Beautiful sweet kind affectionate girl


Angelina lived in a small house on the outskirts of the city. The girl’s parents died when she was just 9 years old.

She and her grandmother Nina Viktorovna were left all alone. There were no relatives, but Nina Viktorovna, despite the fact that she retired, took over the upbringing of her granddaughter, the only native person. Grandmother took the girl’s development very seriously, helped with her studies, taught kindness and decency, compassion and justice. Nina Viktorovna received a small pension, so in order to put her granddaughter on her feet, so that the girl did not look worse than others and did not feel deprived of something, she worked as a nurse in the hospital. After school, Angelina resorted to her grandmother for work to help at least with something while her grandmother washed the floors, Lina took care of the sick. She entertained them as best she could in a childish way, then she would tell a fairy tale, then she would portray some movie in the roles, which made the patients smile, and sometimes laugh to tears. Soon all the patients and hospital staff fell in love with the girl and were looking forward to her arrival, even the doctors understood how kind and compassionate the granddaughter of the nurse helped the patients to endure the pain.

Lina fell in love with the hospital as a second home and was always happy to come to the rescue, even if her grandmother was not working that day. Once Valery Egorovich, the head doctor told the girl:

– Angelina, you will make a very good doctor someday. Listen to the old man, don’t deprive medicine of such an excellent specialist. Go to medical school after school, but in the meantime pay more attention to biology and chemistry. This will be useful to you in your further studies.

So Angelina chose her profession.

When the girl graduated from school, she entered the medical institute without any problems. I studied with pleasure, especially loved practice, but in the fourth year an accident happened, Nina Viktorovna fell ill. The old lady had to leave her job, even though she did almost nothing herself. The granddaughter did not allow it, but this money helped the family a lot. Now a lot of money began to go to medicines. Pensions were sorely lacking. Then Angelina went to Valery Egorovich.

– Tell me, Valery Egorovich, can I get a job with you without quitting my studies?

– Of course Angelina. You can work part-time with us as a nurse in the evenings and in night shifts. I will be very happy to help you with your studies and explain everything you will need to know in the profession. Come back tomorrow.

And Lina got a job as a nurse in the department where her grandmother once worked and where she got used to everything. During the day, the girl attended classes, then fed her grandmother, gave medicines and gave injections, and in the evening she ran to her work. Lina took her duties very seriously, tried not to miss anything, to do everything right. Valery Egorovich, other doctors and nurses helped her in everything.

One night, a young man with a punctured head was brought to one of Angelina’s shifts in the department. The guy was unconscious, in a serious condition. Having done all the necessary procedures prescribed by the doctor, Lina sat down next to the young man’s bed and looked at him with pity.

“What a pity,” the girl thought, “so young, so handsome and what a scoundrel did this to him, but bear with it, I’ll help you get better.”

The guy came to himself only on the third day. At night, Lina just finished all the procedures and just sat quietly next to her flipping through the textbook. Suddenly she heard.

– Where am I?

The girl bent down to him and touched his forehead, hot.

– Don’t worry. You’re in the hospital.

She gave the guy medicine and water.

– How did I get here?

– You have a traumatic brain injury. You need peace, and do you remember what happened to you?

– No, – the guy paused. – For some reason I can’t remember anything at all.

– And what is your name do you remember?

– Vitaly, it seems… Nothing else…

– Where do you live? Who are the parents?

– I don’t remember.

– Well, well, don’t strain yourself. With a concussion, it happens. Remember later, and now I’ll give you an injection and you’ll sleep.

The girl turned to leave, but Vitaly asked:

– And you? What is your name?

– Angelina…


From that day, the friendship of the nurse and the patient began. Vitaliy’s health was gradually restored, but his memory did not return. Lina talked to him on duty, showed him various photos, listed names, dates, addresses, but everything was in vain and it meant nothing to Vitaly.

Valery Egorovich explained to the girl:

– This happens with a traumatic brain injury. In addition, some terrible event probably happened in the life of a young man, as a result of which the brain blocked some areas of memory purely psychologically. The guy subconsciously refuses to remember something that will bring him new pain and bad memories.

– So what to do?

– We can only cure the body, the body, and the rest is a matter of time and a psychologist. Perhaps some word, smell or face will immediately bring back his memory, and perhaps not. It’s a matter of time.

