since childhood, she in old age reasoned it completely in a different way. Therefore, the young people chose another locality for life, and it had to happen that it was the same city that his brother chose, moreover, they began to live in the same house, it is clear that there is still some special connection between the twins – they feel each other much stronger.


When the brothers saw each other, they almost went crazy with joy, they stood right on the stairs hugging and sobbing, telling each other what had been happening to them all this time. With every word of his brother, Vitaly became more and more gloomy. He already wanted to lower his vile wife down the stairs, but when he turned around, she was already gone, she was fleeing from there at full speed.

Very soon the girl found herself in the same place where she had been all her life – in a hostel next to her dissolute mother. Marina didn’t have enough tits in her hands, she coveted a crane, but she lost everything. The brothers, having moved away from the shock, having divided the inheritance, managed to build their happy life next to those who needed them simply for what they are in the world.


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