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Intimate photo in mom’s phone

I am fourteen years old and recently a story happened to me that I am embarrassed to talk about with my girlfriends. I’ve been thinking for a long time who to turn to. I think it’s stupid to ask a psychologist for advice in this situation, so I decided to turn to the World Wide Web. Maybe someone else has been in the same situation, especially at my age, and will tell you how to treat it and what to do.

In general, recently I took my mother’s phone, I needed to get on the Internet, because my phone was discharged. Mom was in the bathroom, but I didn’t even ask permission because I didn’t think she had anything to hide. I wanted to click on the browser icon and accidentally stumbled upon the gallery. That’s where I saw some intimate photos.

Mom took a picture of herself without clothes, naked to the waist. I still haven’t chosen a single opinion and I don’t know how I can put up with it and how to calmly treat it. When she came out of the bathroom, I told her that I had taken the phone, told her why I needed it, but of course I couldn’t admit what exactly I saw. And why…

Now this situation seems to have traumatized me for a long time. I do not know if I need to worry about her or is this a common occurrence among adults? After all, she should have her own life and it doesn’t end with me. But it would be much easier for me if someone helped explain her act from the point of view of needs and psychology.

My dad left us a few years ago. Mom loved him, really loved him. But something there they did not get along. As my father said, they just didn’t get along and it happens. I have no complaints about him, he tries to visit me when he comes back to our city. And also regularly sends alimony to me on the card. In general, I am generally satisfied with our relationship with him.

As for my mother’s personal life, I know that she fell in love with a young man not so long ago. But as for whether they are together or not, I do not know. I have to strain my ears when she communicates with a friend to keep up with the latest news. I know it’s not good, but I’m worried about her, and she doesn’t really tell me anything. As I understand it, they seem to be dating now, but due to a number of circumstances they are forced to make a secret of it.

A couple of years ago, she already had an unsuccessful experience in a relationship with a man who was still married at that time and hung noodles on her ears, saying that he would soon file for divorce, but all the time there were reasons that stopped him before that. Then the wife will get pregnant for the second time, then the younger child will get sick, then the older child will go to the first grade.

Mom was tired of waiting, they regularly had quarrels and breakups. But in the end, this man made a choice far from in favor of my mother, having tormented her and frayed all her nerves before that.
The result of that breakup was mom’s depression. She withdrew into herself and I didn’t hear a word from her about a new relationship anymore. I’m afraid that that guy, like an undisclosed man, may not be decent and will merge her photo into public access. And then Mom will be even more hurt, plus she will be ashamed. I don’t know if I should talk to her about what I saw.


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