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My mother-in-law replaced my own mother and helped me raise my son

Since childhood, I have not had a real family, parental warmth and care. I have never seen my father, and my mother has always been interested only in the arrangement of her personal life. Feeling such injustice, even as a child, I promised myself that my own family would be completely different: a loving husband, children, full mutual understanding. Thanks to a series of different events in my life, I got it, but not quite in the way I imagined.

At 19, I studied hard at the university to get a good education and in the future “get out in people”. But soon the plans had to be radically changed. She went to another country to her boyfriend, said that, most likely, forever. I was forced to stop going to couples, got a job as a waitress in a cafe in order to somehow provide for myself and earn what I needed: food, household expenses and housing (my mother and I rented a very modest apartment). While working the next shift, I was waiting for a young guy’s table, he came to dinner alone, was very polite and nice to me. When my working day was over and I was leaving the cafe, it turned out that this young man was waiting for me at the entrance with a bouquet of flowers. That’s how I met my future husband.

Alexey and I (that was his name) met for a very short time, after which he introduced me to his mother and moved me to live in their apartment. He made me an offer and I accepted it, because I was very in love and didn’t think that everything was happening somehow too fast. We didn’t really like the fact that we had to live in the same apartment with my future mother-in-law, and she wasn’t happy about it either.

Anna Markovna (my Lyosha’s mother) immediately made it clear that she did not approve of her son’s desire to marry so early, because we had not even fully stood on our feet financially, but still did not interfere. A few months later, my beloved and I officially became husband and wife, played a modest wedding.
At first I was in complete euphoria, because I always dreamed of a real family. I tried to please my husband and Anna Markovna in everything. However, soon enough, my spouse’s attitude towards me began to change. He often stayed late at work, found fault with mere trifles and turned them into a problem of universal scale, became irritable, paid less and less attention. I blamed everything on fatigue due to work. A year after the wedding, I found out that I was pregnant. The spouse reacted rather coldly and did not look happy. But, again, there was no choice and we began to prepare for the birth of the baby.

When I was already six months old, Alexey finally stopped being like the person he used to be. He was disappearing more and more often, was not interested in my well-being, did not try to facilitate my housework in any way, because it was already quite difficult for me to cope with it, money began to disappear from the family budget, which was spent on something incomprehensible.
The last straw was the case when the husband disappeared for two days, turned off the phone and did not get in touch. Both Anna Markovna and I simply couldn’t find a place for ourselves, because he hadn’t done that before. On the morning of the third day, Alexey still appeared on the threshold of the apartment. When he entered, a persistent smell of alcohol immediately appeared in the corridor, the husband was still tipsy, and a clear imprint of a woman’s lipstick was visible on his shirt. I was just in shock and couldn’t even utter a word, my eyes seemed to open, it turned out that my dreams of a happy family were completely in vain. But then my mother-in-law surprised me with her reaction. She silently approached her son and gave him a ringing slap in the face, from which he was even taken aback and seemed to immediately come to his senses. Still silently, Anna Markovna opened the door of a small pantry, took out a suitcase from there and went to my husband’s bedroom. After 5 minutes, she returned, handed the suitcase to Alexey and said that he would no longer live here and she was very disappointed in him. The husband, knowing the iron character of his mother, did not even dare to argue with her and just left.

Anna Markovna immediately began to calm me down, because tears were streaming down my face like a stream. She said that I should not worry, because it is harmful for pregnant women, we will be able to raise the baby ourselves, and we will demand alimony from Alexey. The mother-in-law lamented that, apparently, it was she who made mistakes in the upbringing of her son. Anna Markovna did not expect this from her Lesha, because he himself grew up without a father, who also left the family and could not stand the responsibility. Although she was not enthusiastic about our idea of marriage, she would not allow the life of her grandson and his mother to be destroyed.

Two and a half months later, my son was born. Anna Markovna kept her promise, she helped me in everything, I stayed to live with her, and I divorced Alexey (after my son turned one). At some point, my mother-in-law replaced my own mother, because she never took care of me like that. I will be grateful to this woman all my life for her justice and strong character, because not everyone will be able to admit that she brought up her son badly and support the daughter-in-law’s side.

Thanks to her, I managed to raise my son safely and find a family, even without a spouse. I don’t regret a bit about how my life turned out and consider myself a really happy person.


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