A month had already passed since the ill-fated night when Vitaly was brought in with a broken head, but he still could not remember anything. The guy was physically completely healthy and it was no longer possible to keep him in the hospital. Angelina approached Valery Egorovich:

– Doctor, what should Vitali do now? He doesn’t remember where he lived, where he came from. Where to go?

– Angelina, I understand you perfectly, but you also understand me. I can’t keep a healthy patient in my department, it’s still a hospital, and there are special rehabilitation centers for such patients.

– Valery Egorovich, my dear, leave him for another day. I’ll figure something out tomorrow.

The Doctor agreed…

After work, Angelina flew home like a bullet and rushed to Nina Viktorovna’s bed.

– Granny, do you remember I told you about my patient who has no memory. So, Vitaly will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, but he has nowhere to go. I don’t want him to end up in some asylum for the mentally ill so helpless. Can he stay with us for a while?

Nina Viktorovna stroked her granddaughter’s hair.

– Of course, honey. I taught you compassion myself, let him live with us. At the same time, I’ll get acquainted, otherwise I’ve heard so much about this young man, I was even curious,” grandma smiled.

At first, Vitaly was confused when he heard the girl’s invitations, but Angelina was persistent.

– Don’t think about it, your accommodation is not burdensome for us. My grandmother is sick, she doesn’t get out of bed, and I’m either at school or at work. So your help will come in handy. And a man in a house where two women live will find something useful to do, right?

In general, I persuaded.

Nina Viktorovna liked Vitaly. Modest, sociable and caring. He took care of his grandmother, did all the housework, went shopping. The young man did everything not to be a burden, but in spite of everything he was very burdened by his position.

Angelina often found her friend thoughtful, trying to remember at least something. At such moments, she sincerely pitied him.

– Vital, don’t, don’t strain yourself like that. Memory only needs some kind of sign, a push, and everything will fall into place.

One day when Lina had a day off from school and work, the young people decided to go to a large shopping center far from home and buy everything for the future. The shopping center was called Vitalina, when Angelina saw the name, she laughed:

– Vital, look as if about us. Vitaly and Angelina.

– Lina, this name reminds me of something, but I can’t remember.

Young people entered the supermarket and began to walk through countless grocery stores, through a variety of small shops scattered on all three floors of the shopping center. Suddenly, Angelina heard a piercing scream above the roar of the crowd.

– Vitalik, my son!!!

Vitaly looked around and saw an elderly gray-haired man, who turned pale and stared at Vitaly with all his eyes and held his hand to the left side of his chest. Quickly assessing the situation, Angelina ran up to the man, sat him down on a nearby sofa and unbuttoned the top button of the shirt collar, took out a heart medication from her purse and handed it to him.

– Put it under your tongue.

The man obediently followed the instructions, and he looked at Vitaly without taking his eyes off, and the guy, in turn, looked dumbfounded at the man and rubbed his temples with his fingers. Suddenly Vitaly closed his eyes and sank to the floor, losing consciousness. Angelina quickly brought him to his senses under the anxious gaze of the gray-haired man.

“Dad,” Vitaly said weakly.

– Son, how is it, where have you been? I buried you, really buried you! I picked you up from the morgue, that is, it turns out not you. The body was disfigured. I recognized your jacket. Oh my God! Tears flowed from the man’s eyes, but he smiled. “You’re alive, my boy. What happened to you? Who is this cute girl?

– Dad. I just remembered everything now, I had amnesia. Meet Angelina, my savior and guardian angel, and this is my father Georgy Sergeevich.

Angelina smiled:

– Come on. Since you’ve remembered everything, can you tell me what really happened to you?

And Vitaly told his tragic story.

Georgy Sergeyevich Vitaly’s father was a rich man. The Vitalina shopping Center, among other things, belonged to his family. Vitaly’s father, in honor of graduating from the institute to defend his diploma, decided to give his son a long-promised gift of an expensive car, but Vitalik wanted to personally choose and buy this car that he would like. Therefore, taking the money quite a large amount in cash, I went to a popular car dealership.

– But why with cash? Why one? Lina asked. – It’s dangerous!

