Beautiful sad city girl

Before and after the wedding

Irina considered herself the happiest woman on earth. She had a beloved husband, a long-awaited child and her own home. From early childhood , her mother said:

– When you get married, forget about girlfriends, gulkas and devote yourself to your family.

And so it turned out. Irina has always dreamed of studying to be a doctor, going to Europe and opening her own private clinic there. Her prospects were very good.

Father’s friend Igor lived in Germany for many years. He was a successful surgeon, a good and understanding person. His son Sergei, her age. After Dad’s death, Igor often called and sometimes came.

– Irishka, you will graduate from the institute and I am waiting for you to my clinic. And when you gain experience, I’ll help you start a private practice.

But these dreams never came true. Being in the third year, Irina met Volodya. He was the most smiling and positive person she had ever met.

– You are my star and joy. – he always said when he saw Irina.

It was love. After a while they got married. And nine months later, little Edik was born. Of course, Irina was not up to studying. She safely abandoned it and plunged into the abyss of family life, forgetting about her friends, fun and finally killing all her dreams about the clinic.

– I’ll have time yet. Life is big. When Eddie grows up, I’ll go to work,” she thought. – I will study in parallel and the whole family will move to Germany.

The textbooks were replaced by diapers. Edik was a restless child. Irina didn’t get enough sleep. She was rushing between the kitchen, the baby’s crib and grocery stores. She didn’t have a single free minute.

– Nothing. I’m strong. Mom was able to and I will succeed. And let Volodya rest. He works. He needs to earn money. And I can handle it.

Every time the baby woke up at night once again, Irina ran to him, afraid to disturb her husband’s sleep. And he himself has repeatedly made it clear to save him from everyday issues.

– Calm him down. I’m already tired at work. I have to get up early tomorrow. Take care of the baby.

Irina went and comforted. She was a good mother and hostess. Despite her busy schedule, she managed to cook food and clean the apartment. Not a wife, but gold.

– Should I sign you up for a salon? – her friends asked her, – you should change your hairstyle and dye your hair.

– no. What are you?! I don’t have time for this. Irina answered, looking at her friends with some envy. They shrugged their shoulders uncomprehendingly.

– Look, take care of yourself so that your Volodya doesn’t run away. – What are you?! He loves me and Edik. He and I are fine. He just works hard and gets very tired.

After exchanging a few words with her friends, Irina again raced along the standard route: grocery, hallway, kitchen, nursery. And so the days went by.

Edik grew up. And Volodya kept moving away. He began to stay at work more often, and on Fridays he went to the bar with friends. They called it “Going for a beer.”

– Well, he’s working. He gets tired. He needs to relax. Irina reassured herself.

Once she became very ill. I came home from the store and felt dizzy. Barely had she managed to get seven-month-old Edik out of the stroller when her legs gave way and her body collapsed on the sofa. My head was splitting, my body ached. It looks like there was a temperature.

– I’ll just close my eyes for a while. Just for a minute. I’ll rest and start cooking dinner. I need to lie down a little.

Closing her eyes, Irina immediately fell somewhere, plunged into sleep. Her husband’s gruff voice woke her up.

– Get up, you sluggard. Why are you falling apart. I came home from work hungry, but at home the ball is rolling. There’s nothing to lie down, cook something to eat.

– Hi, honey. I just lay down for a second. I felt unwell. I think I have a fever.

– Yes? I think you’re faking it. Get up now and give me something to eat. I’m starving.

Irina made a desperate attempt to get up, but a new dizziness forced her to fall back on the pillow.

– Now, honey. I’ll lie down for a while and get up. – Irina was choked with resentment, fatigue and tears welled up in her eyes.

– But what is it? I work like an ox all day long, and you can’t lift your ass off the couch? How tired I am of all this. I’m going to eat with the guys at the bar.

Volodya took his jacket and left, slamming the door loudly. So much so that the old plaster plopped down on the floor in a huge piece. They did not make repairs in the apartment. There was no money for him, then Volodya could not, citing fatigue and busy work.

– Honey, where are you going? But not so long ago you were smiling so sweetly. He called me a star and a joy. The phone rang.

