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Tamara Petrovna straightened a gray lock of hair and smiled. She’s in a great mood today. She is waiting for her son Olezhka to visit. He lives side by side – in the next entrance.

The woman has already changed her eighth decade, so her son bought her a one-room apartment in his house. Now nothing prevented them from seeing each other often, which made her very happy. After all, the years are no longer the same: then the heart will catch, then the pressure will rise. And so, suddenly that the son is always there.

Only one circumstance saddened the elderly woman: the son is divorced from his wife and lives alone for a long time. Thank God that the children did not have time to appear in two years of family life, otherwise the soul would also be sick for the grandchildren.

The son studied to be a lawyer. After studying, he got a job as a leading specialist in a law firm, earns well. Everything would be fine, but I’m not lucky in my personal life. That’s how Bobyl lives, he won’t meet his soulmate in any way. Tamara Petrovna sighed from her thoughts and went to the kitchen to cook her son’s favorite oatmeal cookies.

An hour later Oleg was already standing on the threshold of the apartment. Without undressing, he hugged his mother and his gaze fell on a slender girl who was saying goodbye to the hostess. She quickly left the apartment, saying hello to the guy on the go.

Oleg looked at his mother in surprise.

– Is that a neighbor? Or have you got young girlfriends in a new place?
– He himself found me a cleaner to help clean the apartment. Have you forgotten and are you asking? Tamara Petrovna remarked with surprise.

– Ah, – Oleg slapped his forehead, – from the agency. I’m completely exhausted. Here is a paradox – they send me aged workers, and those who are older – young ones. In my opinion, it’s a blatant injustice,” the son joked. How do you like her? Do you like it?
– I like it. A good and modest girl. And also economic, fast and cleans cleanly. Can I redirect it to you? I don’t mind the elderly staff either.

– It’s starting. You’re at it again! How many times have I said that it is unnecessary to woo me. I’ll deal with my personal life myself,” Oleg muttered discontentedly.- Pour the tea quickly, because I have to run to work.

– Match you up! The woman pursed her lips resentfully. Burned yourself on your Light, so blow on cold water all your life? There are good girls, but you just don’t come across them. For example, why didn’t you like this one?

– Yes, at least by the fact that the cleaner! So a girl without ambitions and a real purpose in life. She is young and healthy, and she waves a rag at other people’s apartments. You need to respect yourself more! Oleg spoke indignantly and suddenly stopped under the stern gaze of his mother.

– Where is the gap in your upbringing? How can you judge a person you don’t know at all and have seen for the first time in your life? – I met her, and she told me that she was studying at the university at the Faculty of Law. The fate of the girl got a hard one. She grew up without a father, her mother raised her alone. And she also has a little sister. And Marisha not only receives an increased scholarship, but also earns extra money in the evenings. And you call that a lack of purpose? Tamara Petrovna said in frustration.

Oleg pouted. Here’s another one, she was scolded as a little one in childhood for disobedience. Admits he jumped to conclusions. But he was so struck by the beauty of the girl! It suddenly became annoying – such a beauty and a cleaner. The discrepancy is complete!

Having learned from his mother at what time Marina comes to clean, Oleg decided to see the young cleaner again. The following Friday, he paid a visit a little earlier.

While the woman was busy in the kitchen, he secretly looked at the girl. She really worked so fast and smoothly that the honed movements from the side resembled a kind of ritual dance to restore order.

Tamara Petrovna unhurriedly put three large cups and sockets for strawberry jam on the table. She decided to invite Marina to the table. The girl had just finished cleaning and was getting dressed in the hallway. I had to invite her several times and almost force her into the kitchen, where her son was pouring tea.

Marina really looked mesmerizing: slim, with smooth dark hair and mischievous green eyes.

A conversation began slowly. Oleg asked the first question:

– You are studying at the Faculty of Law, and why are you not looking for a part-time job in your specialty? – For example, our firm requires the services of a lawyer.

– It’s too early for me in my specialty, – the girl answered firmly. – I want to feel like a highly qualified specialist, not a flawed employee. Now I study a lot, I read. Therefore, for physical development, I found a simple job instead of going to the gym. I earn money to help my mother and my head is resting from studying,” she added.

“Well done, my daughter,” Tamara Petrovna supported her. – There is no need to be ashamed of any work. Oleg carefully looked at the flushed girl.

– You’re a smart girl, but it’s better to practice in our institution. I can help with the direction. This will help you in your future work. Contact us,” the man advised.

When Marina left, the son and mother sat in the kitchen for a long time. They were both silent. By Oleg’s confused look, the mother saw that he liked the girl very much. And I didn ‘t want to interfere: “Let him decide for himself. Look how her eyes are burning, she hasn’t seen her son like this for a long time.”

Time passed. Gradually, tea drinking on Fridays became a mandatory ritual. The trio were having fun drinking tea from large green cups.

– Let’s figure it out for three? Oleg joked, sat Marina next to him and drowned in her green eyes. They could talk about any topic: about Oleg’s working days, Marina’s classes and Tamara Petrovna’s illnesses.

One evening the mother asked Oleg:
– Well, how long are you going to drink tea with a girl here? Maybe it’s time for you to invite Marishka to a restaurant instead of the kitchen?

– Mom, I don’t recognize myself, I don’t know how to do it. It’s kind of awkward for me.

– Oh, and brought up a mumble, – the woman was upset. – Invite resolutely at the first opportunity! – the mother’s order was unconditional and was not subject to discussion.

But when the next Friday came, the girl did not come. The cleaning company called and said that another employee would come to clean. The girl Marina took an urgent vacation.

Oleg was very upset, which did not go unnoticed by his mother. He even refused to drink tea. He sat for five minutes, handed over a bag with a grocery set and went home with a frown.

Ten days later Marina returned. She shared that she had to go home for a few days for family reasons.

When the girl went into the kitchen on another Friday, she was surprised by the festive table set.

– What are we celebrating? – she asked in surprise.

– The year I have lived. Yesterday I aged another year, and we celebrated my birthday. The company is small: my son and I and the neighbors opposite. Now you will have to finish eating for a long time,” the elderly woman sighed deliberately.

– Your birthday? What a coincidence… – Marina laughed. – And I celebrated the day before yesterday. They were born almost on the same date. I will definitely give you a gift.

– As a responsible man, I invite you to a restaurant, – Oleg decided. – Let’s celebrate two events together.

Tamara Petrovna, in order not to interfere with the young couple, decided to cheat a little.

– I support a good event, but go, dear, without me. I have a headache, probably the pressure has risen due to the weather.

After going to a restaurant, Oleg and Marina started dating. Their romantic meetings lasted about two months. Gradually, sympathy turned into mutual love. One evening Oleg accompanied Marina to the hostel. At the very door, he gently hugged her and kissed her.
– Darling, be my wife. I can’t live without you. When you suddenly disappeared, I was very afraid that I would never see you again. I almost lost my mind…

– Marry a cleaning lady? You didn’t like it, did you? Marina laughed happily.

– It doesn’t matter to me now. I only want to be with you. I want a cleaner… and the cook, and the wife, and the mother of our future children…

– Wow, how many requirements. Will I be able to cope? – the girl smiled again, snuggling up to her beloved.

– You are such that you can do anything! And I will always be there for you, and I will help you in everything…

Five years of happy family life have passed. The couple work together in a law firm, raise a son and daughter. Marina has become a qualified and in-demand specialist.

The family does not use the services of housekeepers. Marina copes with any homework herself, and of course with the help of her husband. And sometimes Oleg calls her by the affectionate nickname “beloved cleaner” in memory of their casual acquaintance.


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