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Redneck, who needs you

When Lisa entered the university, her father, the head of one of the firms in the district center, rented an apartment for his daughter in advance. The girl wanted to start an independent life as soon as possible, so she arrived a few days before the start of her studies. To consider everything, to adapt. Her father advised Lisa to move in with some girl so that she and her mother would be calmer.

How many times has Elizabeth already come to lectures, looked closely at the girls who are looking for an apartment, but none of them suited her, too bright and self-confident come across. She would like to find a simple country girl, shy, timid, next to whom Elizabeth would look like a queen, attracting the admiring glances of men.

And now several students stopped at the bulletin board, when suddenly a small thin girl with a heavy bag in her hands joined them. “Are you looking for an apartment?” Lisa asked.

The girl nodded, and before she could say anything, Lisa grabbed her by the arm and dragged her:

“You see there, such a beautiful, new house? Close to school, right? Do you want to live with me? The apartment is comfortable, so don’t hesitate!” – Elizabeth chattered as if they had known Natalia for a long time, that was the name of the stranger.

They were carrying a large bag of a new neighbor, and Lisa felt light in her heart, because she found what she wanted.

Natalia is from the village, so she will be engaged in the kitchen and order in the room. Lisa is not used to this. Since my mother became ill, a maid appeared in the house, who performed her duties flawlessly. True, the mother argued with her father more than once that her daughter should be involved in work, but he adored his child and did not seem to hear his wife’s words.

On the first day of school, Natalia put on a modest suit, which she sewed with her own hands. Lisa had been spinning in front of the mirror since morning, picking up her wardrobe, until she settled on an elegant red dress with an open neckline. She made up her lips to match him, put on jewelry, smacked her lips with satisfaction: “Well, we can go!”. Then, after thinking for a minute, she took a brooch out of the box: “Take it. I like to make gifts,” she said. And, seeing the surprise in Natalie’s eyes, she attached the brooch to the suit herself.

Although Natalia was from a poor family with many children, and Elizabeth was the only daughter of rich parents, yet somehow they immediately came together. Lisa really only came into the kitchen to eat, Natalia cooked. But it brought her pleasure, because even in the third grade she was already making dumplings with her mother, stuffing rolls with cheese, frying pancakes for breakfast. It was the fastest a mother could feed five children. And besides lessons, the eldest daughter had her own duties: she fed the babies, taught them to speak, rocked them, changed diapers.

Now Natalia really missed her brothers and sisters. When I went home for the weekend, I bought modest gifts for the scholarship. Then she told Lisa how happy they were, kissing her, and her mother asked not to spend money on small things, but rather to buy something for herself. Natalia, clinging to her mother, said: “But our life is made up of such little things, Right, Mommy?”.

Once Lisa asked: “It’s probably good when you have brothers and sisters. But tell me, Natasha, how will your parents divide the house between everyone?”. Natalia was confused, she did not expect such a question and, to be honest, did not think about it. “One day fate will put everything in its place. The main thing is that everyone is healthy,” she replied. Lisa burst out laughing: “Do you believe in fate? In my opinion, it’s not her, but we should control fate,” Lisa said, wiping tears from laughter. “You know, but for some reason I believe in fate. Sometimes you plan one thing, but it happens the way it should happen,” Natalia objected.

She noticed that Lisa often writes something in a thick notebook. I knew for sure that it wasn’t a student’s notebook. “Elizabeth must be keeping a diary,” a guess somehow flashed. Lisa had just gone outside, and Natalie decided to look at the notebook. Every line in it surprised the girl. It turns out that Lisa is not going out for a walk, but on a date.

Her boyfriend’s name was Roman. Black-haired, tall, with a fly on his right cheek, doing a jog near their house. He wears a black Adidas tracksuit and white sneakers. Lisa is probably very much in love with him, she even started writing lyrical poems. Natalia became interested in the diary, she began to sneak a peek into it, not knowing that in fact Lisa had no one, and the novel was a fictional character she dreamed of.
One day Elizabeth left the house again. Natasha felt sad and decided to go to the student library. A slender, tall young man was walking towards her with a large bouquet of roses. The girl wondered how she knew him? And immediately realized. It’s a Novel, Lisa’s boyfriend! Hurries to her on a date. But why is there some kind of regret and despair in his eyes?

