Gray-haired elderly woman

I’ll never forget you

Lyudmila Mikhailovna had a hard time in life. The woman was widowed early. When my husband died, my little son Vadik was barely eight. As it often happens, the spouse did not think about health at all. I smoked a lot, and then I started drinking regularly. But he brought money to the house. Vadik hardly remembered his father. And this is not surprising.

The man spent most of his time at work. During the day he worked at the construction site, and at night he guarded the warehouse. There was no time for a child on the weekend. The main thing is to sleep well.

Lyudmila forgave her husband’s addiction to alcohol. After all, he was a hard worker, not like the husbands of his girlfriends. They will come home, and immediately on the sofa. And women in two or three jobs are spinning. Yes, they also have time to do the housework.

The tragedy happened unexpectedly. The man did not complain about his well-being. And suddenly, right at work, he had a heart attack. It was said that the watchman that night was not alone, but in the company of a young woman. It was she who called the ambulance. Such rumors caused the widow great pain. But what can you do? The dead are not condemned.

Left alone with a young child, Lyudmila did not know what to do. Her apartment was quite large – as many as three rooms. I got it from my parents. It was expensive to pay for such an area. I wanted to change into two rooms. I would also take an additional payment. But then she changed her mind. Soon my son will grow up, he will decide to get married. Then it will be cramped in a two-room apartment.

Both relatives and compassionate neighbors tried to woo her. The men responded willingly. The spacious living space attracted the grooms very much! And Lyudmila just waved it off. She didn’t need anyone.

So she lived by herself. It was difficult, but I coped. My son grew up good, smart. Graduated from the Institute, got a job. And then he brought a nice modest girl into the house.

– Mom, meet Irina, my future wife.

Lyudmila was very glad to have such a daughter-in-law. A good, decent girl, studying at the pedagogical institute. Soon he will receive a diploma, get a job teaching at a school.

After the wedding, the woman moved into the smallest room – Vadik’s former nursery. And the bedroom and the large living room were at the disposal of the young couple. Every morning they went to work, and Lyudmila Mikhailovna took up household chores. Cleaned, washed, cooked. And so the whole day. But her constant troubles were not a burden. Not to sit with the money near the entrance?

Then Seryozha was born. After being on maternity leave for two years, the young mother returned to work as a teacher. And the grandmother looked after the child. Worries, of course, have increased. You can’t walk away from a nimble boy! Lyudmila, though tired, did not complain about life. After all, we need to help the young.

Irina proved herself at work, and soon she was promoted. The girl became a head teacher. But this is not the limit. An elderly headmistress, who was going to retire in a few years, was preparing her for her successor.

It is not surprising that the strict teacher became quite proud. At school, she commanded the students, and at home – an elderly mother-in-law. Either she cooked the soup the wrong way, or she didn’t iron the sheets. The woman tried not to contradict. “Ira gets tired at school, obviously. Nerves give up from naughty children. That’s why he breaks down,” she justified her daughter-in-law, sighed and returned to business.

But age gradually took its toll. I felt weak, dizzy, and my memory often failed. Lyudmila no longer had enough strength for household chores. She would like to lie down, rest, but little Seryozha pulls for a walk. And then it’s time to cook dinner.

And then one day a naughty boy was running around with friends in the yard. Lyudmila sat and watched. When Seryozha finally ran away, his grandmother took him home. At the very door, the woman caught herself:

– Oh, I forgot my bag on the bench! And there are keys, and wallet, and phone!

I rushed out of the entrance, but the bags were gone. What can you do, we have such people. Well, at least there was a little money, but the phone is old, inexpensive. I decided to sit outside for a while, wait for Ira to return. “I’ll get them from her,” Lyudmila Mikhailovna thought and remembered the bank card lying in her purse.

What to do? I need to call my son urgently. He’s young, let him figure it out. She herself will not be able to block the card.

Alarmed, Vadim arrived about twenty minutes later. I immediately called the bank, and it turned out that the money had been withdrawn. Lyudmila Mikhailovna wailed loudly, followed by Seryozha burst into tears. Vadik sighed and calmly said:

– Okay, that’s enough, nothing serious has happened. We’ll buy a phone, change the lock, restore the card. Let’s go home, drink valerian, lie down. And I’m going to work.

In the evening of the same day, Vadik and Irina were discussing something animatedly in the kitchen. Lyudmila went to the door and listened.

