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My husband’s mistress saved my life

Twists of fate can be very unexpected. I couldn’t even imagine that I would be grateful to the woman who destroyed my family. Previously, my life with my husband seemed to me quite prosperous. And now that time has passed, I realized how “defective” this short-lived marriage really was.

For the first time I saw my future spouse at the wedding of friends. You can’t call such a meeting love at first sight. The guy is like a guy, of ordinary appearance. We were both in our twenties, and I didn’t pay much attention to my peers then. I’ve been thinking about older men. They seemed more interesting and serious. But Sasha persevered. During the feast, he talked to me a lot, and then walked me home. And so the novel began to spin. Soon the young groom moved into my apartment, and the joint weekdays began.

A few months passed, and I realized that I was pregnant. We didn’t plan a child, but Sasha was glad. He immediately offered to get married. They decided to abandon the magnificent celebration. Agree just to sign and celebrate this event in the circle of the closest people.

My feelings at that moment were ambiguous, tormented by doubts. Of course, I wanted to get married. But, on the other hand, there was no certainty that Sasha was ready for a family. Once I even said, “Maybe you proposed just for the sake of the child? Are you sure you really need me?”. Sasha laughed and replied that I was talking nonsense.

Alas, but soon a misfortune happened – the pregnancy could not be saved. The loss of the baby was a huge blow, and I plunged into depression. Sasha comforted me, supported me and almost dragged me to the registry office by force. We got married in the fall, and planned our dream trip for the winter – we decided to go to Lake Baikal. We have prepared thoroughly for the trip. We bought plane tickets, booked a great room, found out the exact route to the lake.

But the circumstances were against me. Misfortunes followed one after another. Just before the trip, I caught a sore throat. The temperature was under 40, she didn’t lose anything. For several days I lay powerless on the bed, and the upset husband grumbled: “Well, why didn’t you take care of yourself. Why did you go without a hat?”. I felt guilty, because Sasha had dreamed so much about this trip, he only talked about it. “Maybe you’ll go without me? You can take one or a friend with you.” But he didn’t go anywhere, grumbled a little more and calmed down.

We decided to postpone the trip for the summer. And we thought that this time we could go in our own car. We celebrated the New Year, and everything seemed fine. But Sasha suddenly changed. He walked around the apartment thoughtful, at times very nervous, often stayed late at work. He reacted irritably to all my questions. He said that everything was fine and there was nothing to worry about. And he comes back late because he stays overtime. He wants to earn more money and spend an unforgettable vacation. I believed it, calmed down and decided to just wait. A little time will pass, Sasha will collect the money, and we will discuss the long-awaited vacation.

At the end of spring, the reason for her husband’s strange behavior became clear. There were only two weeks left before the vacation. I was getting ready for the trip and went shopping in a fun way. I found a stunning swimsuit and, arriving home, immediately rushed to try it on. When Sasha came in, I was still spinning in front of the mirror.

– Sasha, hello! Look how lovely it is. In this swimsuit, I will be the sexiest girl on the lake. And what a hat, look. You haven’t seen such beauty yet!

But Sasha was not delighted. He frowned and looked at me strangely. I decided it was because of the money.

– Sasha, don’t be angry. I got a bonus at work. I decided to pamper myself. I thought you’d appreciate it. We’re going on vacation after all!

Sasha lowered his eyes, opened the chest of drawers and began rummaging through the papers.

– Well, why are you silent? What’s the matter? Problems at work? Then relax and think about a vacation.

– There will be no vacation.

– How will it not be? Don’t let go? Can you explain it properly?

– Shut up, I got it already. There will be no vacation, in general, there will be nothing more. I’m leaving you. Just let me pack my things calmly.

The shock left me speechless for a minute. A lump rose in my throat, my heart was pounding furiously, my breath caught. I sat down on the sofa and stared at my husband.

– Are you mocking me, are you ripping off evil? Please don’t make stupid jokes.

– This is not a joke. I fell in love with someone else. And I’m leaving right now. We’ll discuss the divorce later.

I covered my face with my hands and began to cry softly. The husband took some of the documents from the closet, put some things in the bag and resolutely headed for the exit.

– I’ll take the rest later. There’s no time now, we have to run, for now.

The door had already slammed shut a long time ago, I was sitting and sobbing. Now everything has fallen into place. But I, naive, really believed that my dear husband worked in the evenings, he wanted to save money. Having gathered a little strength, I called a close friend. Her husband was friends with my Sasha, went to volleyball with him. Perhaps he knew something about the mistress.
A friend promised to find out everything. About an hour later, she called back. She said her husband didn’t know much about it. There is one girl who went to volleyball with them. But he had no idea that she and my Sasha were so serious. I thought it was just flirting. Then a friend sent me a link to the social networks of an insidious stranger. I looked, and I felt very sad. The girl’s name was Lydia, she was a few years younger than me, slim, shapely, attractive. She looked like a real model! No wonder the husband got so carried away.

