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The husband lives in two families and does not consider himself guilty

The story I want to tell is familiar to many. Unfortunately, it has long become the norm for many men. But I never thought that this could happen to me and my family.

I always thought our family was strong and happy. Everyone around us believed that we live soul to soul, although up to a certain time I also thought so. The fact is that my husband and I have been married for almost two decades. Over the years, we have given birth and raised three sons. The eldest son is already quite an adult, he is already 18. And our youngest was barely 4 years old.

We met a long time ago when we were both still students. We entered a medical university together and immediately drew attention to each other.

The first year we just met, helped each other. It was difficult for us because we both came to the capital from other cities. And our parents are not rich, so we didn’t have to wait for special help. We ourselves tried to cope with all the problems that were waiting for us at every corner. And then we realized that we could not part even for one day. We got married in our last year of university. We didn’t have any special celebration, as we had to cope with a scholarship, which was sorely lacking.

I made myself a light, simple dress, and he was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. We picked flowers in the field, walked to the Registry Office, and then celebrated together in a cafe. But we were so happy, we thought that the whole world was at our feet. For a year, until we graduated, we lived in a family dorm room.

We saved every penny, studied until midnight to get a diploma. After graduation, we rented an apartment. And then there were the residency years.

In total, we have lived in rented apartments for almost ten years. We got out of poverty together, helped and supported each other in everything. And only then did we find a good job, made a career, and only then did we stop feeling financial problems. We got a nice apartment, a car, and then a big country house appeared.

Probably, everything is not sunny in a relationship. Clouds have gathered over our family. I don’t have the habit of checking my phone because I’ve always trusted my spouse.

But one day my husband left his phone at home, and he went to work. The phone was bursting with calls, so I finally picked up the phone. I answered the phone, and then, before putting the phone down, I saw a picture of my husband with some strange woman and two boys. And under the photos are written the tender comments of this woman. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The whole day I was just not myself, I couldn’t wait for my husband to come home from work. And then I asked him directly about what I saw. To my great surprise, he did not even deny this fact. As it turned out, my beloved husband, with whom I have lived for so many years, has another family. I couldn’t even imagine that he could cheat on me. And here is not just another woman, there are two children, the youngest is not even a year old.

Do you know what was the scariest thing about talking to him? He wasn’t sorry at all. Did he say he didn’t understand what the problem was? Allegedly, hundreds of families live like this, and there is nothing deadly about it. He wasn’t going to apologize, arguing that almost every man has a woman on the side. Moreover, he also accused me of finding proof of his infidelity. He set everything up so that I didn’t have to rummage through my phone and find out what she didn’t need. Can you imagine?

I always thought that it was difficult to get me out of myself, because I am a strong woman. But such a blow took me by surprise, the ground went out from under my feet. How am I going to live with this man now? I can’t forgive him. I offered him a divorce, offered to go to that family. And he says he’s not going to live with that woman and wants to stay with me.

However, he does not want to break off relations with the children and will visit them. I agreed to keep the marriage for the sake of the children. But I can’t help myself, I don’t want to communicate with him. We are living together now, but in reality we have become strangers.

I don’t know how to live?


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