“Hello,– Natalie suddenly blurted out.

The guy stopped. He looked at her in surprise. “Here, take this,” he handed her a bouquet. Don’t throw away such beauty. For whom these flowers were changed to me,” the young man expired on one note.
Natasha, always so modest and indecisive, blocked the guy’s path. I was sure that this was Lisa’s lover. A friend described him in such detail that it seemed to the girl that she was already familiar with him. Curly hair, with a fly on the right cheek, in an Adidas tracksuit – everything is true. “Lisa has already left the house and is waiting for you.”

A bitter smile twisted the guy’s face. “You’ve got something wrong, girl. However, it doesn’t matter anymore. I invite you for coffee. What is your name, such a compassionate one?” he asked. “Natalia,” the girl replied in confusion. – And you?”. “And I’m Roman.” Natalia, as if spellbound, looked at the stranger. I had already forgotten that I was going to go to the library. Timidly took his hand.
A light lyrical melody in the bar slightly dispelled Roman. He started talking. He began to talk about himself. He is from the village, from a large family. Works. He wanted to start a family with his girlfriend, but, unfortunately, she cheated on him with her best friend.

“Well, Natasha, life doesn’t end there. Such pleasant music, I don’t want to talk about sad things. Let’s dance,” Roman said with a smile.

Lisa was already waiting for Natalia. Where has she been for so long? When Natalia rustled the key in the lock, she asked in a stern tone: “Where have you been?” Natalia smiled slyly: “On a random date. With a handsome guy in an Adidas suit and a fly on his right cheek. His name is Roman.” Lisa blushed, her lips trembled. “Are you making fun of me? Are you reading my diary? Answer me!”.

She began to shake Natalia by her thin shoulders. The girl did not want to admit that she had read the diary. After all, what does that have to do with it? They themselves are stunned by the current situation. But she liked the novel. And although I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten the other one yet, she still agreed to date.

Soon Natalia told Roman everything. She read her friend’s fantasies and believed in them, and when she saw Roman, it seemed that she had known him for a long time. Roman laughed merrily: “You’re funny, Natasha, and some kind of… Well, not like everyone else,” he said and kissed her.
Elizabeth was not happy for her friend. On the contrary, she was annoyed by Natasha’s beaming smile when she returned from a date.

One day Natalia found Lisa in tears. “What happened, girlfriend?” she asked. “What kind of friend am I to you? What have you got in your head? Look at you, you miserable bumpkin! Who needs you like that? Do you think I believed that you have this Novel? And why did I drag you to my place? I don’t want to see you!” – Elizabeth was hysterical.

Natalia hesitated. She should be reminded that she also pays for the apartment, cleans, cooks, so what is her fault? But she did not find out anything and a few days later she moved to another apartment that Roman had found. With her pure love, simplicity and kindness, the girl lit a spark in his heart. When Natalia graduated, the young couple got married. Roman has opened his own business and he needs a reliable and wise accountant like his beloved.
Recently, Natalia met Elizabeth in the park, where the fountain gurgles mischievously. Exquisitely dressed, with high heels, flawless makeup, and emptiness and sadness in her eyes.

“I’m sorry I called you a redneck. When you left, I missed you. Crying. I remembered your dumplings, borscht and casserole. I see you’re happy with Roman, waiting for replenishment. Unfortunately, I’m still alone. It seems to be everything, but in fact there is nothing,” Lisa said in a barely audible voice.

Natalia at that moment for some reason felt sorry for this beautiful lady. The idea matured in my head: “Will you be our girl’s godmother? We’ll call her Elizabeth.” A warm smile sparkled on Lisa’s face, a tear involuntarily rolled down from her eyes: “Of course I will. Thank you, Natasha!”.


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