Boy and girl playing

Boy and girl were friends

Boris and Annushka have been together since childhood, and Tolyan is with them.

Three friends are inseparable. And after all, the boys are everywhere, they are on the roof and she is with them, the boys are fishing, Annushka too.

At school, everyone studied in the same class, Borya and Annushka were excellent students, Tolik was a three-year student, but this did not interfere with their friendship in any way.

Three men in a tank and a dog, that was their name. The dog really was, Tobik, a big white dog with black spots.

He followed the guys everywhere. If you see the tail sticking out of the bushes like a caral, then the inseparable trinity is there, inside, either eating raspberries or building some kind of insidious plan.

Time passes imperceptibly, so the guys imperceptibly turned from children into teenagers.

Boris promised to grow up handsome, already at the age of fourteen he was driving girls crazy with blue eyes and a pitch forelock.

Annushka also stretched out, rounded in all places, from a big-mouthed girl with two pigtails, turned into a cute, cute teenage girl. She didn’t promise to be a beauty, but she was pretty cute.

Tolyan grew up a red-haired, lop-eared, angular teenager. The guys still continued to be friends together, as they got older, everyone began to notice that Borya was mostly with Annushka, but Tolik was still somewhere nearby, together with Tobik.

-Borka, well, stop preening yourself, – Tolik danced on the spot with impatience.

They say the Semenovskys will come, I saw them break dancing last time, uhh, I wish I could learn,” Tolyan pulls enthusiastically

– Hmm – Boris hums mockingly, laying his wavy forelock, – what’s a straight break?

– Yeah, – Tolyan nods enthusiastically, – nizhny, wow, how they twist

– We’ll see, – Boris pulls, – we’ll see. Why hasn’t Annushka come yet

– No, come on, this Anka. Let’s go together, well, why is she always hanging around with us?

– Awesome? Go take a look

Annushka came a little tinted

I stole the paint from my mom,” Tolyan spits. – smeared, prYntessa. He’s a little jealous of Borka for Anka, what she’s clinging to.

They are men, they may need to talk, but here this one is stuck like a bath sheet to one place

– Mom said to be at home at twelve, – says Annushka

– Ha, – Tolyan laughs, – everything will only start there at twelve

– Tolya, your mother even told you to be at home at eleven…

Here’s Borya, damn it. Well, he could have kept silent. Tolyan was offended, frowned

– Come on, don’t quarrel. let’s go to the club.

– And no one quarrels, – Tolyan said defiantly.

So she’s Anka normal, well, only she drags around with us everywhere, too, already tired. A minute later, when Annushka took the boys by the arm and they walked towards the club, Tolyan already thought that she was like nothing, a normal girl.

Soon the guys grew up even more, quite imperceptibly. Tolik saw that Borka was spending more and more time with Annushka, he seemed to have to step aside, but he didn’t seem to notice anything, he rubbed himself together with the guys again and again.

Tolik has already been teased.

And once Borya told him head-on not to come to the bench today.

– You mean you didn’t come?

– Damn, Tolyan…Well, I want to sit with Anya, just the two of us…do you understand?

– Nope. What’s the deal, with this one, you’ll be sitting, listening to music, and your best friend is on your side, so what?

– Tolyan, why are you so heavy? I’m speaking Russian to you, I want to be alone with Anya! What is unclear?

– Yes, I understand, che.

And Tolyan left with his head down. Borya did not feel very comfortable, he also understood that Tolyan was offended, but he needed to talk to Anya.

Tolyan suddenly stopped, stood for a while, and then after thinking, turned around and walked towards Borya

– In short, – he poked Boris’s chest with his finger, – you can sit alone with Anya today, but then, you will also sit on the bench with me, together, without this one, understand?

– Good, – Borya smiled broadly

– Look, you promised…

– Okay, – Boris laughed

Che came up with this Borka, you see, he needs to talk to Anka, some secrets. So kiss your Anya,” Tolyan thought and stopped…

Is he what? They…Ugh, but how is that? Tolik wanted to run, to shout to them, these two that they were vile, traitors, ugh, nasty.

And without expecting it from himself, Tolik suddenly roared. That’s it, the guy is sixteen years old, and he goes and cries. And why he himself can’t understand.

He came home, locked himself in his room, and lay buried in his pillow for a long time. He wanted to die. Let them come, let them come, and he lies like this. So all beautiful. Mom will probably buy a new shirt. and they cry like that. And Borya, by the way, too, and this one…Anka, the same whines. and he’s lying there, young and handsome.

Mom is crying, sister, dad, grandma and grandpa. Ehh, I feel sorry for my parents and my sister, Natasha. Who will stand up for her now?

And Tolyan began to cry again, out of self-pity. I’m going to die. let them…the boy thinks again. Imperceptibly, he fell asleep.

The next morning, Tolik turns at the mirror, combs his unruly curls

– Mom

– What do you want

– Mom, cut it

– Yes, it doesn’t seem to have grown yet

– Mom, can you cut my hair fashionably?

– How is it fashionable?

– Well, I don’t know, I’m tired of getting a haircut like that.

– Well, go to Yashka, he will cut it

“Can he?”

– Yes, the men go to him, it can be seen.

– No, Ma, and you can give me money, I’ll go to the KBO to get a haircut.

– Kovo? Isn’t he small?

– Well, Mom..

– Come on…

– Mom…

– Well?

– Am I handsome?

– Fie on you, what are you a girl or something?

– Tell me!- Tolik demands

– Well, he’s cute.

