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I swear honey, that was the last time

– That’s it, Masha, I swear, dear, that was the last time, – Mikhail said when his wife met him after fishing with a suspicious look.

After going into the apartment and throwing his huge fishing trunks on the floor, he sat down wearily on a chair and sighed heavily.

– Again, probably, I didn’t catch anything, – the wife smiled unkindly. – That’s why you say that.

– No, that’s not why, – the husband said stubbornly.

– You’re lying again…

– Honestly. You have no idea, Masha, what a sad thing fishing is. You sit in a rubber boat, look at the nod, and like a crazy person you are waiting for a bite. And the fish – as luck would have it – does not bite. There is beauty around, the sun is shining, the waves are splashing against the side, and your soul is sad. Do you think when she will bite? She exhausted my whole soul, this fishing…

– So why do you go to it? – the wife was surprised by such an unexpected revelation of her husband. – You start checking your boat like a zombie every Friday, these stupid fishing rods.

– So I’m constantly thinking about you at the same time. Mikhail looked sadly at Masha. – I wanted to surprise you with a big catch so that you could eat plenty of fresh fish.

– Am I hungry or something?

– Anyway, it’s useful when fresh fish. They say that phosphorus, which is in it, is very necessary for the female body. He makes women have beautiful hair, and all that…

– Well, okay… – My wife finally smiled. – If it was the last time, then good. I will not be upset about this anymore. Did you catch anything at all?

– Yes, just one thing. Pike. – Misha took out a three-kilogram pike from a rubberized bag. – Here she is, a beauty. Come on, cook something delicious out of it for dinner. I will eat my own caught prey for the last time.

– Okay, fisherman, I’ll get busy now, – his wife nodded. – I went to the kitchen, and you go change.

– Mikhail went into the other room, listening to what was happening in the kitchen.

Five minutes later, as he had expected, there was a gasp from the kitchen:

– Dear moms! Misha, Misha, come here quickly!

– What is it? – Mikhail responded, then unhurriedly went to the call of his wife.

An open fish lay on the kitchen table, and the wife, completely stunned with delight, stood and looked at her open red palm.

– Did you hurt your hand? Mikhail asked for order.

– Look what I found inside the fish! his wife held out her hand to him.

Mikhail looked closer and saw a ring with a blue stone on it.

– Wow, you! – he exclaimed with mock joy. – So, the men didn’t lie to me!

– What do you mean, they didn’t lie? – Masha went to the faucet, opened the valve and began to rinse the ring. – And it’s golden, Misha! Gold… And the stone seems to be a sapphire…

– That’s right, sapphire, – Mikhail confirmed, scratched his head, then repeated again. – Yes, the men did not lie…

– Why didn’t they lie? Don’t be silent, speak up.

– Oh, Masha… Yesterday we dropped anchors in such a place, where, they say, two hundred years ago some merchant drowned a huge treasure. He was taking him somewhere in a big boat, or rather, on a longboat. And to his misfortune, a storm has risen, and this boat – take it and turn over. Local fishermen told us such a legend.

– And? – the wife froze. It was obvious that she was terribly interested in this story. – Tell me, what happened next? Did the merchant raise this treasure from the bottom of the river?

– What are you? Mikhail grinned. – There is a depth of fifteen meters. How was it possible to get it in the old days? There didn’t seem to be any divers back then. But now the local men catch fish every now and then in this place with such surprises inside. Now I’m lucky too. Yes… it’s a pity I’m done with fishing… I remember that place… You know, I’m very good at navigating the terrain. And, they say, one fisherman has already brought home rings in his stomach five times. Two rings – huge and with diamonds. His wife is happy. Now she herself is constantly fishing for her husband.

The wife, as if spellbound, put the found ring on her finger, admired it and said:

– Beauty… and why did you quit fishing? Well, big deal, just caught one fish? But – what!

– You won’t catch one every time, – Mikhail sighed

– Every time you don’t have to. Even if you get lucky once a year, it will be great. You say someone has already been lucky five times? And what are you, worse or what?

Mikhail smiled happily.

– You mean you won’t be upset if I go fishing often?

– Why be upset? Masha shrugged her shoulders. – A man must have some kind of hobby in his life, right? It’s not like he has to wipe his pants at home, is it? A? Am I right? So listen to your wife, Misha, don’t give up your fishing. Moreover, phosphorus, it turns out, is very useful to me…


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