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A sad story

Dasha lived with her grandparents from early childhood, she was two years old when her parents divorced. After the divorce, Dasha was taken by her father after he found the girl alone locked in the apartment, her mother left for some business of her own, leaving the girl alone, at that time the father came and took the child and told his ex-wife that Dasha would live with him, this was decided to avoid the procedure with the court.

Then the father started a new family and Dasha was taken by her father’s grandparents. My mother also got married and saw Dasha very rarely, and then completely stopped visiting her. She had two children from her second marriage. While still at school, Dasha decided to go to her mother, when she came to her, she met Dasha quite coldly, at this meeting Dasha felt that her mother was not happy with her, did not hug her, did not ask how she was living, talked to her like a stranger. She left her mother depressed, realizing that her mother had cut her out of her life, she was hurt by the thought that her mother did not accept her as a daughter, for this meeting she was preparing with a sinking heart to see a loved one – her mother. All classmates had mothers and Dasha suffered from the fact that she did not have a mother and this meeting finally put a seal of bitterness on her child’s psyche. True, they did not live together with Dad, although they did not see each other often.

When Dasha was fourteen years old, she met an adult man and began to live an adult life with him. Their relationship lasted more than two years. During this time, she had to go through everything, he used to raise his hand to her drunk, when he beat her up again, Dasha ran away to her grandmother and never returned to him.

After serving in the army, Vladimir returned to his hometown, got a job at an auto repair shop where he and a friend worked as a car repair mechanic before the army. A friend still worked in this workshop.

Somehow it so happened that a friend and his girlfriend introduced Volodya to a girl, it was Dasha. Dasha Volodya immediately liked and they began a relationship. Volodya had his own studio apartment, and they lived there. For about a year and a half everything was fine in their relationship, but then Volodya accidentally found out that Dasha leads a double life. She lives with him, and when she has a day off, she goes to her home in another city where she used to live with her grandmother. As it turned out later, she had another boyfriend in this city and she came to him. So Dasha used these two guys. Having started her independent life early, she learned to manipulate men for her own benefit. Volodya liked Dasha very much, he even thought of proposing to her and told his parents about it. Parents were happy because they really liked Dasha.

After learning about Dasha’s betrayal, Volodya decided to talk to her and find out everything.

Dasha told him-I was choosing between you who would provide me better, with whom it would be more comfortable for me to live.

– And how were you going to build your life without love – asked Volodya – a family is built on relationships, but as I see you only benefit.

– You are so naive, love is only in the movies, the fish is looking for where deeper and the man where better – Dasha replied sarcastically.

– Well, since you have such a life position, – Volodya replied, – our paths diverge with you, you have one candidate for husbands, I wish you happiness, – he said and left saying goodbye.

In his soul, after an unsuccessful love, there was an unpleasant aftertaste and it must somehow survive. For a long time he was worried about such treachery of his beloved girl, it was his first love. The seeds of the betrayal of the beloved girl were scattered in his heart.

Our story ends at this stage, maybe there will be a continuation of this story someday, it’s in the future, but so far there are only a few questions left.

Why does such a young girl have such prudence, because nature lays in young hearts a stormy passion of falling in love at least once in a lifetime.

As the father and grandmother allowed the child to cohabit with an adult man, they admitted that the man seduced a minor teenager, maybe at that time there was a turning point in the child’s soul.

Where were the guardianship authorities?

There are a lot of questions, but unfortunately there are no answers.


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