Sad beautiful woman on the street

My mistress

I don’t believe that there are absolutely faithful men in the world. We all cheat on our chosen ones. Not because we don’t like them, but because it’s normal for us. Well, it’s impossible to love and want one woman for ten years without looking at young beauties. Moreover, now is the time when young …

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Beautiful woman in a dress feminine, sweet

Another love

– Well, that’s how it used to be. The girl liked the guy, he goes to her as a matchmaker. If he agrees with his parents, then you can take up the wedding,” said grandmother Serafima, tapping with knitting needles. – And what about love, grandmother Serafima? — Varvara asked dreamily, slowly untangling a ball …

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krasnaya polyana, rosa khutor, mountains, recreation, cable car


– Snowflakes are the weightless kisses of winter. They gently touch your face, leaving traces of their cold lips on it,” Agatha said, exposing her face to fluffy snowflakes circling in the light of the lantern. And Igor looked at her, and his heart sank with tenderness. He wanted to hold her close and cover …

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Sweet beautiful tender girl

Prince on a white horse

Since childhood, my mother raised me to be a princess, taught me good manners, took me to English courses, acrobatics. At school, I became seriously interested in sports ballroom dancing. Dancing was a part of me. Even when I felt bad and said, “Mom, I’m not going to school, I have a sore throat,” she …

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Beautiful blonde woman on the beach

Depraved mother of the future bride

I’ve been dating a girl for four years now. Irina is an attractive, smart, slender blonde who I like very much and we have been in love with each other for a long time. One day, I came home to my beloved, her mother opened the door. To the question: – Where is Ira? Valentina …

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