A little time passed, Sasha took away all his things and gave me the keys. I was going to file for divorce after the rest. Naturally, he did not share his vacation plans with me. But mutual friends said that Sasha did not refuse to travel to Lake Baikal, and is going there with a new love. That is, the beautiful Lydia not only stole my husband from me, but also stole my dream.

My state of health at that time was disgusting. I cried a lot, ate little and looked just awful. All the time I asked myself questions about why this happened. Maybe there’s something wrong with me? Is it really my fault that my husband left?

I felt flawed and thought that no one else would love me. The situation was aggravated by the fact that I had already taken a vacation, but I was not going anywhere. All that remained was to sit at home alone with sad thoughts.

And now the first day of vacation has come. However, I didn’t manage to get enough sleep. I got up very early, probably out of habit. Not knowing what to do, I walked up and down the room, drank coffee, turned on the TV. But he did not distract me, the heaviness in my soul did not let go for a second. Suddenly the bell rang. It was a friend.

– Hi, have you been informed yet?

“What do you mean?”

– About Sasha?

– Yes, I know everything. I went with my beauty to Lake Baikal. What difference does it make now? Nothing can be changed.

“Okay, so you don’t know anything. If you’re standing, you’d better sit down.

– Come on, tell me, stop scheming.

– I just don’t dare… In general, there was a tragedy.

A friend told me that Sasha and his mistress had an accident on the way to Lake Baikal. The driver who fell asleep at the wheel flew into their car. Lydia died instantly. And Sasha didn’t have time to get to the hospital.

A few days before this terrible news, I looked into her social network. There were joint photos with Sasha and the caption: “Forward to adventures! Wait for us on Lake Baikal.”

Poor Lydia, so young and beautiful, full of plans and hopes. I felt so sorry for her. And then I felt uneasy. After all, she went instead of me. It turns out that she saved me from death at the cost of her life.

Sasha did not have time to file for divorce. So I was still a wife. Out of respect and sympathy for his parents, I helped with the funeral arrangements. But she did not go to say goodbye to her husband. Perhaps it was ugly. What can you do, the resentment from the recent betrayal was still very strong.

The next month passed like a dream. Heavy thoughts did not let go. Friends told me where Lydia was buried, and for 40 days I decided to go to the cemetery. I don’t like cut flowers, they are lifeless. Therefore, I bought a beautiful pot with delicate white roses and a mourning black bow in a flower shop. I had no idea what kind of flowers the dead girl liked. But I think she would have liked such an unusual composition. I went to the grave at dawn. I wanted to get there early so as not to run into relatives.
There was silence in the cemetery, I found the way right away. I saw a grave strewn with flowers and started crying again. Then I tried to mentally address the deceased. But everything was a blur, the right words did not come to mind. I wanted to get rid of resentment, get rid of the burden on my soul and start a new life. I guess I lost my sense of time and stood on the grave for too long. Someone’s footsteps brought me back to reality.

– Hello. I didn’t expect to see anyone here. I thought that today I would be the first to come to my daughter. And you’re probably her friend.

I turned around and nodded silently, there were still tears in my eyes. And the unhappy woman sighed and continued:

– Perhaps you don’t know, but the man who killed her is also buried here. Very close. My poor daughter! She had so many fans, good unmarried guys. Choose who you want. And she didn’t want to look at anyone except Sasha. As if enchanted. How many times have we told her that it is not necessary to anger God, to destroy someone else’s family. But she was stubborn, she didn’t want to listen to us. She said that Sasha did not marry for love. They were just expecting a baby, but he never came into the world. And there will be a divorce soon. I was sure that Sasha only loved her. So at least he was handsome! Then you can still understand. The most ordinary man. There are a lot of such and unmarried people around.

The inconsolable mother wept bitterly. I couldn’t find the words. I just went over and gave her a little hug. I would not have dreamed of this before – I came to the grave of my husband’s mistress and tried to calm her mother.

The dead girl should not be blamed. Now I am finally convinced of this. My husband messed up the poor thing’s brains. Charmed, fell in love with himself. He was good at it, I know for myself. And the fact that Lydia attracted him is also not surprising. She was such a beauty!

A few minutes passed, I said goodbye to Lydia’s mom and slowly walked to the car. The cool morning air gradually brought me to my senses. It was not possible to talk mentally with the deceased. I just said thank you, I felt grateful for saving my life. After all, I could have been in Sasha’s car instead of her on that ill-fated day. Now I have a chance for a new life, and I have to take it.

Time passed, the emotions smoothed out, the heart became calmer. Personal life turned out fine. A colleague who has been in love with me for a long time made an offer. A wonderful daughter was born. I let go of all my grievances, forgave both Sasha and Lydia. May they rest in peace.


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