– Sorry

– What’s a pity?

“I wanted to be beautiful,” Tolyan said, looking at his nose peeled off in the sun.

– Go drive the geese, handsome

By the end of school, everyone already knew that Borya and Anya were a couple, Tolik somehow accepted this, but still continued to walk with the guys. Of course, he stood tactfully aside while the two were whispering about something.

After graduating from school, Anya entered the institute, Tolik went to the local school, and Boris decided to go to the army first, so that he could safely enter the institute, although he would have done so.

Tolik also wanted to join the army, he even went to the military enlistment office, but they didn’t take him, something with his health. The guy was very upset.

On the way to the army, Borya took Tolyan and asked him to look after Anya.

– Yes, who needs it, your Anka, – Tolik wanted to laugh, but changed his mind and promised a friend to look after his girlfriend. Anka, hung on the Fence all evening and did not let Tolik calmly say goodbye to his friend. It will stick forever…

Borya wrote letters to his mother, Anya, Tolik and Lyubov Georgievna. the homeroom teacher.

I wrote about how the service was going, I wrote to my mother so that she wouldn’t worry. he eats well. he doesn’t mess around with weapons. Lyubov Georgievna, and she taught biology and geography, Borya talked about the flora and fauna he met. Tolik told various stories from army life, and Anka. But we don’t know that.

Only Annushka went happy after these letters.

Boris did not come on vacation, explaining that the service would be a month less.

It remained for Borya to serve a little, as bad rumors about Annushka began to spread.

– Daughter, people are talking about everything, as if you are pregnant, and you have really recovered a lot lately.

Annushka didn’t say anything, just lowered her head and slipped into the room.

And people do not let up, so the rumor reached Borisova’s mother

– Don’t lie!- she said as she cut it off, – don’t touch the girl, tongues will burst.

And then there’s the attack, the holidays were just right, Annushka practically does not leave the room, something is sick, she’s all pale, she can’t eat anything, she’s sick.

And in the evening, Tolik suddenly came with his mother, she drove him into the neck, he stood with his eyes lowered to the floor

– Go, you bastard, – the mother swore at Tolik, – go and fix it…

– Ma, well, I’m telling you, I don’t mind. she doesn’t want to, well…

Annushka’s mother looked at it all and did not understand what was happening

– What’s going on, Klava?

– Yes, Shura. You and I will have a grandson or a granddaughter soon. What don’t you see that the girl is on your way, uuu herod,” she swung at her son

Anya’s mother sat down on a chair. Anya came out of the room pale, with her head down

– Annushka, – mom looked at her daughter with all her eyes, – it’s true. ” What is it ? ” she asked in a hoarse voice

Anya nodded her head and stared at the floor again

– I don’t mind, Aunt Shura, I told her that we should get married, but she resisted. they say Boris should be waited for…

– Boris? – the mother still could not come to her senses, – Boris? Are you An? What do you think that Borka…you’re like this…Oh, my mother-howled, my mother screamed, but why am I being punished like this, and how can I look people in the eye now…

Annushka silently went into the room. The matchmakers, after a little more trampling, left, saying finally that they did not refuse the child.

Klava, Tolikova’s mother, told everyone that her son-in-law knocked up a girl’s brother-in-law, and when they only had time, but she supposedly rested and did not want to marry him. Like, Borya is waiting for what’s going on…

Boris’s mother ordered everyone to be silent, the women were afraid of the sharp tongue of Boris’s mother, and Claudia said that she would cut off her chatty tongue.

-It’s none of your business, I say it in a good way, women, and punish your own, so that no one dares to write to Borya in the army…They’ll figure it out themselves, don’t get involved

Three months later, the soldier returned home. For a long time I talked about something with my mother and father. And in the morning I came to Annushka’s house, knocked and went in. She was standing at the table, hugging her big belly with her hands, a smile on her lips.

Annushka’s mother opened her mouth in fright.

– Hello

– Hello Borya

– Anyut get ready, I’m behind you…

– Yes, of course – the mother stirred up, – where are you, Borya, do not ruin her, do not take a sin on your soul, son, – the woman fell at her feet, -blame me, blame me, did not finish. Oh, don’t touch your daughter…

– Aunt Shura, what are you talking about. I came for Annushka, we are Aunt Shura’s family. Come on, let’s sit in a family way, you’re my mom now.

Two weeks later, Anya gave birth to her daughter Ninochka, named after Boris’s mother, pretty, it seems like she looks like Anya. And two years later, she gave birth to a son Boris, Petka the hero.

Boris did not exchange a word with Tolik, as if there had been no friendship since the cradle, as if a former friend had become an empty place.

Tolik got married a year later, he brought a good, cheerful girl from the village. She gave birth to his daughter, Tanyushka. One in one Ninochka, the girls grew up, no one could tell the difference.

One day Ninochka comes from school, Tolik shouts to her

– Tanya, wait now we’ll go to the store, we’ll buy a birthday present for mom…

– I’m Nina, Uncle Tolya

– Oh, yeah, that’s it…I’m sorry Nina, I’m sorry baby

– But for what?- and ran laughing.

Boris and Anya have been living all their lives, not once has he reproached her with anything. It can be seen that he really loves his Annushka very much.

And with Tolyan, I haven’t said a word in my whole life.

People chatted, chatted, but forgot. That’s why they’re people, to talk.

But the mother-in-law loved her daughter-in-law very much, and her granddaughter, Nina. No one knows what happened then, and why stir up the past already…


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