– You see, Lina, I urgently needed to stop by on a personal matter without witnesses, – the guy explained blushing. – Don’t think about it, I found out that my girlfriend betrayed me, cheated on me with another. It was necessary to put an end to the relationship. And for cash at the dealership they make a good discount…

When Vitaly talked to his girlfriend, he left the house in upset feelings and decided to go to a cafe for a cup of coffee to calm down. In front of the entrance to the cafe sat a young homeless man begging. The beggar guy was dressed in some rags, he was noticeably shivering and coughing was constantly heard. Since Vitaly did not want to shine with a lot of money, but he really wanted to help the guy, he felt sorry for the unfortunate sitting beggar with a restless look. He just took off his jacket and handed it to the homeless man, who was surprised and delighted and immediately pulled it on himself. Apparently the guy is a bum, having got into some serious trouble, with such a lifestyle, it’s no wonder, and when Georgy Sergeyevich filed a police report about the disappearance of his son, the body of a homeless man in a familiar jacket just turned up. And Vitaly himself, upset after the cafe, no longer wanted to go shopping, decided to catch a taxi and return home. I caught a private trader and gave the address, when the private trader, a young rollicking guy named the price, Vitaly thoughtfully, without looking, took a large bill out of the purse and gave it to the driver. That was his mistake.

The guy saw how much money the passenger was carrying and brought him to some industrial zone, and Vitaly plunged into thought for a while, I noticed that the car was going the other way, and when I realized it was too late…

From a blow to the back of the head with a tire iron, Vitaly lost consciousness and woke up only in the hospital and the first person he saw was Angelina. Then Vitaly told his father how Lina helped him and Georgy Viktorovich just asked:

– Tell me Angelina, what can I do for you? You gave me my son back.

Lina thought sadly:

“… and deprived me of a friend.”.

And then she answered:

– Helping people is my vocation. I’m a future doctor so that’s all right goodbye Vitaly.

– Lina, where are you going?! – the young man cried out, but he was already surrounded by his colleagues.

The father developed a stormy activity around his suddenly resurrected son and the whirlpool of returning to his world engulfed Vitaly.

Angelina calmly walked to the exit of the shopping center. She never turned around, called a taxi, loaded her purchases into the car, gave the address, and that’s when she bitterly burst into tears. Tears flowed when she paid the taxi driver, flowed when she carried the purchases into the house, flowed when the exhausted dropped the purchases on the floor and settled in the hallway.

– Angelina, honey… What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying? What happened? Nina Viktorovna asked anxiously from the room.

Pulling herself together and wiping her tears Lina went to her grandmother and hugged her:

– Don’t worry, Grandma, everything is fine. It’s just that Vitalka’s memory has returned.

– So you have to be happy, silly, – grandma did not understand, – why cry?

– You don’t understand Granny. I am glad that he is healthy, that he remembered everything… – and Angelina, no longer restraining herself, sobbed in a loud voice. – But Grandma, it turned out that Vitalka is the son of the richest man in our city. As long as he didn’t remember anything, he was just mine. I fell in love with my grandmother, and now why would the heir of such a rich family need some kind of untrained nurse with a sick grandmother…

Nina Viktorovna gently took her granddaughter by the hand.

– Honey, your Vitaly is an adult and independent person. I saw perfectly well that there was a feeling between you, but you both avoided it. Even after a month or a year, everything would have come out anyway, and the loss of memory stopped you. It remains to wait, if, along with the memory, negative character traits return to Vitaly, then he is not yours. But believe my experience, your beloved, worthy person. Just wait and everything will be solved, trust me.

Angelina understood intellectually that Vitaly was a man of another circle. He’s rich. Perhaps he has some kind of feeling for her, but this feeling is only a feeling of gratitude. But she, she fell in love like a girl with a guy without a past. It was just Vitaly, who had fun with her, who helped her sick grandmother, calmed and entertained her after a hard shift. But she realized that she loved only when she lost everything.

– Okay, Grandma, don’t worry about me. I am an adult girl and I will be able to cope with my feelings.

Grandma just silently shook her head.

A month has passed since Angelina practically returned Vitaly to her father. During all this time, the young man never tried to contact her, never called, did not appear. Although he knew the address where he lived, and the hospital where he was lying, and where Lida worked.

