Sad poor girl

The cursed name

On a warm spring day, a girl appeared in the world of people. Like all newborns, she didn’t have a name for a while. But the moment came and she was rewarded with a combination of letters linked into a word and the word then became hers. It could have brought success and peace, but a curse was creeping behind the name with a quiet tread.

A poisonous shadow lay on the genus of people named the same as our heroine. Death and misfortune overtook everyone who received a set of letters in the same order as a gift.

Girls died in childbirth, got drunk, their children were stolen from them and they themselves were sickly and weak. Husbands were cruel to the bearers of that name and often left their families not only with the help of a strong-willed decision, but also at the behest of death. The girl’s mother knew that. She was very angry when her father gave such a terrifying name to their baby. The mother did not want to call her child a cursed and death-bearing name, but the husband had already told everyone about the choice and it became inconvenient to abandon it. People will talk too much. Therefore, I had to put up with it and issue the documents.

The girl herself did not know that her name was dangerous. And how could she know the history of the family. But the mother’s fear, mixed with dislike, the child absorbed along with the milk.

The curse was coming on the heels and made itself felt a little bit. The girl was scolded for everything, beaten and put in a corner. The demon of the curse possessed the mother and fulfilled the prophecy of misfortune. No one knew the evil sorcerers who started this grief. Who cursed that name many years ago? And why does it bring so much pain now? There were no answers. But there was a name. And the name gradually began to seem ugly, simple and alien to the girl. She didn’t know whether to love him or hate him. The mother said that if you take a new combination of letters, then life will change, the girl will start a new path.

And already being a young girl, the daughter called herself by various nicknames and tried to hide from the evil fate of the name Tatiana. But that didn’t solve the problem. Misfortunes rained down on Tanya’s head along with illnesses. At school, she was often in trouble, scandals at home. The prophecy of the cursed name came true every single day. Self-loathing grew along with the desire to leave this planet.

At the age of 17, Tanya decides to die. Endless pressure at home. At Uni, too, not everything worked out. Love is a complete misfortune. The one she considered a friend turned out to be a traitor, a racist and a nationalist. Therefore, she condemned Tanya for her friendship with everyone except Russians (she was Jewish herself). And our Tanyusha was in love with a Tajik boy. They met when they bought a bioethics test (as if you yourself always passed everything honestly). He never fell in love with her, and her friend ate up all the baldness with dislike. And in order to make Tanya no longer be friends with foreigners and even more so not to love a Tajik, she told her friend’s mother in all colors (brazenly lied) that her daughter was hanging on men and even more so on foreigners (what a horror).

Mom’s demon inside, of course, was covered by such news. The shouts and accusations began. Mom waved her hands in front of her daughter’s face, who shrank into a chair in horror. How tired Tanya is of all this shit.
Simple hugs with acquaintances and friends turned out and turned into dirt, and the mother believes it. Of course, then the girl did not think that the problem was in the cursed name. But I assure you, the name is to blame for everything and only it.

At night of the same day, Tanya deleted all her pictures from the computer, took photos hanging on the walls and pushed them under the bed. The movements are monotonous and confident. I opened the kitchen cabinet and started unpacking the pills. She was caught doing this by her younger sister. But Tanya threatened that if she said something to her mother, she would cut her neck with a scalpel (which she pointedly waved while saying all this). My sister went to bed. And she did the right thing. A bloody show was avoided.

Having collected a decent handful of pills, Tanya began to stuff them into her mouth and pour water. The gag reflex quickly came up and everything climbed back in an assertive wave. The girl pushed the vomited mass back and swallowed with effort. She pushed until the white goo stopped crawling out of her. I washed my face with water and went to bed. She wasn’t sorry or afraid. My head became cloudy. My tongue was numb. Darkness.

In the morning Tanya opened her eyes. Heavy head, dry mouth and nausea. And most importantly, she was disappointed. Not a drop of joy from waking up. The plan to die has failed and you need to live this damn life again. She drank yogurt and decided to seek medical help since she was alive. Mom said nasty things to her daughter again after learning about her poor health (Tanya had just been given braces at that time and mom thought that the whole problem was in them. I thought that they were put in vain. Well, of course, the trouble is in them, and also in the name.). Tanya’s regret for the failed self-destruction increased a hundredfold. Later, Mom found out about what happened that night. Tanya was a little pitied, but was informed that she was shaming the family with her actions. Well, such words greatly encouraged the girl and her depression.

The life story of our heroine is full of sadness and constant walking on the edge of death. A few more times the girl will make attempts to leave the planet Earth, but each time someone will stop her. She will meet toxic men. He will tolerate moral and physical violence, will hate himself and even lose a child. She will destroy herself and reject the help of those who really care about her. She will lose faith in goodness. She will be waiting for death on every corner and will begin to be afraid of it. Isn’t that what Mom prophesied when she was afraid of the name “Tatiana”? The curse was working at full power and there seemed to be no way out.

But one day, the girl touched the word “psychology” and it began to pull her out of all the trashy curses. Step by step, Tanya got out of the viscous muck and refused to eat shit with spoons.

However, the heaviness of the name and dislike for him remained. Having fallen ill with angina once again, she decided to get rid of this disastrous combination of letters. Her parents did not interfere with her decision. Mom was in favor with both hands.
Tanyusha was overjoyed that her family supported her in this and rushed to get rid of the curse with all her might. Replaced all possible documents. And she became Yvette.
Many people reacted calmly to this, but someone decided to insert their five kopecks and waste Yvette now. People called her crazy and said that she did not respect her mother and father, since she made such a decision.


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Sad poor girl
The cursed name

On a warm spring day, a girl appeared in the world of people. Like all newborns, she didn't have a...

On a warm spring day, a girl appeared in the...