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Natasha was returning from work. She had a very busy day, she was very tired and just wanted to go to rest. The girl worked in a hospital and lived with her mother and younger sister in a three-room apartment. Natasha could not even dream of buying her own home, since her entire salary was spent on the maintenance of their small family. Mom’s pension was very small, and Yulia studied at the university and has not worked yet.

When Natasha entered the apartment, she ran into her younger sister at the door. She was running away somewhere:

– I’ll be late, don’t wait! – the sister threw on the move.

– Where are you going, Yul? Natasha only managed to ask before the door closed behind the girl.

Mom came out of the room.

– Natasha, you’re already at home, but you didn’t go to the store? We don’t have sugar and we need to buy something for tea.

– Mom, but why didn’t Yulia run away, she stayed at home all day? Natasha was indignant.

The students of the university where Yulia studied were transferred to distance learning and have been studying from home for the second month.

– Natasha, why do you immediately begin to be indignant that it is difficult to go, right there? – the mother became nervous.

Natasha had no choice but to turn around and go to the store. There was no question of rest.


Returning from the store, Natasha noticed that nothing was cooked for dinner. There was a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink, and on the ironing board lay dried and un-ironed linen.

Natasha didn’t like clutter and immediately got down to business. An hour and a half later, an appetizing dinner was ready, and the apartment was clean and tidy.

Natasha sat down to rest and talk to her mother:

– Mom, tomorrow I’ll be late, I’m going to Olechka’s birthday party, do you remember my school friend?

– This twirly? Of course I remember. Why are you hanging out with her, what common interests do you have,” the mother immediately spoiled the mood.

– Mom, why is she a flirt, a normal woman!

– Yes, I remember, I remember how she was spinning with the boys at the graduation party at school!

– What’s wrong, so many years have passed? Now she is married, she has a child. Her husband loves her very much, so he invited guests to the cafe for her birthday, he wants to surprise her!

– Big deal there, loves! – the mother persisted. – You yourself must be as much a reveller as she is.

Natasha did not continue this topic, as she realized that she would not be able to convince her mother.


The next day Natasha was in a great mood, expecting a wonderful evening. In honor of the holiday, she bought herself a new dress in advance and did her styling. The mood was even more lifted by the thought that her brother Roman would be at Olga’s birthday party. Natasha liked the young man for a long time.

Exactly at 18.00 all friends gathered in a cafe. The birthday girl did not expect such a surprise and was immensely happy. Everyone was having fun. Roman was among the guests. Everything is as Natasha wanted.

Just raised the first toast, started dinner, when suddenly the girl heard her phone ring. Natasha picked up the phone and saw that the call was from her sister. The girl came out from behind the table, quietly answered:

– Yes, I’m listening, Julia, what happened?

– Natasha, come soon, Mom’s blood pressure has risen 200 to 100. I do not know what to do, please come! – Yulia was almost crying into the phone.

– Julia, call an ambulance, I’ll be right there! – Natasha regretfully said goodbye to the guests, apologized to her friend and got ready to go home.

Olechka immediately got her bearings and asked her brother to quickly take Natasha, and then come back. Roma gladly agreed, since he also liked Natasha for a long time, but somehow he didn’t dare to talk to her closer. Dropping Natasha off near the house, Roman ventured and asked for her phone number.


Natasha entered the apartment, everything was quiet at home. Mom was lying in her room and watching TV, Julia was at home.

– Mom, Julia, well, how are things here? Did the ambulance arrive? Natasha asked excitedly.

– Yes, we did not call her, – the cheerful mother answered quite to herself, – I drank a pill and the pressure somehow decreased, now everything is fine.

– Oh, Natasha, since you’re already at home, I’ll go for a walk a little, – Yulia immediately got up somewhere.

Natasha almost shed tears. On the one hand, she was sorry for the ruined evening, on the other, she was ashamed that she was angry at her closest people, suspecting them of selfishness.

The evening unexpectedly brightened up the Novel. The guy called to find out how Natasha’s mom was feeling. Natasha and Roma talked on the phone for almost an hour and a half. At the end of the conversation, Roman suggested that we meet on the weekend and go somewhere together. Natasha agreed with pleasure.


On Saturday, Natasha was in a hurry to meet Roman. Julia caught the romantic mood of her sister and decided to impose her company on her. Yulia was actively supported by her mother, who literally begged Natasha to take her sister with her…. just in case.

Natasha asked Roma if he would mind a threesome. The guy didn’t mind at all. He wanted to see Natasha so much that he agreed to any conditions, even if there was a third extra.

Roma picked up Natasha and Yulia and invited them to a cafe instead of a walk. They all had a good time together. Roma joked, told funny stories. After the cafe, he drove the girls back home. Yulia immediately ran home, and Natasha stood at the entrance with Roma for some time. The evening ended with a kiss for Natasha.

From that day on, Natasha and Roma started dating, Roma often visited Natasha, they spent a lot of time together. Sometimes they were accompanied by a younger sister. It seemed to Natasha that Roma had made friends with her family members, that Mom and Julia were happy for them and Roma and wished them happiness.

After a while, it seemed to Natasha that Roma seemed to be avoiding Yulia. He stopped by Natasha’s house less often, made appointments in different places away from home, asked Natasha to meet with him just the two of them. The girl tried to talk to the young man, but he evaded the answer.

One evening Natasha sat at home with her laptop and corresponded with Roman on social networks. Yulia came into the room, talked affectionately with her sister and offered to drink tea together. Natasha agreed and happily ran to put the kettle on. After tea Natasha took a shower and went to bed early.


The next day Natasha could not get through to Roma in any way. His phone was available, but the man did not answer. The girl decided to see what time the Novel was last on social networks.

After opening her correspondence with him yesterday, Natasha’s face changed. There were words written on her behalf, as if in continuation of their evening correspondence with Roma yesterday, which she herself did not write to him.

Her last sentence was: “Good night.” Roman answered her: “Good night, kitten! I love you!”.

After this phrase, Natasha just went to put the kettle on. But in the correspondence it was written: “Roma, it disgusts me when you call me “kitten”. I like you, but you’re too sickly sweet. I need a man with character. And it seems that I have such a person. We are not on the way with you.”

Natasha was trembling, she understood why Roma did not answer her phone calls. The girl rushed to her sister’s room, Julia was not at home. Natasha tried to talk to her mother about Julia’s trick, but the woman called the younger daughter’s act an innocent joke and advised Natasha to calm down, they say she will still have a dozen or a hundred such Rum. She also supported Yulia that she was doing a good deed for her sister, freeing her from such a rumble.

Natasha called Olga and told her about everything that had happened, including that she could not get through to Roman. Olga offered to drive to his work together and find out everything. So the friends did.


Roman was very surprised when his sister and Natasha unexpectedly came to work for him. It turns out that he accidentally left his phone at home, and did not read messages from Natasha on social networks. After they wished each other good night in correspondence yesterday, the man went to bed.

Natasha breathed a sigh of relief and told Roma the whole story. Roma advised Natasha to talk seriously with her sister, since recently Yulia has repeatedly arranged various provocations behind her back. Roma did not specify which ones, but added that this was why he had avoided communicating with Yulia in every possible way lately and once again preferred not to appear at Natasha’s house.

Returning home, Natasha had a serious talk with her sister. She refused everything, and also took offense at Natasha for attacks and distrust. Mom, as usual, supported Yulia.


Shortly after this story, Roma proposed to Natasha and they got married after a while. Natasha moved in with her husband and now lives safely with him. But at least once a week, the girl runs to her mother and sister, brings them groceries, listens to all the claims in her address, puts the house in order and hurries back to her beloved…


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