The girl was hard going through the first disappointment in her life. She fell so in love with this, and in general, a stranger. Let him not love her, but his grandmother, who accepted and loved him, who saw in him a real person. Well, at least she could have been visited…

Nina Viktorovna and Angelina tried to avoid any hint of the person who lived with them in conversations, but there was always some little thing that reminded them of him, then a glass with a broken piece, which Vitaly did not allow to throw away and said that he did not believe in a broken fate and would drink from this glass for the evil of fate. Because it was given by Nina Viktorovna and Angelina, then his constant childhood passion for chocolate ice cream, which they bought out of habit. Lina could no longer avoid this topic in conversations.

– Lina, dear, I can see how hard it is for you, – Nina Viktorovna began, – believe me, all your feelings are on your face. Talk to me. You fell in love with a guy, it seems to you that your heart is broken, but my girl, life goes on no matter how much it hurts you. Just accept it…

– Yes, Grandma. I played a little fairy tale, now everything will be the same. The main thing is that you and I have each other and we will solve all the problems as they come, as it has always been.

Life went on as usual. Angelina also went to work and to study. Evenings were spent by my beloved grandmother.

But once returning home after work, the girl suddenly saw that her grandmother was not on the bed from which she had not got up for several years. Angelina, terrified, rushed around the neighbors, phoned hospitals and could not understand anything. Finally, completely exhausted, the girl dropped her head on her palms and quietly, but so hopelessly, began to cry. Suddenly someone put a hand on her head and she heard a voice that she had been forcing herself to forget for so long.

– Lina, I’m sorry, there was no connection. Couldn’t tell. Nina Viktorovna is fine, don’t cry…

Angelina looked at Vitaly, she seemed to burst.

– Where is my grandmother? Why are you here? Why did you disappear, and now you’re back and ordering where my grandmother should be? Where the hell have you been all this time?

Vitaly hugged Angelina tightly to him, who was almost hysterical, and quietly, as if rocking her, began to tell:

– Everything is fine now, Linochka, I could not appear earlier, so as not to put you at risk as a grandmother. My dad started having business problems and I couldn’t let the bandits influence us through the people closest to me. Now it’s over, don’t cry, I’m with you again and I’ll never let you go from me.

Lina, still crying, but calming down, asked:

– And Grandma, where is she? What’s wrong with her?

Vitaly became serious:

– When I came to explain myself today, Nina Viktorovna was lying unconscious. I didn’t get through to you, so I understand you cut me out of life and changed my phone number. So I called an ambulance and took my grandmother to our clinic. Everything is fine with her now, the doctors promised to get her back on her feet, and do you know who her doctor is? Valery Egorovich, will you believe him?

– Thank God, everything is so incomprehensibly well resolved that it seems to me that I am in a fairy tale.

– Linochka, all this time until I saw you, I dreamed of only one thing, to finally say that I love you. And before, when I was unknown to anyone, I didn’t dare to be sick without memory. But now answer me immediately, Angelina. Darling, are you ready to create the happiest family in the world with me?

Angelina threw herself into the arms of a loved one, still not fully believing in her happiness.

Two happy years have passed since that day. Vitaly and Angelina got married, had a fun wedding. The young people had a beloved, adored son. Nina Viktorovna danced on her feet at her granddaughter’s wedding, she was professionally treated and now the old lady gives all her strength to caring for her great-grandson, giving young parents time to rest.

One day Angelina asked her husband:

– Vital, I keep forgetting to ask. Why is our shopping center called Vitalina?

– And I was waiting for you to ask… And our family has either a legend, or a case that has grown into a legend, but they say once my grandfather, the founder of our Vitalina empire, turned to a gypsy woman and asked her to predict the future. Then the fortune-teller prophesied that every eldest son in the family should be called Vitaly and happiness in the family will be only when one of the Vitals meets his savior and his angel destiny, then two hearts should unite and create power. Here is such a fairy tale, but only as far as this fairy tale you can judge for yourself. We laughed at the family legend, but the empire, like the shopping complex, was named as predicted, Vitaly plus Angel, Angelina. Vitalina in general.

Lina listened to her husband in fascination:

– Vital, but the prophecy came true. Vitaly and Angelina. We are happy, our family continues, our business is thriving, our son is growing up. Everything is so good in our family that it’s scary. Let fate turn to that unknown gypsy woman, her children and grandchildren with the same side that she told your ancestor. Happiness is when you want to share it.

Young people lived in love and joy, and most importantly, their closest and dearest were next to them in full health and full of vitality. Sometimes fate presents us with a test, after which we find such long-awaited happiness and love.


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