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It’s hard to be good for everyone

I have one friend, very kind, and trouble-free. She is always ready to help everyone. Her phone is constantly bursting with calls. I like to chat with her too. She just can’t without communication, even at work, she constantly talks on the phone. Svetik is very cheerful and sociable, and of course there are people who really don’t like it. Many are annoyed by her optimism and cheerfulness.

Sveta had a difficult life, but despite this she did not get angry.

Sveta gave birth at the age of 17, twins, a boy and a girl. Everything was fine with the boy, but the girl lagged behind in development and she had several diseases, on the basis of which, she was even given a disability. Her boyfriend, after learning that she had given birth to a sick daughter, refused to marry her, and claimed that she had had children with someone else.

After graduating from school, Sveta had to go to work, her mother helped her raise her children.

Svetik always found new friends and friends quickly. Despite the fact that after giving birth she gained 35 kg, a guy from a neighboring village fell in love with her. He married her and adopted her children. They have been living together for 16 years.

Her husband earns well and she receives an allowance for caring for her disabled daughter, she also works as a shop assistant.

Looking at her, you can say that she is happy and happy with everything in life.

That’s probably why some of her former friends are constantly spreading gossip out of envy.

One of our mutual friends, Olga, recently completely stopped communicating with Sveta. I was surprised, because it’s so nice to talk to her. Of course I tried to find out why.

It turned out that Olga was just tired of hearing how happy Svetik was and how well she was doing. Olga said that it already pisses her off, especially when she has a lot of problems herself.

And before, I kept wondering why such a wonderful person has detractors. It turns out that it’s not about the Light, but it’s about those people who can’t see other people happy.

It’s hard to be good for everyone when there are a lot of not good people around.


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