– I understand everything. It’s your mom. But you know, it’s time to admit the obvious. You can’t trust her with an earring. Today she forgot her bag, and tomorrow she will lose the child somewhere. And it’s dangerous to leave it in the apartment. You never know what he’ll do! It will flood the neighbors, it will let the gas out. Something has to be decided.

– Ira, what are you doing? Who doesn’t happen to? Have you never lost your keys? And the phone is brand new, my gift, remember, I forgot it in the minibus. Didn’t Seryozhka run away from you in the store? Well, all right, let’s give it to the kindergarten. But do you think the teacher will be better to monitor than her own grandmother? – Vadik spoke with indignation.

– I have friends in kindergarten, we will give them to a good group. It’s time for Seryozha to communicate more with his peers. And there is one more idea…., – and then Irina lowered her voice completely, so that it was impossible to make out the words.

Saddened, Lyudmila returned to the living room and sat down heavily on the sofa. Seryozha was spinning nearby. Seeing that the grandmother was sad, the baby ran up and asked seriously:

– Baba, are you leaving us?

– How am I leaving, granddaughter? the woman exclaimed in bewilderment.

– Mom said that we will change the apartment, and you will leave. Only I didn’t understand what “change” is.

Lyudmila’s heart jumped in surprise, but she didn’t show it. Why upset the child?

– Don’t worry, granddaughter, don’t worry!

– Baba, don’t leave us, please, – the excited kid deftly climbed onto the sofa and hugged granny tightly.

At the same moment, screams came from the kitchen. Ira, who had reached hysteria, shouted that she did not want to live like this anymore. Her husband does not love her and does not consider her at all.

– Wow! Lyudmila gasped in fright, “I must have interfered with her a lot. Well, it’s probably true, it’s better for us to change. I will live out my life alone, and let them come to visit.

An old man who is unnecessary in the family is a common thing. But for some reason Lyudmila did not believe that this would happen to her. She went to her room, cried for a long time, and suddenly felt dizzy. The old woman woke up already on a stretcher. I heard the terrible word “stroke” and lost consciousness again.

Painful weeks in the hospital dragged on. Vadik – well done. He came to his mother often. But the woman could not talk to him – the disease affected speech. In response to her excited mooing , the quick – witted son replied:

– Everything is fine with Seryozha, don’t worry. Everything is fine in kindergarten. He’s really waiting for you, he misses you.

Fortunately, intensive treatment helped. Over time, the woman recovered. She began to walk slowly, and before discharge she began to speak clearly. She told Vadik that she would agree to a change. But the son resolutely declared:

– Well, no, Mom. I won’t leave you alone.

Lyudmila sighed with relief. “Is Ira no longer against everyone living together?”. And then came a terrible thought, “And maybe Irina thinks that I don’t have long left. So he doesn’t want to exchange the apartment. She will have a three-room apartment.”

Now it wasn’t Grandma who was looking after Seryozha, but he was looking after her. The attentive kid followed Lyudmila on her heels. He reminded me to close the door. He knew where he was hiding his glasses. On the street, I diligently watched my bag, wallet and phone. But he didn’t say anything to Mom and Dad. It was their secret. “That’s what my granddaughter is like! Serious, independent,” Lyudmila thought with pride.
One day, passing by the kitchen, a woman heard snatches of conversation:

– You see, your mother is getting worse and worse.

– And what?

– Like what? It is necessary to determine it somewhere so that it is under supervision.
And suddenly a ringing voice came from behind the door:

– I won’t give Grandma away, I won’t give her anywhere, do you hear!

Then the door opened abruptly, and Seryozha, who flew out of the kitchen, rushed to hug Lyudmila.

– Baba, I’m with you. Don’t be afraid, no one will hurt you.

The elderly woman sobbed loudly, and Vadik felt ashamed.

Another year has passed. My neighbor Lyudmila Mikhailovna died quietly in her room. I wanted to go say goodbye. But Vadik asked to look after Seryozha – so as not to take the child to the funeral. Well, that’s probably right.

– Well, Seryozha, are you going to first grade soon? I asked the quiet kid. He nodded silently and continued to fiddle with the toy, a large multi-colored robot. And then suddenly burst into tears.

– Tell me, is Grandma not coming back?

– If you remember your grandmother, she will be there for you. Always.

– Really? I will never, never forget her,” the loving grandson said confidently, and I felt better.

I hope that growing up, Seryozha will retain his kind character. He will be an attentive husband, a caring father, will not leave his parents in trouble. Of course, it’s not easy with old people. That’s why many people can’t stand it. It’s a pity that it turns out this way in life.


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