– Greetings to the happy mother and spouse. It was Irina’s mother. She lived in a nearby town and came to visit infrequently. – I decided to surprise you. I’m at my friend’s right now. We drink coffee, chat about this and that. And I’ll come to you right away from her. Is Volodya at home?

In response, Irina only burst into tears.

– I’m on my way.

– Okay, Mom.

Alyona Ivanovna arrived in 40 minutes.

– I immediately realized that something had happened. I took a taxi and arrived. How are you, dear? Irina got up from the sofa, hugged her son crawling on the floor and burst into tears again.

– This is not the happiness that I imagined.

– What happened?

– Mom, I did everything as you said. I dropped out of school, friends, didn’t go anywhere. All my interests came down to family. – Irina burst into tears again.

“God, my girl. What did he turn you into? Alyona Ivanovna sat down next to her and hugged her grandson and daughter.

– Mom, I did everything for him, I spared no effort. But as soon as I got sick, he just ran away.

– Where will he go? He’ll be back.

– Mom. I can’t do this anymore. I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I’m not a servant. I’m a woman. And he doesn’t appreciate it. I don’t understand why he treats me like that. After all, I don’t deserve such an attitude.

– Wait to wail. Everything will get better yet. You’ll see, he’ll come home, make up and everything will be fine. He’s a hardworking guy. Brings money to the family. Calm down. I put up with your father in my time. And you be patient. You have a child. For his sake, be patient.

– I don’t know, Mom. I’m tired.

– So get some rest. Now I’ll run to you for medicines, I’ll make you a cup of tea and you’ll be as good as new.

Irina lay down on the sofa again, handing Edik into the caring hands of her grandmother.

– Look after Eddie.

– Well, that’s good. Have a rest. I’ll look after him and feed him. Everything will be fine. You’ll see.

This evening Alyona Ivanovna stayed the night with her daughter. As promised, she gave her tea, fed Edik and made a bed for herself on a small couch.

– Good night.

– Good night. Irina said softly and looked at her watch. – It’s one o’clock in the morning, and Volodya hasn’t come yet. Maybe what happened?! She tossed and turned on the bed for a long time and fell asleep an hour later.

That evening, her husband never came home to spend the night. Early Saturday morning Irina woke up from a strange screeching in the castle. She got up from the bed, went to the door and listened. Someone was trying to open the lock.

– Hey. Whoever you are, go away. I’ll call the police.

– It’s me. Open it. Did you change the locks or something?

Irina opened the door and her Volodka literally broke into the doorway. His shirt was casually buttoned, his tie hung straight into his pocket, and there was a clear trace of red lipstick on the once snow-white collar of his shirt.

– My God, Volodenka. You’re drunk.

The husband, who had drunk a lot, looked intently at Irina.

– Yes, I’m drunk. So what? Can’t I relax?

– I see how well you relaxed. – Irina said and pointed Volodya to the lipstick trail. Her husband abruptly pulled her hand away.

“Don’t touch me, woman. I’m tired and sleepy.

Swaying and staggering, Volodya moved to the bedroom. At the same time, he slightly touched the couch where Alyona Ivanovna was sleeping. She raised her head and looked at her inebriated son-in-law.

– Bah. Mother-in-law. Sorry.

Ignoring Alyona Ivanovna’s bewilderment, Volodya walked towards the bedroom. There, without undressing, he collapsed on the bed and began to snore loudly.

“How long has he been drinking?” – Alyona Ivanovna’s dream was lifted by hand.

– no. But she goes to the bar with her friends every Friday. – Poor thing. Gets tired at work. He needs to relax.

– Yeah. “Nothing, daughter. He’ll sleep it off and everything will be fine.

– If he oversleeps, he’ll oversleep. But I doubt that everything will be fine.

The apartment was quiet again. Irina found her husband’s phone and picked it up.

– Who were you with?

Previously, she trusted Volodya and never got into his phone, did not check his pockets. But the lipstick marks caught her off guard.

After flipping through several photos, Irina saw her husband in an embrace with friends. They posed against the background of the bar.

“Who’s that?”

About ten pictures showed a buxom blonde. At first she was sitting on Volodya’s lap in the bar. And a few photos later, she was already clearly demonstrating her naked body on the snow-white sheets of the hotel.

