Little girl with blue sad eyes

Could Lisa be our dead daughter?

We want to believe in a miracle when we are in great pain, or hope for it. I do not know where the truth is, but deep down I feel that those we love do not leave us forever.

“- Mommy, it worked!” – the gynecologist helped me get up from the couch. I have experienced several such expectations, hopes and disappointments in three years (since my husband and I tried to have a child). This time, the first trimester had already passed, and it looked promising.

Our treasure is a Daisy

The first child and grandson in our entire large family was a wonderful gift for everyone. As soon as she grew out of diapers, grandmothers and grandfathers rushed to help on both sides, with whom Daisy spent weekends and subsequent vacations. She loved my mother-in-law’s dacha, as well as my parents’ childhood garden, and the magical legends that my mother told me, and now her granddaughter.

In the square, she threw small coins into the Art Nouveau fountain, wanting to bribe the dark forces to awaken the enchanted water fairy. She was here with her grandmother to celebrate her first report card at the zoo, and she also named her teddy bear after the local bear Burika. Ritka dragged him everywhere and the toy became the only witness to the tragedy.

The sound of the brake and the abandoned bear cub

Traditional Saturday – I was working in the garden and heard the screeching of brakes from the street. Curiously, I leaned out of the window and saw that a car had crashed into our house. On the sidewalk there was a bear Burik and a Daisy …? Quite recently she went out for a walk in the yard. She died immediately at the scene of the accident. At that moment, my life collapsed. “- She’s not here!!!,- I reproached my loved ones for misunderstanding, – as you can…how can you live?” I couldn’t and ended up in a psychiatric clinic.

Three months later, I learned to live again. The world continued to exist as if nothing had happened!!! The sun was rising in the morning, I had to go to work, but every evening I was still with her – with my baby. At least in the dream we were together.

And then, six months later, she miraculously got pregnant again. “So soon?”,- it took me by surprise, because we had been waiting for a Daisy for so long. For nine months I had a strange feeling, and then Lizochka was born. “No, I didn’t betray you, Daisy.” They were completely different, and yet compared them. It was impossible to banish old memories. Years passed, and the second daughter seemed to want to make amends for all the pain.

Strange events

She was about five when we insulated the house and cleaned the basement. Lizochka was rummaging through old drawers when she suddenly froze, but immediately exclaimed joyfully: “Burik, Mom, my Burik is here!” – she kissed a teddy bear — a Daisy bear? My husband and I looked at each other in surprise. I don’t remember telling her about the bear before. But who knows?

Another time she surprised her grandmother. She wanted to tell her a fairy tale about an enchanted fairy in the square. Even before she started, her granddaughter was already feeling the edge of the fountain: “Grandma, is the enchanted girl still sleeping there?“

We have another strange event. On the first day of classes, Lizochka automatically chose the place where her older sister usually sat. They look completely different, but somewhere inside it was a Daisy. Even her teacher said that Lisa reminds her of her eldest daughter in many ways. If it weren’t for these inexplicable events, I would have thought that we were wishful thinking.


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