Village Grandfather

Unnecessary old man

Sergei Fedorovich was sitting on a bench alone and thoughtfully looking at the street. The upcoming birthday was not a bit happy, the man understood that he was left alone in his old age.

He had no one and nothing: no family, no home, he had been wandering with his cousin Natalia for several months.

A small house was located near the railway station, and all the time it was shuddering from the rumble of passing trains. But just yesterday, my sister announced the sale of the house due to moving to her daughter.

– You understand, Seryozha, they promise good money for him, as long as I could, I accepted you, now don’t forget.

And so Sergei sat and looked at the dying sunset and thought at what point his life went downhill. The new week brought nothing but flophouses at the train station and through the doorways.

How quickly life passed, and it would have ended sooner,” Sergei Fedorovich thought, remembering his wife Lyubochka. They lived soul to soul, supported each other in everything, soon they had a son, and five years later a daughter.

The family lived modestly, but happily.
One winter, Sergei was returning home in his battered car when he suddenly noticed the trail of a car going down the slope.

It was getting colder, the sky turned gray, the man could not drive past, despite being very tired after a working day. Following the trail, he saw an expensive foreign car crashing into a tree. The car was not badly dented, the impact was quite weak, but the man behind the wheel was unconscious.

There were no visible injuries, Sergey carefully pulled the victim out of the car and took him to the hospital.

The doctors said that the man had the first signs of frostbite, and he would have frozen to death. Sergey left his phone number and address, agreed with the tractor driver to drag the foreign car to his house to avoid looting or theft.
A week later, the rescued man came to their home, he turned out to be a successful businessman Alexander Nikolaevich Kochetov, who came on business from Moscow. He thanked Sergey for his rescue and asked him to keep the car for himself, promising to reissue all documents.

– But the car is practically intact, a couple of scratches! – Sergey resisted.
Alexander smiled and handed Sergei a hefty bundle of bills.

– Thank you for your life.

– Yes, it’s not necessary that you, everyone would do that. I just wanted to help.

– And I’m just like that. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here anymore.

Alexander left, and Sergey could not recover from the gift that suddenly fell down.

Carefully and lovingly, the man repaired the car and drove the family with admiration.
As usually happens, the children grew up and flew away from the nest. Lyosha was the first to leave, after serving in the navy he stayed on the ship. I wrote letters, but I didn’t promise to come, the service.
Then Olesya’s daughter left her father’s house, unlike her older brother, she came quite often at first, and then disappeared.
Parents, of course, were bored in an empty house, but what to do. One day during lunch there was a call, Lyubov picked up the phone and almost dropped the phone.

– Seryozha, listen to you… I don’t understand, I don’t understand anything.

– Hello!

The voice on the other end of the phone said that the son of their daughter Olesya had been admitted to the orphanage. The boy is three years old. Before giving the boy up for adoption, they decided to call their relatives.

– We’ll come, we’ll pick him up, do you hear? We’ll be there soon. Just name the address and a list of documents.

So the grandparents began to raise a grandson who was like two drops of water like his mother. The orphanage said that an elderly woman brought the child, gave the documents and said that Olesya asked to look after the boy and disappeared.

Very rarely did the son call his parents, he was very happy that his nephew now lives with his parents. Alexey himself moved abroad and did not intend to return to his homeland.

One day, entering the house, Sergei saw his wife kneeling in front of the sofa, trying to hold on to the bedspread.

– Lyubushka, – her husband rushed to her, – what happened? What are you?

But Love just looked at him and swallowed the air like a fish on dry land. Sergey took her to the car, squeezed the maximum out of the foreign car, the engine was boiling, but the man stopped only in the courtyard of the hospital. But it was too late…

Doctors failed to save the life of his love, the woman died the next day, Sergei buried her himself, without informing the children about what happened.

Kolya grew up a well-mannered and obedient boy, left alone with his grandfather, he tried to help him in every possible way. After school, I joined the army, so that later I could decide what to do in life.

