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You came back late, I’m not yours anymore

He entered the apartment with a suitcase in his hand, made guilty eyes and softly said:

– Honey, I realized that I was wrong. I’m sorry, please.

– What are you, what are you… – she made surprised eyes. – Why are you asking me for forgiveness? Who am I?

– Like who?– He sighed sadly and finally put the suitcase on the floor. – You are a woman whom I have wronged unfairly.

– So what? – she asked.

– Like what? – He was a little confused, but quickly recovered. He certainly knew how to put up with it. – Now I have to make amends.

– Make amends? She grinned. – Is it your fault – is it a cat?

– I don’t understand. – He was confused again. – What does the cat have to do with it?

– It’s not the cat’s fault, it can’t be made up for, – she explained.

– I don’t understand you.

He really didn’t understand anything. Things weren’t going the way they usually did. He often left, then returned, she forgave him, and life began anew. And now something has happened…

– What’s not clear here? “What is it? – she asked. – I agree to forgive you if you pay me… Big money…

– Wait! He looked at her incredulously. – What does any money have to do with it? I came back to you. And I just need you to forgive me, that’s all.

– And who asked you to come back? she smiled a strange smile.

– Again, I didn’t understand you, – he said cautiously.

Then he looked around in confusion, trying to figure out if he got there.

– How incomprehensible you’ve become. – She continued to smile a bad smile. – During this week, you probably had a blackout in your brain?

– Don’t joke like that, honey. – It was all starting to make him angry. – I’m healthy. I’m perfectly healthy.

– Don’t call me cute, – she said sharply.

– Why?

– I don’t like it.

“All right, dear,” he nodded.

– And don’t call me darling, – she ordered again.

– Okay, sweetheart, – he replied uncertainly.

– And even more so, don’t call me your beloved.

– Hey, what is this? – finally, he flared up. – Why don’t I have the right to call my beloved wife my beloved?

– I’m not your wife.

She said this phrase so casually and easily that something fell in his chest.

– How not a wife?

– My passport doesn’t say I’m your wife, – she shrugged.

– But we have a civil marriage, right? – he said, for some reason, uncertainly.

– Where is it written?

– What does it all mean?! His voice trembled like an offended young lady. – We have a civil marriage. Any person who knows us will confirm this!

– There was a marriage, but it disappeared. She smiled that wicked smile again. – Swam and drowned…

– What? The floor swayed under his feet.

– What surprises you? – she asked. – You left me.

– Gone. But I’ve been suffering without you all week. There was so much sadness in his words. – And yesterday I finally realized how wrong I was. And you see, I’m back.

– This time you came back for nothing. Her words sounded like a sentence.

– You mean…

– Yes, that’s it… You’re back, and I’m already a stranger.

Her gaze, indeed, became someone else’s. A complete stranger. BUT he didn’t want to believe it.

– How – a stranger? – he said with the hope that she was just offended, and wants him to persuade her longer.

But her voice was getting colder and colder.

– Just a stranger, that’s all! What’s not clear here?

– Someone else’s – whose?

– It’s a draw. But it’s a stranger to you.

– Wait, so you already have someone?

– It doesn’t matter. And you’re a stranger. You and I are strangers.

– What am I supposed to do now? What is it? – he asked, confused.

– What’s that… Pick up a suitcase, turn around a hundred and eighty degrees, and … look for another…

– Wait! – he remembered. – Didn’t you tell me that I could buy your forgiveness? For money… How much does it cost?

– It was a joke, – she said firmly. – Go away.

He hesitantly took the suitcase in his hand, and looked into her eyes.

– Maybe?..

– No… – she shook her head. – I’m a stranger…

He nodded, and still turned around a hundred and eighty degrees…


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