– Oh, my God. – Irina sat down on the edge of the bed.

A few hours later, Alyona Ivanovna packed her things and, referring to an urgent unfinished business, left Irina’s house.

Volodya slept almost the whole day. During this time, Irina managed to clean the apartment, cook dinner, take a walk outside with the child and charge the laundry.

– Hey, Irka. Bring mineral water and a pill from the head. It’s like a skating rink has passed over me. I’m dying. Irina silently complied with her husband’s request.

– What happened to us? How did we get to what is happening now? – it was spinning in Irina’s head.

– What are you watching? Well, we went out with the guys at the bar yesterday. I don’t want to swear. Bring me something to eat.

– And where did my beloved and smiling husband go? How did he turn into this monster? – the thoughts in Irina’s head did not subside.

– Don’t stare at me, I say. Get the grub.

Irina put down the plate, poured the soup and left the kitchen. The phone rang. Volodya jumped out from behind the table like a bullet, grabbed the phone and nervously leaned it against his ear. The incoming one was from a certain lady signed as “Lorik”.

– It’s for work. – he lied, closed the door and began to speak in a half-whisper.

– Well, yes, of course. Without saying another word, Irina took out her dad’s old suitcase from the closet. I quickly gathered some things of my son and my own, got dressed, put Edik in a stroller and left the apartment.

– Hi to Lorik.

– Hey, where are you going?

– I’ll stay with my mom for now. Good luck.

– Come on. While. You can’t do it without me anyway. How cute you’ll come running back tomorrow to ask.

Irina didn’t say anything. She stared at the floor of the elevator going down for a long time. A taxi was already waiting for her. She stayed to live with her mother.

Several months have passed. Volodka made several attempts to return the runaway spouse. He especially liked to threaten and humiliate her when drunk. At first it was very upsetting. The hope that the unfaithful husband would come to his senses and at least apologize disappeared after the first three calls.

– Don’t pay attention. He’s a fool. But when he gets smarter, we’ll talk to him. – mom said.

– No, Mom. He won’t get smarter. And I’m not interested anymore. Disgusted. I don’t want not to see him, not to hear him.

The phone call interrupted Irina’s reasoning.

– It’s for you. Sergei.

– Who?

– Sergey. Remember? Igor’s son. Passing through from Germany.

– Oh, Mom. I don’t care about Sergeyevs there.

– Hi, Irishka. Haven’t heard from you in ages. You’re passing through. I want to see you.

– hello. Well I do not know. I still have a lot to do. Edik needs to be fed.

– Is this your son? Nothing. I’ll wait if I have to. But we definitely need to meet. At two o’clock. A cafe near your house. It’s still working. I stopped by there today.

– Agree. I’ll deal with Eddie. Mom whispered.

– OK. I’ll be there at two. – He’s not a bad guy. Alyona Ivanovna said, putting the phone back on the table.

– Mom, don’t start. Am I still married or have you forgotten?

– It’s a formality. You don’t need such a husband. But Sergey is another matter. He was also married. Divorced. There are no children. He has money, a job, connections. And Igor treats you well.

– Mom, I know. But I don’t need a new relationship. And I haven’t been on a date in years.

“Nothing, honey. I’m going to call Natasha now, and she’ll make a candy out of you.

Before the date, Irina was worried like a girl. She was in a daze all day. As promised by Alyona Ivanovna, the sorceress Natasha put her hair in order and made perfect makeup for her. Inspired by her new image, Irina went to a cafe.

– God, Irishka. You’re so… – Sergey was examining her.

– Which one?

– Amazing. You know, Dad and I often thought of you. You’ve grown so much and prettier. A real queen. Dream.

– Yeah.

– I heard about your failed marriage. I’m sorry.

– You were married too.

– Broke up. It’s a long story. But you know, I’m so glad to see you. You have no idea. I’m not letting you go anywhere now.

– Well, I’m not going anywhere yet.

A year has passed. Irina and her son moved to Germany. Sergey persuaded her to continue her studies. In between classes, she helped her new husband at work, studied the language and was just a beautiful and happy woman who once again felt loved, needed and desired.


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