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Lena was in a hurry to get to the train station. Today her close friend, Marina, came to visit her. Arriving at the place, she realized that she was in a hurry for nothing. The train was almost three hours late.

Figuring that there was no point in going back, she would stay longer in traffic jams, and then she would also be late, she began to wander aimlessly around the station. She had never liked noisy places, much less train stations. Always hurrying people, beggars, beggars, thieves…

She didn’t understand why they were all drawn to markets and train stations, to the most crowded places. When she saw a young, dirty guy, she winced in disgust, wondering how a young man could bring you to such a pitiful state.

Then she could not have known that this guy would play an important role in her life. After walking forward a hundred meters, Lena for some reason turned around and went back. He didn’t ask anyone for anything. He just sat on the concrete floor with a detached look, and indifference to everything that was happening.

“Are you hungry?” the girl asked.

– Buy a pie?

– yes. And water, if you can,” he replied very quietly, without raising his head.

Lena quickly rushed to the kiosk, bought some hot pies and a large bottle of water.

– On. Eat…

The beggar quickly pounced on the food. It seemed that he swallowed the pieces whole, and just as greedily washed everything down with water.

– Thank you! – he said blushing. Apparently he realized that he looked pathetic, having completely lost his human dignity.

– What are you doing here? Where is your home? After all, you’re 20 years old. Why are you sitting at the train station like this?

The boy sighed heavily, and told her about all his misadventures. He just recently arrived in a big city. Before that, he had a big quarrel with his parents, who constantly climbed into his personal life, constantly reproaching him with a piece of bread. After another quarrel, Dima got really angry.

The guy insulted his father, and decided to go to the capital and start a new life. I wanted to get on my own feet, without the help of my father. Due to his young age, he did not know that big troubles could be waiting for him in a big city. Dima rented a small room from an old lady, and started looking for work.

By the evening I realized that no one is waiting for him here without education and experience. In desperation, I went to look for at least some work. The same evening I met a girl. Having no friends and relatives in a strange city, the guy opened up, told her about his affairs. He also admitted that he had money, but it would only last for a couple of months.

The stranger was sympathetic, offered to come to her house, drink tea. Naturally, he agreed, rejoicing that he had managed to find a friend in a strange city so quickly.

Well, then, he woke up in a ditch near the station square. Dima was badly beaten, of course, there was no money or documents with him. His head hurt terribly, but he found the strength to walk to the apartment where he had rented a room only yesterday. The landlady of the apartment, seeing him dirty and beaten, did not let the guy on the threshold. Threw a bag of things in the entrance, and ordered to get out until she called the police…

Going outside, Dima wandered to the police station, hoping for help from law enforcement agencies. But there he was ridiculed, told to put himself in human form, and then come to them. That’s how he ended up at the train station…

I would be glad to repent and return home, but in the current situation, this is an impossible dream for him…

– I’m ready to buy you a ticket! Lena assured.

– Go home and listen to the advice of wise people, to your parents. It’s only somewhere out there in the province that it seems that one has only to come to the capital, and everything else will go like clockwork. Unfortunately, this is not the case. A big city, it is cruel and independent. Here everyone survives as best they can. Every man for himself.

– They won’t let me on the train without documents, and in this form …, – the guy said in despair.

Lena looked at him and realized that he was right. At that moment, it was announced that the train that the girl was waiting for was already five hours late.

– Get up, come with me! Lena said decisively.

She couldn’t believe that a young guy was disappearing in front of thousands of people, and absolutely no one cared about it.

Lena got into a taxi and took Dima home. She was a little older than him, so she treated him like a brother who was serving in the army at that time.

She imagined what if someday her Anton would find himself in such a situation, and no one would be able to help him.

Lena’s mother, Zoya Fedorovna, opened the door for them. Seeing her daughter with an unhappy guy, the woman was perplexed.

– Mom, Dima needs to clean up. Please, all questions later,” Lena said.

After half an hour, Dmitry managed to be brought into a more or less human form. Lena gave him her brother’s clothes, and wrapped him in a bag to throw in the trash.

Zoya Fyodorovna treated the guy to hot cabbage soup, endlessly lamenting how poor and unhappy he was. Arriving back at the station, Lena bought Dima a train ticket, and went to negotiate with the conductor about the documents.

The young conductor was uncooperative until she received a brand new bill from Lena.

– Well, that’s it, Dima, – the girl at the car smiled.

– Go home, and don’t ever do anything stupid again.

– Thank you, Lena … – the guy wanted to say something, but a treacherous lump rolled up to his throat, and tears glistened in his eyes.

– It’s okay! Lena patted the guy on the shoulder. – Have a good trip!

Eight years have passed since then. Lena was sitting on a bench outside the city hospital, grieving over her difficult fate. She didn’t understand why she had angered fate. For which she sends her one test after another.

Lena was recently betrayed by her husband. He just ran away with a young neighbor, without any explanation. No sooner had she recovered from the first blow, than the second one immediately overtook her.

Her mother, Zoya Fedorovna, was diagnosed with a serious illness that could only be cured abroad. Naturally, a fabulous sum was required for treatment, which her family would never be able to raise such money.

– Girl, why are you crying? It’s such a beautiful day today, spring has finally come,” Lena heard a man’s voice, and raised her head.

– Lena? The stranger whispered softly.

– Do we know each other? “What is it?” she asked indifferently.

– I’m Dima! – the guy was delighted. – Remember, the train station… a train.. – Dimka?! – Lena was delighted with the unexpected meeting.

– You have matured so much, you have become quite an adult. Only the old look, the same kind and naive.

– Lenochka, why were you crying? Are you sick with something? Dima asked.

– no. Mom is very bad, and my brother and I are powerless to do anything,” the woman cried again.

Dima sat down next to the girl and asked her to tell him about everything in order. Lena explained to him the essence of the problem. She was glad to talk to someone…

– Money is not a problem. I have the right amount,” the man said seriously. – Now it is important to choose a good clinic.

I remember Zoya Mikhailovna very well, and I consider it my duty to help her. I will never forget the taste of her fragrant cabbage soup,” the guy smiled sadly.

– Where did you get that kind of money? Lena was surprised.

– I listened to your advice. He began to listen to his own and his father. And here is the result, I became a successful businessman,” the man explained. – And all this is thanks to you…

Four months later, Lena and Dima met Zoya Mikhailovna at the airport. The woman was successfully treated, and was returning home.

– Lenochka! Hello, honey! – the woman rushed to hug her daughter. – Who’s with you? The face is familiar, but I can’t remember in any way,” she asked when she saw Dima.

– And this is Mom, the same homeless man, Dima, – Lena laughed. – He paid for your treatment.

– Thank you, son, – the woman shed tears. “I owe you a huge debt…

– Come on, Zoya Fyodorovna. We are native people,” Dima smiled. The mother looked at Lena questioningly, not understanding what Dmitry was talking about.

– Yes, Mom, we were waiting for your return to tell about our engagement, – Lena smiled.

– Wow… That’s what fate means! Zoya Mikhailovna rejoiced. I am happy for you, you are a very beautiful couple, literally made for each other…


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