Sad man with a glass of whiskey

My wife accidentally cheated on me. The children ask her to forgive…

With my wife, Valeria, I have lived soul to soul for more than twenty years. To be more precise, we celebrated our 23rd anniversary half a year ago. For this holiday, our 21-year-old daughter, who recently got married, gave us a new, modern TV, which even our youngest son Anton chipped in. Toha, at the age of 17, works part-time on the Internet, in addition to studying at school.

I can’t call our family rich, but there was always enough money. I earn a good living, and my wife, being a journalist by profession, sometimes travels to other cities on business trips, thanks to which she brings a good one-time income to the family. Of course, I would like her not to work at all, but she loves to write articles and communicate with new people so much that she does not want to give up her occupation.

By the way, I was the initiator of her employment at the last place of work, since my old and close friend is in a managerial position in the magazine where Lerochka now works.
In general, I was happy… up to a certain point in time.
One evening, I don’t remember exactly, it was a month or two ago (everything has been in a fog lately, I’m terribly depressed), Lera informed me that she was leaving for a neighboring city to interview some rock star who was coming with a concert.
I was a little upset, because I wanted to spend the next evening with her alone. But my wife was so fervently sharing her plans for the upcoming trip with me that I just smiled and, kissing my darling, wished her success and a good road.

Three days later she returned.

There was something strange about her behavior. I asked several times if she was all right. Was she able to carry out her plans? Anyway, how did the interview go?
To all my questions, she somehow smiled confusedly and said that everything was fine.

My questions were exhausted, but something was bothering me. Cats seemed to be scratching inside…
and, as it turned out, for a reason.
Soon I got a call from an old friend (the one who helped my beloved wife get a job). Igor invited me to a bar, and I willingly agreed. The last time we met over a glass of beer was a long time ago.
At the appointed time, at the agreed place, we met and talked about something casual.

But then it gets worse.

Offering to “roll” me a couple of glasses of vodka, Igor began a monologue with the words: “Buddy, I have something to tell you, just promise to keep yourself in hand…”.

I was wary, but nodded.

Igor told me something I couldn’t even think about in my worst nightmare…

During the last business trip, Lera cheated on me by getting drunk during an interview with a rock star. The culprit mentioned this to Igor when my friend called him to get an opinion about the work of his subordinate, a journalist.

The comrade was not unfounded. For a fee, he got a video from the dressing room.

I wish I hadn’t seen this recording.

There was no limit to rage, resentment and anger. My dear, barely standing on her feet, in such “dirt”…
When I came home, Lera, of course, noticed my condition. She understood everything herself and almost on her knees began to apologize to me and justify herself…
I was in a lot of pain. How to forgive this? And we used to be so happy!

I didn’t answer her pleas for forgiveness. Just silently left the apartment.

I came to spend the night with my daughter that day. She and her husband have two rooms, so I didn’t inconvenience them.
I spent the next day in a delirium.

I don’t remember how I filled out reports at work, how I got to it and how I came back. I arrived at my house late.

The whole family was waiting for me there. The daughter and son expressed their opinion about the sincerity of the mother’s remorse. Lera added that she would leave work and swore to prove to me that she was madly sorry for her mistake and could not forgive herself. She begged me not to get divorced.

I listened to them in silence … you know?

I was even glad that my children had the wisdom not to lose their warm feelings for me as a father and for Lera as a mother. But I can’t forgive my wife. A picture from that ill-fated video constantly rises before my eyes. I understand that I will no longer be able to lie in the same bed with my wife…


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