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Mom, Dad, I’m leaving you

– Mom, Dad, I’m leaving you for a rented apartment.

Vadik carefully looked at his parents, assessing their reaction to these words of his, but the parents were completely calm.

“And you don’t have to persuade me to stay,” he added. – I’m leaving forever. I called the landlady of the apartment yesterday, and agreed on everything.

– It’s good … – the father, instead of starting to worry, yawned. – The main thing is that you finally decide. And then you’re going to leave for the third time in six months. I’m even uncomfortable in front of your future mistress in absentia. You’re constantly changing your mind…

– Now I definitely won’t change my mind. – The son looked significantly at his mother, expecting some words from her, but she remained silent. – Everything is finally decided. And you know why.

– We know, we know … – the father grinned. – You earn your own living now. You want to be independent. Well done. But no one has canceled housework and gardening yet. But if that’s what you’ve decided… Well… now you’ll have your own things to do, you won’t be up to us. You’ll understand how much a pound is worth, and you’ll grow up right away,

– I’ve been an adult for a long time, Dad! – The son nervously corrected his father. – I am already twenty-eight years old. Do you really think I won’t be able to live on my own?

– And why talk about it? My father shrugged his shoulders. – Take the suitcase and, as they say, go with God. Build your life without the help of parents.

– Mom, why are you silent? – Vadik looked at his mother again. “Aren’t you going to tell me anything?”

– What should I tell her? – the father answered for his wife. – Start feeling sorry for you again? Persuade him to stay?

– Dad, – Vadik got nervous. – Why are you mocking me again? I want Mom to tell me what she thinks about it.

– Son, maybe you’ll have something to eat before you go? – mom finally spoke up, too.

– what? – the son was confused, expecting to hear completely different words.

– I say, eat, Vadik, – mom smiled. – If you want, I’ll put porridge in a jar for you, with cutlets. For dinner.

– One cutlet is enough for him! My father exclaimed. – Let him start cooking for himself. Or he goes to the canteen, like we did when we were young.

Vadik looked at his parents in confusion, not understanding why everything was not going according to his plan.

– And why are you frozen? My father asked with displeasure. – I feel like you’re going to be gone for so long. Now eat, then take a shower, and then you will be drawn to sleep. Don’t relax if you’ve decided.

– yes! – Vadik resolutely approached the closet, inside which a large suitcase was supposed to hide. – Now I’ll pack my things and go.

– You don’t have to strain yourself. The suitcase is already packed for you,” said the father.

– what? – Vadik’s face stretched out in surprise. – How is it assembled? Why is it assembled?

He rather pulled a heavy suitcase out of the closet, opened its lid and again stared at his parents with terrible surprise.

– And… how did you guess that I was?.. I’ll be leaving…

– What’s there to guess? – The father mockingly winked at his son. – As soon as you threw us a tantrum yesterday that you didn’t want to go to the garden to work for the weekend, we immediately realized that tomorrow our son would go on the run.

“I didn’t throw a tantrum,” the son grumbled, “I just said I didn’t want to do your business.”…

“Okay, okay,” his father interrupted. – Has it been decided yet? As you can see, your suitcase is ready. Make no mistake, we put everything in there that you put in it last time. But I still suggest you take a couple of extra handkerchiefs.

– Why do I need them? Vadik asked with displeasure.

– And what are you going to wipe your tears with when you cry over mom’s cutlets? The hostess’s towel? She’s going to swear.

– Come on, Father, don’t mock your son, – mom suddenly stood up for her son. – See, he’s not himself anymore.

In Vadik’s eyes, from such words, hope immediately appeared that now his mother would persuade him to stay, but instead she began to say something completely different.

– I tell you what, Vadik, I suggest you take one saucepan and a frying pan from home, just in case. So that you have everything of your own…

– Mom! – exclaimed the son in despair. – Why do I need these frying pans? – Then he came to his senses, and made a serious face. “So you’re glad I’m leaving?”

– We are proud of you, son! – It’s necessary to be able to decide to leave the parental hearth and start an independent life.

“And you’re not worried that I might do something?” Something you’ve always been afraid of.

– So now you will answer for your own affairs, – the father calmly replied. – Now you don’t live with us.

– Wait! But I haven’t left yet!

“You mean you haven’t made up your mind yet?” – the father looked at his son slyly.

– I decided… But not really… I decided … – Vadik said uncertainly, trying not to look his father in the eye.

“Well, then put your suitcase back in the closet,” my father said calmly. – Let him stand there and wait for your final decision.

– But I … – Vadik wanted to say something, but his father immediately interrupted him.

– But you get ready! A bayonet shovel and five acres of land are waiting for you at the weekend. After all, while we live together, we must share sorrows, joys, and housework. Am I right, sonny?

Vadik had no choice but to nod to Dad…


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