blueberry berry

After my fiance ran away from me, I marry the first person I meet

When Masha entered the house, only her parents were sitting at the covered festive table. – Where are the guests? Masha asked as if nothing had happened. – Can’t you guess? – my father answered angrily, stopping chewing for a while. “What a disgrace you’ve given us… What a shame… – Yes, it’s a pity …

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Beautiful cheerful woman walking down the street

New life

Yana was getting married for love, and thought, forever. Everything was like in their dreams: a white limousine with rings and fluttering ribbons, a chic restaurant, flying pigeons into the azure sky, a dress from a fashion designer, fireworks in the night sky… And a wonderful future full of happiness… Which was really wonderful… for …

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street house

Fat girl

Olya did not remember how long she sat in the chair, looking at one point with a fixed gaze. Tears were streaming down her full cheeks, and her hands were nervously tugging at the edge of a long colorful shawl. Now she was alone. Something happened that she was so afraid of, but did not …

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girl on the beach

Found myself a lover

Anna noticed this young man right away, even when checking into the hotel. He stood next to her at the check-in and smiled affably, showing off his snow-white teeth. Oh, he was a real handsome man- a tall, muscular, burning brunette- the dream of all women. And what eyes he has! Funny, perky and so …

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motor ship on the river

Introduced to my own harm

– Well, that’s done, – Polina said, finishing painting her friend. Kira looked in the mirror. Golden eye shadow, light eyeliner and red lipstick on the lips. – Paul, erase it. Too defiant. – You sound like an old granny. Red is the color of passion. – Yes, before whom should I show off there? …

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