In the middle of the night, a phone call rang in Sergei’s empty house, some captain reported that Nikolai had been seriously injured during the exercises and relatives needed to come.

No one explained how it happened and what actually happened, but it became clear that an expensive operation and a lot of medications were required.

– Compensation will be allocated to you, do not worry, but it will be when. There is no time to lose.

Without hesitation, Sergei sold the house, his grandson’s life was saved, and he was now being treated in some sanatorium, and his grandfather became homeless.
In the morning, the man firmly decided to visit his small homeland, visit his wife, ask for advice, and ask to shelter him.

– Lyubash, you understand, – Sergey began, – I’m tired. Very tired. I have no one else to live for, no one needs me. You better pick me up soon, okay?

The next morning, after packing up and saying goodbye to his sister, Sergei Fedorovich, going out into the yard, heard a painfully familiar signal. It seemed impossible to him. His foreign car with a burned engine was left gathering dust in the garage of the sold house, and this one looked completely new.
The car stopped in front of the gate, the passenger door swung open, Kolya was smiling:

– Happy birthday, Grandpa! Hop in, they’ve been waiting for you!

– You’re my dear! How’s your health? Have you been discharged? Grandfather was amazed.

– I’m fine thanks to you and my fiancee. Meet Sveta, the nurse who took me out. I owe her my life, so I’m returning the debt – I’m getting married.

A tall, pretty girl got out of the car with a huge bouquet and handed it to the old man.

“Thanks for the grandson,” she said.
Sergey Fedorovich shed tears:

– Glad to meet you, thank you, granddaughter. But where did you get this car?

– Tyu, Grandfather, so this is yours, what are you doing? I asked the guys, they repaired it, look how new it is! Get in already, let’s go home!

– Since we don’t have a house anymore… I sold it.

The grandson insistently put him behind the wheel.

– Let’s go home.

Sergey simply did not recognize the house. New roof, paved yard, gazebo, lawn well maintained. Lyosha came out to meet his father and hugged him tightly.

– Happy birthday, Dad! Did you think you’d be left without a home? We bought it back and put it in order a little. Another surprise has been prepared for you, look!

A girl was riding along the path in a wheelchair, that’s exactly how Sergey remembered his daughter Olesya. A fragile, chiseled face with regular facial features and a delightful smile.

– Leska got into an accident, she was in a coma for a long time, – Alexey explained, – I managed to send her abroad for treatment, I married her doctor. Anyway, meet Dad, this is my wife Alicia. She saved Olesya, although all the doctors refused her. Just don’t worry, Olesya is already walking, she’s just tired, so she’s in a wheelchair.

– Kids, am I dreaming? Why didn’t you tell me anything before?

We were afraid that you would start to worry, but believe me, I always kept the situation under control. And also, Mom has a new monument, we’ll go and visit her later. And now celebrate! It’s not for nothing that so much has been prepared!

Late in the evening, Sergei and his family sat by the fireplace and listened to the stories of the children. He found out that Olesya got married unsuccessfully and ran away already pregnant, but the ex-husband did not forgive the girl and tracked her down with a new lover. When a young couple was driving in a car, a huge SUV pushed them into a ravine at full speed, the girl managed to survive, but she spent a long time in a coma, but her lover died on the spot. When Olesya woke up, she immediately called her brother, and he helped her.

– Children, you will forgive me for being so desperate. I didn’t know it happened like that.

– Well, you and your mother brought us up, – said Alexey, – how could we leave you?

Five years later, Lesha, Olesya and Alicia were living abroad again.
Olesya learned to walk again and began working at the embassy as a teacher of the Russian language, preparing to get married.
Kolya and Sveta lived with Sergei Fedorovich in his large and beautiful house, where grandfather happily nursed his great-grandchildren. Fishing every weekend.

The other day Alyosha sent them a new inflatable boat, and Svetochka watched with a smile how impatiently the men were waiting for the weekend to try it out.


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