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The husband became very jealous after the birth of the child: it seems that he guesses that the child is not from him

You can’t hide an awl in a bag. I knew it, but I decided to take a chance.

Oleg and I have been married for six months. One can only dream of such a husband. Oleg is caring, attentive, has a good job, often spoils my daughter and me with gifts. Every year we go on vacation to warm countries – Oleg pays for vouchers.

So it was two years ago. Oleg bought profitable trips to Egypt, and we packed our bags for a whole week, preparing for the trip. However, fate dealt us a blow literally a day before the departure of the plane. Oleg’s grandmother died suddenly. His beloved grandmother, who became his second mother. It was a big blow for Oleg. He decided not to go to Egypt, and to stay at home to prepare for the funeral. Oleg persuaded me to go on a trip alone – it was a pity for the ticket, I didn’t want it to burn down.

And I flew. I must admit, I was scared. On last year’s trip to Turkey, Oleg solved all the issues, I just followed him. I didn’t know any basic phrases in English, or rules of conduct. In general, sitting in the airplane seat, I tried to cope with panic.

And then the man sitting next to me spoke to me. He asked me why I was worried. I told him everything. The man introduced himself as Valentin and offered to accompany me during my vacation. I immediately agreed. Valentin seemed to me a serious man. Brown-eyed brunettes with glasses always make such an impression on me.

It so happened that our rooms in the hotel were adjacent. Valentin, like me, arrived alone, and he wanted to dilute the boredom with pleasant communication in his native language. He spoke English well, but preferred his native Russian. We quickly became friends, and on the first day we went to the beach together.

My relationship with Valentin was developing rapidly. The very next day we went to a bar. I remember that I drank a lot – the Egyptian cocktails tasted great. I got drunk quickly, so Valentin helped me get to the hotel.

In the morning I woke up with him in the same bed. The horror of what was happening was quickly replaced by bliss. I felt good. Soon Valentine woke up too.

In the last three days of rest, we did this every day, wherever we could. I didn’t feel any affection for Valentine, but the physical sensations were gorgeous. Tanned and rested, I returned home.

I didn’t think about Valentine at all. I was dragged into the daily routine, work, household duties. I forgot about my holiday romance until a month and a half later I realized that I was pregnant.

There was no limit to her husband’s joy. We’ve been wanting to have a baby for a long time. I saw how happy Oleg was, and I was happy too, but I was worried about doubts. What if the child is not from Oleg?

Meanwhile, I began to notice oddities behind my husband. Oleg, always cheerful and calm, began to put pressure on me more and more often. He insisted that I take not just maternity leave, but quit my job forever, arguing that his money would be enough for us. He stopped letting me go for walks with my girlfriends, saying that it’s better for pregnant women to stay at home. I noticed that he was checking my social networks secretly about me. It was alarming, but I decided not to attach much importance to his behavior.

The problem could no longer be ignored after the birth of Dasha. Now my husband began to spend very little time with me, there was a chill in his communication. The fact is that we are both blue–eyed blondes, and Dasha was born with brown eyes and dark fuzz on her head. My husband never said this, but I could see that he suspected that I had had a baby. And I was finally convinced that the daughter is from Valentine.

Dasha is now one and a half years old, but her husband does not allow her to send her to kindergarten. He says it’s better for the child, but I understand that he just doesn’t want to let me go from home. For all these years and a half, I have never gone out without my husband – all the time he invents new reasons to keep me under lock and key.

I see that my husband loves me. And I understand that I am to blame for the fact that the family idyll is destroyed.


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